Monday, September 24, 2012

FINALLY Barefoot Julia Chang (Streetfighter X Tekken)

It's about time Julia went barefoot, like any self-respecting nature lover should!

Of all the babes in the Tekken series, one in particular I've always wanted to see bootless and barefoot because you just know it would suit her. That babe, of course, is nature-loving brainiac beauty, Julia Chang. We've seen this hottie mature from her first appearance in Tekken 3 to the denim skirt-wearing eco-warrior in every game afterwards. I've always looked at those big, honkin' cowboy boots she wears and pictured the lovely feet within. Really, if there was a babe whose feet should be more open to walking bare on the earth, it would be Julia. But NOOOOO... up to now, even in the latest Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the developers and designers at Namco-Bandai have denied us seeing Julia's soles and toes in battle. Well, that ends now!

Julia's costume leaves little to the imagination... and you gotta love those blue toenails...

Of course, it would have to be the Capcom-made Streetfighter X Tekken that gives us this wonderful treat. The costume is called the Ceremonial Outfit, created by modder Moedjoer, which is a sexy tribal number, complete with ornamental bracelets and anklets, loin cloth and headdress that is barbarically beautiful. Unfortunately, the outfit actually comes with sandals, but luckily the footwear can be toggled off with the use of the awesome SF4 Explorer app. So, with a slight adjustment, we now have Barefoot Tribal Warrior Shaman Julia Chang in action!

You can easily see her feet are pretty and nicely tipped with blue-painted toenails (I'm pretty sure her feet are taken from Elena's character model)... certainly worth seeing and worshipping! Julia is certainly exciting to see in action. It's about time another barefoot Tekken babe arrived- so now we can have even more hot Streetfighter VS Tekken Babe Match-ups!

Bob is one lucky dude- I'm sure Julia uses his pudgy paunch as a nice cushion to rest her tired feet... mmm...

I think that a mellow babe like Julia would enjoy and appreciate a nice foot massage from a worshipful fan, so if we're careful and respectful, maybe she'll willingly let us caress those lovely soles and toes... and maybe sneak in a kiss or a lick? Heheh... that would probably earn us a Skyscraper Kick in the face! Totally worth it though, I think... heheh.

Julia's outfit shows off the most skin among the Tekken babes. For now... heheh...

Anyway, with this nature-lover's lovely soles in your minds, enjoy the vids and look forward to more barefoot babe action from Streetfighter X Tekken to come. Later then!


  1. Sexy feet, though she would look better without the blue nail polish, but sexy feet^^


  3. Thunder-Bolt: The blue toenails (and ornaments, plus her underwear) are all obviously borrowed from Elena's character model. I wish the modder had recolored the nails to give Julia her own look, but it's still great and fits the tribal theme.

    estabaniko94: Nice vid, but I'm really not planning on getting a PSVita. The PC version is all the SFxTekken I need... or want! The mods make it the best version, so far lack of extra fighters regardless.