Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vanessa Lewis, Barefoot Bikini Commando Babe! (VF5 Final Showdown)

Vanessa. Kinky, cute and deadly.

WOW! Last but not least among the VF Babes to show off her bikini body is hot commando beauty, Vanessa Lewis. Of all the female fighters in VF, Miss Lewis is probably the least seen, but man, when I come upon vids of her I can't help but enjoy it. She kicks butt like no other, and well... man, she's damn hot! I love her animations, particularly one of her idle standing animation where she just grinds her toes into the ground. VF5FS lets this combative hottie finally show off that awesome body, with perhaps the strongest-looking thighs in the game. Of course, her soles and toes look absolutely awesome. I'm sure footfans would love to have Vanessa press those perfect peds into their faces, her dominating voice taunting us as she feeds her toes into our mouths. Mmm. Anyway, with that titillating image, here's a cool video of Vanessa in action.

She's actually only wearing half of her 'S' bikini, but at least it's the better half- the bottoms. The rest seems to be a mash of commando gear, bondage mask and bunny costume, which is an interesting mix, to be sure. Best of all, she's bare-legged and barefoot, which pretty much makes it perfect.

Only a babe as hot as Vanessa can pull off fighting in a bunny-tailed bikini bottom.

I can't freakin' wait for the console version (which just needs to get announced NOW), so I can have this military diva kicking butt (or getting her sexy butt kicked) in hot barefoot action as much as I please. For now, let's just enjoy the vid and dream of our hopefully inevitable Final Showdown...

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  1. O_O I think this is the first time I've gotten to see Vanessa barefoot.She's super hot!! *Crosses fingers once again for a console release*

    Anyway awesome post Sole Keeper!!

    P.S. voted for Sarah my favorite from this series. :-D