Friday, September 28, 2012

Dead or Alive 5: Fan Service and Fighting Feet!

Hitomi's Karate Feet are always a Lovely Treat in DOA!

In case you didn't know, Tecmo-KOEI released the sexy comeback beat 'em up Dead or Alive 5 earlier this week. While this game has traditionally been known more for bouncy boobs, there has usually been goodies for foot-lovers as well, save perhaps for the previous DOA4 (which was all-around horrible anyway for various reasons). Well, with DOA5 comes a couple of barefoot babes out of the box; the first of course is our always-awesome Hitomi, the German-Japanese Karate Princess who is fortunately once again rocking her trademark Karate Gi. Thanks to the upgrade in graphics and character model detail, Hitomi's feet are quite nice (if a bit delicate-looking for a martial artist) and will surely please footfans. There's quite a lot of great views ingame when Hitomi is barefoot and kicking butt, and there's even various scenes in the game's Story Mode that has nice views for our soleful enjoyment!

This cutscene has Hitomi practicing her karate in her gi, and showing off quite an awesome sole shot and some nice closeups. Oh, and Leifang's quite hot too...

Aside from Hitomi, there's also the lovely newcomer, MMA cutie Mila who shows off her fighting feet with her default shorts and footguards outfit. Mila is a refreshing addition to the roster, and her moves and grapples are given to lots of foot shots.

DOA5's new barefoot babe, Mila, is quite a hottie. Oh, and she also shares the same VA (Japanese) as another barefoot fave- Asuka Kazama!

The next couple of vids show off both barefoot hotties in action. No matter who wins, its footfans who come out on top!

Finally, the last barefoot babe in the game out of the box is Alpha 152, the gel-like super clone boss who debuted in DOA4. She's unlockable after you play the game a lot. The cutscene below has a nice closeup view of her feet... what a nice entrance!

You can imagine that Alpha's gummi-like feet must taste pretty fruity... heheh.

That's it though. Sadly, DOA5 has no barefoot customization, even if it has glasses and underwear customs (ARGH). As I've posted before, there's an ongoing petition which aims to ask developers Team Ninja to add a barefoot option for the game's swimsuit outfits- the petition is more than halfway complete, and needs only 30 or so more signatures to be ready... if you're a foot fan, you MUST sign and give this movement your support. With luck, DOA5 may become an even hotter game for footlovers.
For now though, it's still quite a solid fighter and a sexy one at that with the three available shoeless hotties- actually a pretty good number compared to most previous DOAs (DOA3 and DOAU only has Hitomi showing off her soles). Is it something to get? Why, yes, I think. So if you're looking for another sexy foot-friendly fighting game, you can do no wrong with Dead or Alive 5. For now, enjoy the vids and dream of pretty MMA and Karate Soles headed for your faces...


  1. Did you unlocked every costume of every girl?? No hope???

  2. I've seen vids of the girls' outfits (all of them) and nope, only Mila and Hitomi have a barefoot outfit each. That's it.

  3. Team Ninja is now aware of the petition! Go to and let them know how interested you are in this feature!

  4. Cool. Hopefully this actually works! I am hoping though that they add the Shoe Toggle (as they're now calling it) to most, if not all costumes, and not just the bikinis. That would be AWESOME. ^___^