Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dead or Alive 5 'Off with the Sandals!' Petition now online!

If you want 'em barefoot, then sign up!

Okay, it should be pretty well-known by now that while the upcoming fighter from Tecmo-KOEI, Dead or Alive 5 is coming with some sexy bikinis- they ALL come with blasted footwear. Of course, we want the babes barefoot, dammit! At the very least, Team Ninja should make available an option to toggle those sandals- just like how they can toggle hats or glasses on the characters. Well, apparently someone else felt strongly about this... enough to start an online petition over at So I say- SUPPORT IT!

You can find the petition for Tecmo/KOEI to add the option to toggle the sandals off the bikinis in DOA5 over here. Will this guarantee Team Ninja will do this? No, but if there's even a slight chance, why not support it? At the very least, we can let devs know what we want. The petition just needs 100 individuals signed up to make it work... there are 71 followers here on the blog, and 2000+ subscribers on my Youtube channel- 100 signatures shouldn't be too hard... right?


  1. alreadh supported it

  2. Cool, dude. Let's hope more people sign on and make this happen...

  3. Replies
    1. don't forget to invite your supporting friends too

  4. Just 25 signatures needed now to finish the Petition! If you're a foot-lover who wants to see more bare soles in this sexy game, sign now!!!

  5. I created this petition, and want to thank everyone for their support so far!

  6. No problem! Dude, if we could do this for Tekken, that would be even more awesome. But I wonder if stubborn Harada would be open to it... ahahaha