Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Aoi (and Eileen) Bikini Battle! (VF5 Final Showdown)

More sexy swimsuit-clad, barefoot action from Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown! This time, Aoi Umenokoji shows off her bikini body, along with Eileen in a hot match. As expected, Aoi's 'S' swimsuit has a sarong component as is usually her style, but thankfully it doesn't take away at all from her hotness. Eileen, as usual, is so bubbly cute and sexy, and her petite hotness is making her a favorite of mine. Anyway, once again this just reinforces my desire for this game, and images of the VF girls' soft, sexy soles dance in my dreams. Let's keep our fingers crossed for more good stuff to come!

Bikini Showdowns continue!

I have to say, as of right now, VF5FS is my most-wanted fighting game. Though Tekken 6 rules the console at this point as the best barefoot babe game, that may change if Sega gives us a home port of Final Showdown... I mean, who can beat barefoot bikini-clad Pai, Sarah, Eileen, Aoi and Vanessa? The VF Girls now are way hotter for me than the girls of Tecmo's DOA ever were, even without overly-large boobs or jiggly physics. Beautifully slim and trim physiques and sexy fighting moves are what make the VF babes so hot... well, that AND some of the softest, smoothest and utterly kissable and suckable toes and soles in gaming. Man, I want this game NOW! More as I get it then. For now, enjoy the vid!


  1. Oh wow...I could stare at the Virtua Fighter women in bikinis all day long.(Have to say that Aoi looks really cute with glasses and purple hair too *blushes*) I really do hope they bring a home version of this game to the U.S. I can picture myself spending hours playing with the customization feature. Awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. A couple more hot bikini battle vids have appeared, and I'll post them soon.

    One detail I've noticed though is that even though the girls are barefoot, their footsteps still sound like they're wearing shoes or boots- even after all these revisions and updates, they still haven't fixed that... well, it's just a little nitpick on my part (I love the sound of bare feet), which Tekken 6 at least has an edge over VF with. Oh well...

  3. Very awesome post sole! I'd like to see more SSF4 vids personally. Both of El Fuerte's Ultras give really good sole shots.

  4. I'll see about adding more SSFIV ryona soon. ^_^