Friday, July 2, 2010

Pai Chan Sexy Swimsuit Action! (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown)

Pai in her bikini is just... wow.

Oh, WOW! Here's one of the first match videos from the ongoing first location test in Japan for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. As I've posted before, this is probably THE upcoming arcade fighting game foot fans want most to be brought to consoles thanks to the hot, hot, hot barefoot-able VF babes. VF5FS further ups the ante by giving the characters a sexy new 'S' outfit, which is basically just a bikini (or similar swimwear for guys).

Previously we've seen pics of supercute monkey-style kung fu girl Eileen in her cute and frilly swimsuit, but this is the first actual video of a VF babe wearing her 'S' bikini in action. It pleases me to no end that the babe in feature is Pai Chan, the lovely action star and kung fu princess that I've loved since the first VF. After all these years she finally shows off her bikini bod, and she does not disappoint. Of course, while Pai's slim and sexy beauty is a feast for the eyes, our main focus are her sexy, perfect and butt-kicking feet, from delicate toes to soft-looking soles. Man, she's awesome. Anyway, you'll have to excuse the vid- for one, Bikini Pai is a CPU-controlled character, so she's wearing some other odd items along with her swimsuit. Secondly, our view of the sexy action is obscured by the freakin' annoying Input Boxes, which I really find utterly and totally irksome. GODDAMN I want them off the screen!!! Anyway, this is the best we can get for now. Enjoy!

Barefoot Pai, Awesome. Barefoot Pai in her Bikini... OH MY!!!

More than ever, I'm crossing my fingers for the (hopefully inevitable) announcement of a console version of VF5FS. For now, we can just try to find our bikini-clad, barefoot hotties in these match vids, nicely shared online by lucky Japanese players. Hopefully Sega will share the love to us all someday. Keep hoping people! For now, just dream of Pai's lovely toes and soles rubbing onto your faces... Mmm.

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  1. O_O They really need to bring this game to the U.S. now!! I think a cold shower after seeing Pai in a bikini. Awesome post Sole Keeper!!