Friday, July 2, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts: Asuka Kazama (Tekken 6)

Barefoot, Beautiful and Badass.

Here's more HD barefoot action with the always-hot Asuka Kazama. This take-charge, take-no-crap hottie from Tekken 6 is one of my absolute favorites (even if the top spot for my Tekken-y heart is currently occupied by Miss Lili Rochefort), and the one fighter in the game that I feel really comfy with. Asuka's got cool attacks and moves that balance both power and formidable offense, as well as feminine grace and a solid counter-heavy defense. All that, plus she's easily got the biggest (which is a plus for me) and sexiest soles in the game (in my opinion, at least). They really did well in rendering Miss Kazama's feet- they really look so real, real enough that you can easily imagine how they must smell, feel or taste. Mmm.

Anyway, I am expecting a lot from Miss Kazama in the next Tekken game. Hopefully she'll get sexier outfits and moves to show off her hot bod and feet, as well as kick evil's ass even more. It's still a long way till Tekken 7, but at least we have Tekken 6 to have all the barefoot Asuka loveliness we can ever want. Enjoy the videos for now and imagine some hot Aikido Babe Feet in your face! More HD Feet to come!

Asuka takes on a much-too-clothed Julia.

Not even 'Game of Death' Law is match for Asuka's barefoot butt-kicking!

No Bruce Lee-clone can handle Asuka's hot feet!

Sexy match-up between Asuka and the Assassin.

Payback! Now Asuka can victoriously rub her feet all over Nina's face... lucky Nina.

Ready to kick ass in Tekken 7...


  1. Awesome!! I totally love Asuka. Also love the outfit she was wearing in this post. Lucky Nina indeed. :-D Great post Sole Keeper!!

  2. Great post! I absolutely love Asuka and her huge and sexy feet and soles.

  3. i want her so bad