Friday, September 28, 2012

Dead or Alive 5: Fan Service and Fighting Feet!

Hitomi's Karate Feet are always a Lovely Treat in DOA!

In case you didn't know, Tecmo-KOEI released the sexy comeback beat 'em up Dead or Alive 5 earlier this week. While this game has traditionally been known more for bouncy boobs, there has usually been goodies for foot-lovers as well, save perhaps for the previous DOA4 (which was all-around horrible anyway for various reasons). Well, with DOA5 comes a couple of barefoot babes out of the box; the first of course is our always-awesome Hitomi, the German-Japanese Karate Princess who is fortunately once again rocking her trademark Karate Gi. Thanks to the upgrade in graphics and character model detail, Hitomi's feet are quite nice (if a bit delicate-looking for a martial artist) and will surely please footfans. There's quite a lot of great views ingame when Hitomi is barefoot and kicking butt, and there's even various scenes in the game's Story Mode that has nice views for our soleful enjoyment!

This cutscene has Hitomi practicing her karate in her gi, and showing off quite an awesome sole shot and some nice closeups. Oh, and Leifang's quite hot too...

Aside from Hitomi, there's also the lovely newcomer, MMA cutie Mila who shows off her fighting feet with her default shorts and footguards outfit. Mila is a refreshing addition to the roster, and her moves and grapples are given to lots of foot shots.

DOA5's new barefoot babe, Mila, is quite a hottie. Oh, and she also shares the same VA (Japanese) as another barefoot fave- Asuka Kazama!

The next couple of vids show off both barefoot hotties in action. No matter who wins, its footfans who come out on top!

Finally, the last barefoot babe in the game out of the box is Alpha 152, the gel-like super clone boss who debuted in DOA4. She's unlockable after you play the game a lot. The cutscene below has a nice closeup view of her feet... what a nice entrance!

You can imagine that Alpha's gummi-like feet must taste pretty fruity... heheh.

That's it though. Sadly, DOA5 has no barefoot customization, even if it has glasses and underwear customs (ARGH). As I've posted before, there's an ongoing petition which aims to ask developers Team Ninja to add a barefoot option for the game's swimsuit outfits- the petition is more than halfway complete, and needs only 30 or so more signatures to be ready... if you're a foot fan, you MUST sign and give this movement your support. With luck, DOA5 may become an even hotter game for footlovers.
For now though, it's still quite a solid fighter and a sexy one at that with the three available shoeless hotties- actually a pretty good number compared to most previous DOAs (DOA3 and DOAU only has Hitomi showing off her soles). Is it something to get? Why, yes, I think. So if you're looking for another sexy foot-friendly fighting game, you can do no wrong with Dead or Alive 5. For now, enjoy the vids and dream of pretty MMA and Karate Soles headed for your faces...

Monday, September 24, 2012

FINALLY Barefoot Julia Chang (Streetfighter X Tekken)

It's about time Julia went barefoot, like any self-respecting nature lover should!

Of all the babes in the Tekken series, one in particular I've always wanted to see bootless and barefoot because you just know it would suit her. That babe, of course, is nature-loving brainiac beauty, Julia Chang. We've seen this hottie mature from her first appearance in Tekken 3 to the denim skirt-wearing eco-warrior in every game afterwards. I've always looked at those big, honkin' cowboy boots she wears and pictured the lovely feet within. Really, if there was a babe whose feet should be more open to walking bare on the earth, it would be Julia. But NOOOOO... up to now, even in the latest Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the developers and designers at Namco-Bandai have denied us seeing Julia's soles and toes in battle. Well, that ends now!

Julia's costume leaves little to the imagination... and you gotta love those blue toenails...

Of course, it would have to be the Capcom-made Streetfighter X Tekken that gives us this wonderful treat. The costume is called the Ceremonial Outfit, created by modder Moedjoer, which is a sexy tribal number, complete with ornamental bracelets and anklets, loin cloth and headdress that is barbarically beautiful. Unfortunately, the outfit actually comes with sandals, but luckily the footwear can be toggled off with the use of the awesome SF4 Explorer app. So, with a slight adjustment, we now have Barefoot Tribal Warrior Shaman Julia Chang in action!

You can easily see her feet are pretty and nicely tipped with blue-painted toenails (I'm pretty sure her feet are taken from Elena's character model)... certainly worth seeing and worshipping! Julia is certainly exciting to see in action. It's about time another barefoot Tekken babe arrived- so now we can have even more hot Streetfighter VS Tekken Babe Match-ups!

Bob is one lucky dude- I'm sure Julia uses his pudgy paunch as a nice cushion to rest her tired feet... mmm...

I think that a mellow babe like Julia would enjoy and appreciate a nice foot massage from a worshipful fan, so if we're careful and respectful, maybe she'll willingly let us caress those lovely soles and toes... and maybe sneak in a kiss or a lick? Heheh... that would probably earn us a Skyscraper Kick in the face! Totally worth it though, I think... heheh.

Julia's outfit shows off the most skin among the Tekken babes. For now... heheh...

Anyway, with this nature-lover's lovely soles in your minds, enjoy the vids and look forward to more barefoot babe action from Streetfighter X Tekken to come. Later then!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 'Off with the Sandals!' Petition now online!

If you want 'em barefoot, then sign up!

Okay, it should be pretty well-known by now that while the upcoming fighter from Tecmo-KOEI, Dead or Alive 5 is coming with some sexy bikinis- they ALL come with blasted footwear. Of course, we want the babes barefoot, dammit! At the very least, Team Ninja should make available an option to toggle those sandals- just like how they can toggle hats or glasses on the characters. Well, apparently someone else felt strongly about this... enough to start an online petition over at So I say- SUPPORT IT!

You can find the petition for Tecmo/KOEI to add the option to toggle the sandals off the bikinis in DOA5 over here. Will this guarantee Team Ninja will do this? No, but if there's even a slight chance, why not support it? At the very least, we can let devs know what we want. The petition just needs 100 individuals signed up to make it work... there are 71 followers here on the blog, and 2000+ subscribers on my Youtube channel- 100 signatures shouldn't be too hard... right?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dead or Alive PSX: Retro Barefoot Bikini Babe Action!

Yeah, Leifang is my favorite- she's got the best swimsuit and looks best in-game.

Okay, Dead or Alive 5 is nearly upon us, so in anticipation of playing with Karate Gi Hitomi and Barefoot MMA Fighter Mila, I decided to revisit arguably my favorite DOA of al time- the Original Dead or Alive on the Playstation One.
Now, FYI to those not in the know, the DOA PSX version waa an awesome, awesome beat 'em up- in fact, in my humble opinion it's pretty much the BEST animated fighting game of that era- and certainly the sexiest, owing that in no small part to the fact that you could outfit the DOA girls in sexy swimsuits (unlockables). However, unlike the more recent DOA games that have sadly paired bikinis with footwear, DOA PSX nicely kept the girls barefoot in their swimwear (as they should, I say). The game also boasts silky-smooth animation (not sure if it's 30 or 60FPS, but it's so smooth- like Leifang's legs) and nice touches like sexy KO animations and victory screens with the unconscious opponent lying beside the victorious fighter.

Girl Fight! GIRL FIGHT!

Now, there's of course something special about the DOA PSX vids I've posted this time- previously I recorded gameplay using my original CD copy of the game. But recently I acquired the game via Digital Release, from the Asian Playstation Store (PSN) for the lovely price of only 6 Singapore Dollars... what a steal for such a classic!

The Digital Version of DOA PSX looks great on an HDTV (played off a PS3) as you can see in the vid.

Anyway, what's different about the DLC version? Well, aside from the simple fact that it runs from your PS3 HD (you can also play it on your PSP) and thus saves your console's Blu-ray Drive any effort, not much. Well, it's really more for someone like me- who records videos. Since the Digital Version is made specially for playing on PS3, the graphical glitching and wonky frame rate of the disc version is gone- so now the vids I have are perfectly smooth and flawless- no weird in-between frames when you pause, no skippy artifacts. Basically, it's like the game is remastered for HD! Well, kinda. In any case, DOA PSX looks GREAT on my PS3 and HDTV, as you can very well see.

Yes, the character models aren't as detailed as in newer DOA games, but man these are some sexy polygons...

Even after all this time, the DOA babes still move great in this game, and the gameplay is super-tight, fast, challenging (ratchet it up to Hardest for extra challenge) and really fun. AND sexy too. Man, I never get tired of seeing Leifang in her sexy blue one-piece... so hot.

Schoolgirl Swimsuit Kasumi is so cute!

So if you have a Japanese or Asian PSN account, spend the spare change and get this barefoot bikini babe classic! I highly recommend it. For now though, enjoy the vid and the classic retro bare soles of these hot battling babes.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Leo Kliesen: Tekken Tag Tournament 2's New Barefoot Babe!

Makoto, move over- another barefoot tomboy just stole my foot-loving heart.

Okay, I knew going into my purchase of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that the barefoot babe count wouldn't be stellar- but it actually turned out better than I thought. We've still got Asuka, Jun and Kunimitsu to customize into Hakama and Footguards, and a fully-barefoot Christie Monteiro and Angel. Eventually we'll also have Unknown and her black goo-covered but bare feet as another playable. But in all my predictions I would never have thought we'd get a new fully-barefoot babe from TTT2 in the person of Leo Kliesen. Yep, THAT Leo- the androgynous youth first seen in Tekken 6, whom we had written off long ago due to her insistence on appearing male in pretty much every way.
But really, this isn't another case of 'Poison' transsexual gender-bending; at most, it's just cross-dressing and masquerade. Prince Sapphire ring a bell? Leo is 100 percent all woman, flat chest and all. There is no ifs or buts about it- Leo is Eleanore from the very beginning, though the mystery of her actual gender was used as her schtick to much effect. Even after a pretty public reveal of Leo's true gender by Katsuhiro Harada during a Tekken Blood Vengeance screening in Germany, there were still those who doubted. I guess it's the same with Bigfoot or the Lochness monster- you have to see a body before people believe... and well, take a gander at Leo's bod!

Yeah, she's got broad shoulders (well, everyone does in Tekken) and a flat chest, but those hips, calves and feet are definitely, unmistakably female...

Like everyone else in Tekken Tag 2, Leo gets several swimsuit costumes as part of the game's "Bikini Bundle" Downloadable Content. Leo actually is a bit special- she gets not one but two sets of swimwear. One is a set of three Bikini Shorts outfit (kinda like Asuka's) where we do see her usually hidden breasts perk up a bit thanks to the bikini top. Yep, they're real, folks. But sadly, like every other character, Leo is wearing sandals with her bikinis... DAMN! It would have been over there but for Leo's second set of beach clothing- three 'Surf' Outfits that consist of a tight, long-sleeved top and pretty short shorts. And as a surfer should... Leo's barefoot in these outfits! So if you take a gander at Leo's bare footsies, I think there's now really no doubt that this person is a girl- no guy has feet those pretty.

Leo shows off her body- particularly her nice, very-female feet, in her fetching surf outfits.

So now I think Tekken Tag 2 just became that much hotter- still not as awesome as Tekken 6, but now at least it actually is a lot better than games like Dead or Alive 3 and DOA Ultimate- both classics whose barefoot appeal lie in just one girl (Hitomi). And there's quite a bit more to love from TTT2, even if a lot of stuff from Tekken 6 was omitted or changed weirdly. Plus there's hope- the game may receive more content as DLC in the future- who's to say barefoot outfits or characters are out of the question? Well, we can always hope.

I just can't keep my eyes off Leo's legs... nice to finally see them out in the open!

For now though, I'm really happy with a new barefoot muse to see in action- and well, I'm seeing Leo in a whole new light. I really AM a foot guy after all. A week ago, Leo wasn't anywhere on my radar as a prospet. Now, after seeing her show off her legs in TTT2... I'm thinking of all the things I'd want to do with her toes. Heheh.

Leo and Asuka face off against a solo (and barefoot) Kunimtsu!

For now, enjoy the vids with this kick-ass tomboy- actually TWO since Asuka's in the vids as well- and expect more from her (and other babes in TTT2) to come. It's been a long wait to Tekken Tag 2, and I'm glad it has paid off quite well. From here, I'm hoping for more barefoot content to be added, and perhaps word of the next Tekken game to come. Later then!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Arrives: Should Barefoot Fans Care?

At least we can still rely on the Kazamas in Hakamas for TTT2.

 It's been quite a wait, but early this week, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has finally arrived for consoles (PS3 and Xbox360). Now, I've been monitoring this game ever since it was first teased by the producer in late 2010. I watched it online, in arcades and all that time I've been studying its prospects for our enjoyment. I've had great hopes for it, given that the previous game in the Tekken franchise, Tekken 6, is one of the best games with barefoot babes to enjoy (thanks to the cool and sexy Character Customization). But sadly, all signs pointed to TTT2 falling short of equalling T6's soleful content.

Based on the arcade version, we knew that the Character Customization System had been altered, made a bit simpler. Sadly, separate Hand and Foot customization was omitted, with tops and bottoms coming with included hand and footwear. Along the way, someone at the dev team forgot to include barefoot options or costumes. No, scratch that... someone forgot to include barefoot options or costumes FOR THE FEMALES. Yes, to add insult to injury many of the male characters can be barefoot, but not the ladies. That didn't change in the months that followed- there was no way to change the existing system. All we could hope for was that additional costumes with bare feet built in were to be added to the console version. Well, how did that pan out? If you love barefoot babes, would you be satisfied with what TTT2 has to offer?

Sadly, Lili's bare soles are lost to us... for now. Perhaps future DLC will give her barefoot outfits again...?

For starters, Christie Monteiro still has her default classic P1 Outfits (The Capoeira Costume) with her barefoot. Aside from that single costume though, she has no other outfit or even a bottom that has her baring her soles- everything else comes with included footwear. Then there's Asuka Kazama- her classic Aikido/Martial Arts outfit from Tekken 5 and 6 (with the headband) is GONE. You can, however, buy a Hakama and Footguards set in the in-game store. But again, aside from the Hakama/Footguard combo (Asuka has 2 different Hakama), Asuka has no other barefoot costume or option; same goes for Jun Kazama.

Unfortunately there's no uniform or basic Barefoot Customization in TTT2. We have to rely on individual outfit pieces... of which there are painfully few out of the box.

Everyone else, all the girls who were from Tekken 6, also have no Barefoot Customization or costume. As of right now, Lili, whose soles we bared and enjoyed in Tekken 6, cannot remove her boots now. Neither can Nina, Xiaoyu and Alisa. But wait- there's the Extra DLC Characters and the Big Bikini Bundle, which comes with content not seen in the arcade versions. So, what is the footie content after DL-ing the new stuff?


Awaiting at the end of Arcade Mode is Unknown- Final Boss and one of the few barefoot babes in the game (Don't worry, she'll be playable eventually as DLC).

Well, we get ONE fully-barefoot babe in the returning Angel, and well, all I can say is that her bare feet look... heavenly. Unfortunately, Angel has no other barefoot costume aside from her default P1 Costume. She actually has Hakama and Footguards, but who needs them when she's already fully barefoot (well, there are those here who actually prefer the footguards, I know)? Then there's Kunimitsu, the sexy ninja renegade who also has Hakama and Footguards in her purchasable costume pieces. I'll post vids of these babes as soon as I can.

And finally, the BIKINI BUNDLE DLC. Unfortunately, while there are certainly lots of skin being shown off,  the feet remain in footwear, as pretty much all of the bikinis come paired with shoes or sandals- which cannot be toggled. To be fair, some of the sandals show off a lot of the girls' feet in any case, but if you're like me, to whom full-barefoot, with contact to the ground with the soles is paramount, it's very disappointing.

BUT WAIT! I had almost lost all hope... and there then was a pretty awesome surprise waiting for me as I checked each characters' swimwear... I found that ONE babe actually got a fully-barefoot costume in the Swimsuit DLC. That girl- whom I now declare as Tekken Tag 2's Barefoot Muse- is none other than- get this- Leo Kliesen. Yes, THAT Leo. LEO is now the Barefoot Babe of the Moment... who'd have ever thought that could happen? I'll be taking her on in-depth in another article. For now though, check out the new vids with the Hakama Kazama team of Asuka and Jun Kazama.

So, should Foot Fans rush out to get Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Well, if you're a real fighting game fan, you probably already have it anyway. In any case, it's an awesome fighter- perhaps the most chock-full of content I've seen in years. The barefoot babe content by default is kinda low- but this game DOES have potential, particularly in KOs (even if the sexy win animations in Tekken 6 are gone) and probably added content in the future. I'll show you the goods soon enough. Don't write off TTT2 just yet!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mila, Barefoot MMA Fighter! (Dead or Alive 5)

Say hello to Mila, footfans!

Here's some good news for us footfans for the upcoming Dead or Alive 5. Previously the only reason for us to get excited about this game is Hitomi, our barefoot karate princess, in her now-returned Karate Gi. Well, there's another barefoot (or at least, semi-barefoot) babe in the game, and that's the new girl Mila. Described as an 'MMA Fighter', Mila fights with Muay Thai and kickboxing, and dresses similar to Brad Burns from VF5. Her default outfit has her wearing those ubiquitous martial arts wraps/footguards that leave her toes and heels bare. I'm crossing my fingers that she has at least one or more fully-barefoot outfits in her wardrobe.

The lovely Mila makes her debut in the clip above.

Anways, this is good news for a game that has so far been otherwise bare in terms of bare feet; Hitomi's Karate Gi is our one only other option- it seems that every one of the girls is wearing sandals or shoes in their bikini outfits, which sucks. Hoping that Mila bucks the trend somehow, seeing as she's a bit of a break from the usual appearance of a 'DOA Girl'. At the very least though, we now have both her and Hitomi as muses in the game. I'll be keeping an eye of DOA5 as the release date nears (I'll be a bit busy with Tekken Tag 2, but whatever). For now, check out the vid above and see if Mila makes you dream of MMA Feet...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chun-Li and Ibuki: New Barefoot Mods! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Chun-Li and Ibuki bare their bods and feet for our pleasure!

It's been a while but there are some AWESOME new barefoot mods available for Streetfighter X Tekken, specifically for the lovely Kung-Fu INTERPOL Agent Chun-Li and Ninja Cutie Ibuki. Okay, Ibuki's already barefoot/mostly barefoot already, but thanks to Sloth86's latest mod, she shows off a lot more than just her tasty toes and soles. The mod is called Bedroom Ninja and basically has Ibuki just in her underwear, as you'd think, and getting ready for nighty-night. I'd have preferred she lose the half-mask as well, but that's no biggie.

Chun-Li, Ibuki AND Cammy... so much skin and soles on offer.... wow!

For Chun-Li, modder gpsingh6375 produced a mod called Chun-Li Beach; basically a Bikini Mod for the lovely heroine. I tweaked it a bit and removed a skirt that came with the original mod. So now, we've got Chun in a costume that leaves little to the imagination. I have to say- with her hair down in the sexy bikini, Chun-Li looks AMAZING. I do think this is Chun-Li's sexiest so far in SFxTekken. Heck, even her feet look better than in the other barefoot mod (the SF2Turbo Ending Dress) available.

Nina would be better off dressing up in less so she can move faster, I say... heh.

In any case, these mods just let us have even more sexy battles with more skin and flying feet than you can handle! I'm loving Chun and Ibuki more than ever, and it just makes me so happy once again that I sprung for a game laptop. WOOHOO!!! For now, enjoy the vids posted with Chun, Ibuki and the other barefoot babes of SFxTekken. This game isn't the most popular fighter out, but for footfans I say this (the PC version with mods) is a MUST HAVE. Enjoy the vids and let sexy kung-fu and ninja babe feet dance into your dreams...

Chun-Li, Ibuki, Cammy AND Juri? Barefoot Babe OVERLOAD!