Monday, July 12, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts: Nina Williams (Tekken 6)

Tekken's original barefoot butt-kicker shows how it's done.

Among the babes of Tekken 6, the stunning femme fatale Nina Williams has a soft spot in my heart as she was the original barefoot beauty in the series. These days I don't often play with her, as her move list is pretty complex and harder to get into compared to fighters like Lili or Asuka. However, she does kick ass like no other in the game, possessing some of the nastiest (and coolest) attacks in the whole game. Well, in a turnaround from the usual manner of my Barefoot Knockout series, Nina isn't receiving the KO this time but dishing it out! I guess she's a bit cross from being ignored all this time. Anyway, a default Asuka is the target for her painful-looking Commando Arm Lock hold. To add insult to injury, Nina gives the (lucky) Asuka a face full of foot with her Twisted Mind footstomp.

Try not to be jealous too much of Asuka when Nina gives her a piece of her Twisted Mind.

Nina certainly has some sexy and perfect feet to die for (or to kill with), but certainly us footfans would love to take Asuka's place and have this gorgeous assassin's bare feet right in our faces. Imagine how soft her toes and soles are, how they would smell, feel or even taste. Mmm. I may have to take a cold shower after this. Heh... Enjoy!

Nina Williams surely has some of the sexiest (and deadliest) feet in Tekken.


  1. Wow would really love to be in Asuka position getting Nina's feet in her face like that. Nina is one of my all time favorite Tekken characters. Thanks very much for posting her Sole Keeper.

  2. Asuka got pwned in this post lol