Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lili Bikini Mod Coming! (Streetfighter X Tekken)


Apologies again that this month has seen the fewest posts from me in a long time. Can't be helped, it's a bit slow all around, and I had many personal matters to attend to. In any case, I am thankful though that for what will probably be the last post this month is a pretty Awesome bit of barefoot videogame babe goodness, as we can see in the pic above. YES, a Barefoot Bikini Mod for none other than Lili Rochefort in Streetfighter X Tekken! The bikini is patterned of course after Lili's suit in Tekken Tag 2, but thankfully, THANKFULLY has her barefoot (unlike in TTT2). Now, I'm still hoping that there will be barefoot bikinis or at least a barefoot option in Tekken Tag 2, but in case that doesn't pan out- well, this mod should give us quite a bit of enjoyment that the Harada and team have denied us. Up to now, all the barefoot mods in the game have been mainly for the SF Babes (with the exception of that awesome Nina Original Tekken P1 mod). Even just from the WIP visual above (Lili has no belly button at this point... heheh), I'm pretty happy with the mod. Lili's feet look great, and her soles look lovely and fleshy indeed. I can't wait to see this in action! So let's wish modder Rhazieul all the best- and perhaps after he finishes with this treat, maybe he'll move onto giving Asuka her own bathing gear? Hope, hope! Stay tuned for this... I'll post vids as soon as the mod's available. Later then!


  1. Great! Man I have 2 questions:
    1) Am I the only one who can't see the image you posted?? I see a white box with "403 Forbidden" on the inside

    2) where do I find this mod?? Or at least other images?

    Thank you in advance, you're awesome!

  2. Hello. I've reuploaded a smaller version of the pic. Unfortunately, I have no idea why Imageshack is deleting or losing pics- either someone there feels that bikini pics of virtual women are in violation of their TOS or it's just some weird error. Anyway, the mod is still WIP and isn't downloadable yet. When it's finished and available, I'll post a link to the mod.

    In case the pic still vanishes because of the Imageshack prudes, check the thread on Shoryuken for the pic here:

  3. Sadly nothing yet. The modder, Rhazieul, did not give a release date for it, and he hasn't answered any inquiries about it at the SRK thread. Let's just cross our fingers and hope he doesn't take too long to bring it out when it's perfect and finished. Of course, after seeing Lili in her bikini in TTT2 (and in sandals...AAARRRGGGHH) I am wanting this mod more than ever.

  4. You'll be happy to know that the mods'out! And it's unbelieveable :O Here's the link to download the PC mod:

    And here some yummy screens I made for You ;)

  5. ...And another one too ;) :

  6. Hey gomax! I actually got the mod the day it was released. Just having some delays posting vids on my channel for now. It's certainly awesome, and you gotta love how delicate and small Lili's feet are compared to the other girls- I think they suit her, and the soles look scrumptious indeed. ^___^ Definitely one of the best mods for SFxTekken!