Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chun-Li and Ibuki: New Barefoot Mods! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Chun-Li and Ibuki bare their bods and feet for our pleasure!

It's been a while but there are some AWESOME new barefoot mods available for Streetfighter X Tekken, specifically for the lovely Kung-Fu INTERPOL Agent Chun-Li and Ninja Cutie Ibuki. Okay, Ibuki's already barefoot/mostly barefoot already, but thanks to Sloth86's latest mod, she shows off a lot more than just her tasty toes and soles. The mod is called Bedroom Ninja and basically has Ibuki just in her underwear, as you'd think, and getting ready for nighty-night. I'd have preferred she lose the half-mask as well, but that's no biggie.

Chun-Li, Ibuki AND Cammy... so much skin and soles on offer.... wow!

For Chun-Li, modder gpsingh6375 produced a mod called Chun-Li Beach; basically a Bikini Mod for the lovely heroine. I tweaked it a bit and removed a skirt that came with the original mod. So now, we've got Chun in a costume that leaves little to the imagination. I have to say- with her hair down in the sexy bikini, Chun-Li looks AMAZING. I do think this is Chun-Li's sexiest so far in SFxTekken. Heck, even her feet look better than in the other barefoot mod (the SF2Turbo Ending Dress) available.

Nina would be better off dressing up in less so she can move faster, I say... heh.

In any case, these mods just let us have even more sexy battles with more skin and flying feet than you can handle! I'm loving Chun and Ibuki more than ever, and it just makes me so happy once again that I sprung for a game laptop. WOOHOO!!! For now, enjoy the vids posted with Chun, Ibuki and the other barefoot babes of SFxTekken. This game isn't the most popular fighter out, but for footfans I say this (the PC version with mods) is a MUST HAVE. Enjoy the vids and let sexy kung-fu and ninja babe feet dance into your dreams...

Chun-Li, Ibuki, Cammy AND Juri? Barefoot Babe OVERLOAD!

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