Friday, July 30, 2010

VF5 Final Showdown Swimsuit Models!

Pai's 'S' outfit is this suitably cute bikini.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has been generally released in Japanese arcades! What does that mean to us gaijin? Well, at least it's one step closer to a possible console announcement! The sooner this game has earned its keep for Sega in the arcades, the sooner they can give us home players the time of day. Anyway, at least now this means that there should be more VF5FS videos coming online for us to watch, with bikini-clad babes duking it out for our pleasure. The release of FS in arcades also comes with the official game site coming up online and some sexy pics being made available- such as these two nice images of Pai Chan and Vanessa Lewis looking amazing, barefoot and bikini-clad.

Everyone keep hoping and praying that we are blessed soon with VF5FS n console, so we can have the barefoot bikini babes of VF on our consoles in the near future! Keep the faith!

Vanessa's 'S' bikini nicely shows off her impressive assets.

By the way, as hot as Pai and Vanessa are, apparently they don't hold a candle to Eileen! Last month's poll on Hottest Bikini Babe in VF5 Final Showdown surprisingly came up with the monkey-style sweetheart as the overall winner, beating out all the other hotties with her cute moves and underaged loveliness. I voted for Sarah myself, so at least the blonde bombshell came in second. Anyway, the footfans have spoken! Onward then to more babes, more games and more feet! Heh...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts: Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown)

Yes, all of us foot-lovers are winners with this victory animation.

Though I've said in the past that my favorite in VF5 was Pai Chan, Final Showdown has woken me up to the amazing kick-ass hotness of blonde bombshell Sarah Bryant. She was already smoldering in her various sexy costumes in the earlier VF5 versions, but seeing her in a bikini... MAN, what a vision! Sarah's hot kicks and moves are some of the sexiest I've ever seen in a fighting game, and her strong, tough personality make her such a goddess to be worshipped. Seeing all the awesome videos of her fighting in her 'S' swimsuit in VF5FS was enough for me to give her my vote as the hottest bikini babe in the game. If there is one babe in the game who must wear a barely-there bikini, it's Sarah.

So enjoy the hot femme fatale in this first ryona video for VF5FS, showing off the game's sexy new KO animations. The first has Sarah getting knocked out on her feet, causing her to slowly fall to her knees and to her side (giving lovely views for us to enjoy). The second one, which is even hotter, has Sarah getting finished off while she's lying on the ground, causing her to convulse slightly (raising her heavenly legs and feet in the air... HOT) before lying still and unconscious. Man, after a performance like that, I'm sure to give her sleeping soles and toes kisses and lickings till she wakes up (and kicks my ass... heh). Enjoy the vid!

VF5FS's new KO animations are damn sexy... especially when it's a hot babe like Sarah going out.

Plus, here are several VF5FS match vids with the gorgeous Miss Bryant kicking ass (or getting her hot ass kicked) in her skimpy 'S' swimsuit. Man, this babe can kick! Really, she's easily the sexiest babe in the game, and having her show off her swimsuit body in FS is the greatest thing Sega has done for us red-blooded footfans. Sarah's sexy moves just look so amazingly hot when she does them, it's poetry in motion. I'd love for her to just do her uber-hot foot-stomp intro on me all day, so I can just smother those perfect soles and toes with kisses. Darn it, Sega MUST bring this awesome game to consoles! Sarah's feet will be ours! Believe it!

Sarah's kicks are as deadly as they are sexy... even doubly so when in her bikini!

Sarah takes on Eileen in this match, with some sexy KOs among the rounds.

This vid has both Sarah and her opponent, Brad, in their 'S' outfits. Something for the girls, I guess.

For more VF5FS videos with battlin' bikini babes, just check out my Youtube Channel.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts: Nina Williams (Tekken 6)

Tekken's original barefoot butt-kicker shows how it's done.

Among the babes of Tekken 6, the stunning femme fatale Nina Williams has a soft spot in my heart as she was the original barefoot beauty in the series. These days I don't often play with her, as her move list is pretty complex and harder to get into compared to fighters like Lili or Asuka. However, she does kick ass like no other in the game, possessing some of the nastiest (and coolest) attacks in the whole game. Well, in a turnaround from the usual manner of my Barefoot Knockout series, Nina isn't receiving the KO this time but dishing it out! I guess she's a bit cross from being ignored all this time. Anyway, a default Asuka is the target for her painful-looking Commando Arm Lock hold. To add insult to injury, Nina gives the (lucky) Asuka a face full of foot with her Twisted Mind footstomp.

Try not to be jealous too much of Asuka when Nina gives her a piece of her Twisted Mind.

Nina certainly has some sexy and perfect feet to die for (or to kill with), but certainly us footfans would love to take Asuka's place and have this gorgeous assassin's bare feet right in our faces. Imagine how soft her toes and soles are, how they would smell, feel or even taste. Mmm. I may have to take a cold shower after this. Heh... Enjoy!

Nina Williams surely has some of the sexiest (and deadliest) feet in Tekken.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vanessa Lewis, Barefoot Bikini Commando Babe! (VF5 Final Showdown)

Vanessa. Kinky, cute and deadly.

WOW! Last but not least among the VF Babes to show off her bikini body is hot commando beauty, Vanessa Lewis. Of all the female fighters in VF, Miss Lewis is probably the least seen, but man, when I come upon vids of her I can't help but enjoy it. She kicks butt like no other, and well... man, she's damn hot! I love her animations, particularly one of her idle standing animation where she just grinds her toes into the ground. VF5FS lets this combative hottie finally show off that awesome body, with perhaps the strongest-looking thighs in the game. Of course, her soles and toes look absolutely awesome. I'm sure footfans would love to have Vanessa press those perfect peds into their faces, her dominating voice taunting us as she feeds her toes into our mouths. Mmm. Anyway, with that titillating image, here's a cool video of Vanessa in action.

She's actually only wearing half of her 'S' bikini, but at least it's the better half- the bottoms. The rest seems to be a mash of commando gear, bondage mask and bunny costume, which is an interesting mix, to be sure. Best of all, she's bare-legged and barefoot, which pretty much makes it perfect.

Only a babe as hot as Vanessa can pull off fighting in a bunny-tailed bikini bottom.

I can't freakin' wait for the console version (which just needs to get announced NOW), so I can have this military diva kicking butt (or getting her sexy butt kicked) in hot barefoot action as much as I please. For now, let's just enjoy the vid and dream of our hopefully inevitable Final Showdown...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aoi (and Eileen) Bikini Battle! (VF5 Final Showdown)

More sexy swimsuit-clad, barefoot action from Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown! This time, Aoi Umenokoji shows off her bikini body, along with Eileen in a hot match. As expected, Aoi's 'S' swimsuit has a sarong component as is usually her style, but thankfully it doesn't take away at all from her hotness. Eileen, as usual, is so bubbly cute and sexy, and her petite hotness is making her a favorite of mine. Anyway, once again this just reinforces my desire for this game, and images of the VF girls' soft, sexy soles dance in my dreams. Let's keep our fingers crossed for more good stuff to come!

Bikini Showdowns continue!

I have to say, as of right now, VF5FS is my most-wanted fighting game. Though Tekken 6 rules the console at this point as the best barefoot babe game, that may change if Sega gives us a home port of Final Showdown... I mean, who can beat barefoot bikini-clad Pai, Sarah, Eileen, Aoi and Vanessa? The VF Girls now are way hotter for me than the girls of Tecmo's DOA ever were, even without overly-large boobs or jiggly physics. Beautifully slim and trim physiques and sexy fighting moves are what make the VF babes so hot... well, that AND some of the softest, smoothest and utterly kissable and suckable toes and soles in gaming. Man, I want this game NOW! More as I get it then. For now, enjoy the vid!

Monday, July 5, 2010

UPDATED! Eileen and Sarah Swimsuit Action! (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown)

Ready for battle in her bikini.

Sexy swimsuit-clad action continues with two more match vids from the first location tests for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Supercute and luscious Eileen finally gets into action wearing her sexy 'S' swimsuit, and man is she a sight for sore eyes. Perhaps at the cost of more life-like textures (like in Tekken 6), VF5FS's character models for the girls make them look so soft all over. I just wanna take Eileen's cute, perfect feet and just press my face into her soles. That must feel nice. Heh...

Barefoot Eileen in her swimsuit... yum.

Man, Eileen looks so soft all over. VF5FS's character models rock.

How can you beat up such a cutie? I'd rather give her a foot massage.

Then we have Sarah showing off her sexy body in her new bikini as well. Gotta love those hot pixels! Two more reasons why Sega MUST give us a console version of VF5FS someday. For now, enjoy the vids and dream of these hot fighting babes' feet pressing into your faces...

Sarah can beat me up anytime with her sexy feet so long as she wears that bikini.

Sarah vs Goh, in their 'S' outfits... who cares about Goh though...


Friday, July 2, 2010

Pai Chan Sexy Swimsuit Action! (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown)

Pai in her bikini is just... wow.

Oh, WOW! Here's one of the first match videos from the ongoing first location test in Japan for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. As I've posted before, this is probably THE upcoming arcade fighting game foot fans want most to be brought to consoles thanks to the hot, hot, hot barefoot-able VF babes. VF5FS further ups the ante by giving the characters a sexy new 'S' outfit, which is basically just a bikini (or similar swimwear for guys).

Previously we've seen pics of supercute monkey-style kung fu girl Eileen in her cute and frilly swimsuit, but this is the first actual video of a VF babe wearing her 'S' bikini in action. It pleases me to no end that the babe in feature is Pai Chan, the lovely action star and kung fu princess that I've loved since the first VF. After all these years she finally shows off her bikini bod, and she does not disappoint. Of course, while Pai's slim and sexy beauty is a feast for the eyes, our main focus are her sexy, perfect and butt-kicking feet, from delicate toes to soft-looking soles. Man, she's awesome. Anyway, you'll have to excuse the vid- for one, Bikini Pai is a CPU-controlled character, so she's wearing some other odd items along with her swimsuit. Secondly, our view of the sexy action is obscured by the freakin' annoying Input Boxes, which I really find utterly and totally irksome. GODDAMN I want them off the screen!!! Anyway, this is the best we can get for now. Enjoy!

Barefoot Pai, Awesome. Barefoot Pai in her Bikini... OH MY!!!

More than ever, I'm crossing my fingers for the (hopefully inevitable) announcement of a console version of VF5FS. For now, we can just try to find our bikini-clad, barefoot hotties in these match vids, nicely shared online by lucky Japanese players. Hopefully Sega will share the love to us all someday. Keep hoping people! For now, just dream of Pai's lovely toes and soles rubbing onto your faces... Mmm.

Barefoot Knockouts: Asuka Kazama (Tekken 6)

Barefoot, Beautiful and Badass.

Here's more HD barefoot action with the always-hot Asuka Kazama. This take-charge, take-no-crap hottie from Tekken 6 is one of my absolute favorites (even if the top spot for my Tekken-y heart is currently occupied by Miss Lili Rochefort), and the one fighter in the game that I feel really comfy with. Asuka's got cool attacks and moves that balance both power and formidable offense, as well as feminine grace and a solid counter-heavy defense. All that, plus she's easily got the biggest (which is a plus for me) and sexiest soles in the game (in my opinion, at least). They really did well in rendering Miss Kazama's feet- they really look so real, real enough that you can easily imagine how they must smell, feel or taste. Mmm.

Anyway, I am expecting a lot from Miss Kazama in the next Tekken game. Hopefully she'll get sexier outfits and moves to show off her hot bod and feet, as well as kick evil's ass even more. It's still a long way till Tekken 7, but at least we have Tekken 6 to have all the barefoot Asuka loveliness we can ever want. Enjoy the videos for now and imagine some hot Aikido Babe Feet in your face! More HD Feet to come!

Asuka takes on a much-too-clothed Julia.

Not even 'Game of Death' Law is match for Asuka's barefoot butt-kicking!

No Bruce Lee-clone can handle Asuka's hot feet!

Sexy match-up between Asuka and the Assassin.

Payback! Now Asuka can victoriously rub her feet all over Nina's face... lucky Nina.

Ready to kick ass in Tekken 7...