Friday, July 16, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts: Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown)

Yes, all of us foot-lovers are winners with this victory animation.

Though I've said in the past that my favorite in VF5 was Pai Chan, Final Showdown has woken me up to the amazing kick-ass hotness of blonde bombshell Sarah Bryant. She was already smoldering in her various sexy costumes in the earlier VF5 versions, but seeing her in a bikini... MAN, what a vision! Sarah's hot kicks and moves are some of the sexiest I've ever seen in a fighting game, and her strong, tough personality make her such a goddess to be worshipped. Seeing all the awesome videos of her fighting in her 'S' swimsuit in VF5FS was enough for me to give her my vote as the hottest bikini babe in the game. If there is one babe in the game who must wear a barely-there bikini, it's Sarah.

So enjoy the hot femme fatale in this first ryona video for VF5FS, showing off the game's sexy new KO animations. The first has Sarah getting knocked out on her feet, causing her to slowly fall to her knees and to her side (giving lovely views for us to enjoy). The second one, which is even hotter, has Sarah getting finished off while she's lying on the ground, causing her to convulse slightly (raising her heavenly legs and feet in the air... HOT) before lying still and unconscious. Man, after a performance like that, I'm sure to give her sleeping soles and toes kisses and lickings till she wakes up (and kicks my ass... heh). Enjoy the vid!

VF5FS's new KO animations are damn sexy... especially when it's a hot babe like Sarah going out.

Plus, here are several VF5FS match vids with the gorgeous Miss Bryant kicking ass (or getting her hot ass kicked) in her skimpy 'S' swimsuit. Man, this babe can kick! Really, she's easily the sexiest babe in the game, and having her show off her swimsuit body in FS is the greatest thing Sega has done for us red-blooded footfans. Sarah's sexy moves just look so amazingly hot when she does them, it's poetry in motion. I'd love for her to just do her uber-hot foot-stomp intro on me all day, so I can just smother those perfect soles and toes with kisses. Darn it, Sega MUST bring this awesome game to consoles! Sarah's feet will be ours! Believe it!

Sarah's kicks are as deadly as they are sexy... even doubly so when in her bikini!

Sarah takes on Eileen in this match, with some sexy KOs among the rounds.

This vid has both Sarah and her opponent, Brad, in their 'S' outfits. Something for the girls, I guess.

For more VF5FS videos with battlin' bikini babes, just check out my Youtube Channel.

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  1. *Picks up Jaw* awesome Sole Keeper. Sarah totally rocks. :-D