Friday, September 21, 2012

Dead or Alive PSX: Retro Barefoot Bikini Babe Action!

Yeah, Leifang is my favorite- she's got the best swimsuit and looks best in-game.

Okay, Dead or Alive 5 is nearly upon us, so in anticipation of playing with Karate Gi Hitomi and Barefoot MMA Fighter Mila, I decided to revisit arguably my favorite DOA of al time- the Original Dead or Alive on the Playstation One.
Now, FYI to those not in the know, the DOA PSX version waa an awesome, awesome beat 'em up- in fact, in my humble opinion it's pretty much the BEST animated fighting game of that era- and certainly the sexiest, owing that in no small part to the fact that you could outfit the DOA girls in sexy swimsuits (unlockables). However, unlike the more recent DOA games that have sadly paired bikinis with footwear, DOA PSX nicely kept the girls barefoot in their swimwear (as they should, I say). The game also boasts silky-smooth animation (not sure if it's 30 or 60FPS, but it's so smooth- like Leifang's legs) and nice touches like sexy KO animations and victory screens with the unconscious opponent lying beside the victorious fighter.

Girl Fight! GIRL FIGHT!

Now, there's of course something special about the DOA PSX vids I've posted this time- previously I recorded gameplay using my original CD copy of the game. But recently I acquired the game via Digital Release, from the Asian Playstation Store (PSN) for the lovely price of only 6 Singapore Dollars... what a steal for such a classic!

The Digital Version of DOA PSX looks great on an HDTV (played off a PS3) as you can see in the vid.

Anyway, what's different about the DLC version? Well, aside from the simple fact that it runs from your PS3 HD (you can also play it on your PSP) and thus saves your console's Blu-ray Drive any effort, not much. Well, it's really more for someone like me- who records videos. Since the Digital Version is made specially for playing on PS3, the graphical glitching and wonky frame rate of the disc version is gone- so now the vids I have are perfectly smooth and flawless- no weird in-between frames when you pause, no skippy artifacts. Basically, it's like the game is remastered for HD! Well, kinda. In any case, DOA PSX looks GREAT on my PS3 and HDTV, as you can very well see.

Yes, the character models aren't as detailed as in newer DOA games, but man these are some sexy polygons...

Even after all this time, the DOA babes still move great in this game, and the gameplay is super-tight, fast, challenging (ratchet it up to Hardest for extra challenge) and really fun. AND sexy too. Man, I never get tired of seeing Leifang in her sexy blue one-piece... so hot.

Schoolgirl Swimsuit Kasumi is so cute!

So if you have a Japanese or Asian PSN account, spend the spare change and get this barefoot bikini babe classic! I highly recommend it. For now though, enjoy the vid and the classic retro bare soles of these hot battling babes.


  1. Awesome! Gonna do some videos with Tina and Kasumi too?

  2. Yeah, I'll post vids with them too. Leifang's my fave and the one I'm most skilled with though, so that's why she's usually the first to star.