Monday, September 10, 2012

Mila, Barefoot MMA Fighter! (Dead or Alive 5)

Say hello to Mila, footfans!

Here's some good news for us footfans for the upcoming Dead or Alive 5. Previously the only reason for us to get excited about this game is Hitomi, our barefoot karate princess, in her now-returned Karate Gi. Well, there's another barefoot (or at least, semi-barefoot) babe in the game, and that's the new girl Mila. Described as an 'MMA Fighter', Mila fights with Muay Thai and kickboxing, and dresses similar to Brad Burns from VF5. Her default outfit has her wearing those ubiquitous martial arts wraps/footguards that leave her toes and heels bare. I'm crossing my fingers that she has at least one or more fully-barefoot outfits in her wardrobe.

The lovely Mila makes her debut in the clip above.

Anways, this is good news for a game that has so far been otherwise bare in terms of bare feet; Hitomi's Karate Gi is our one only other option- it seems that every one of the girls is wearing sandals or shoes in their bikini outfits, which sucks. Hoping that Mila bucks the trend somehow, seeing as she's a bit of a break from the usual appearance of a 'DOA Girl'. At the very least though, we now have both her and Hitomi as muses in the game. I'll be keeping an eye of DOA5 as the release date nears (I'll be a bit busy with Tekken Tag 2, but whatever). For now, check out the vid above and see if Mila makes you dream of MMA Feet...

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