Monday, August 6, 2012

Lydia: Barefoot Gladiatrix! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

Barefoot Lydia is truly a sight to behold...

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on PC, with the right mods installed pretty much is the BEST game for enjoying and ogling gorgeous sexy babes with the most amazing feet and soles in interactive entertainment. Just have CBBE V3 or UNP with FemFeet installed, as well as your choice of mod to beautify the default-wrinkly faces (I am using Luscious Faces at present) and you've got eye candy extraordinaire in this sandbox of a fantasy world.

Recently, I've been able to find more fun, just roaming the countryside with my small but deadly army of barefoot Dead Thrall Babes. But of course, something was missing- and I realized my troops needed a hot soleful lady to lead them. Well, I finally got to put the fair and formidable Lydia into this role, giving her a sexy new set of armor- it's called the Arena Mercenary Cuirass, which kinda makes Lydia look like a gladiator chick. Added to this are a set of awesome Barefoot Imperial Leggings which nicely keep her feet exposed for our pleasure. These leggings were originally UNP only, but someone thankfully converted it recently for use with CBBE.

Lydia leads my Barefoot Babe Army into battle!

Nicely enough I can now also enjoy ogling Lydia's sexy soles when she takes a nap in between battles- thankfully all that fighting hasn't taken anything away from how feminine and flawless Lydia's feet are. Yummy! Of course, if she caught us staring at her soles she might just draw her sword on us... heheh.

Even a seasoned warrior like Lydia needs her beauty rest.

I expect to play tons more Skyrim in the near future, as the Dawnguard expansion has just been released for PC. Let's see if the Vampire-centric Expansion gives us new barefoot babe pleasures in the hours of questing to come. I got my shoeless horde ready for battle- just bring it on, bloodsuckers!

Lydia's sleepy soles certainly deserve some tender lovin' massaging.

UPDATE: I just tried equipping the other female Housecarls with the Barefoot Imperial Leggings, and for some reason when they equip them, both Iona and Jordis still inexplicably appear to be wearing their default Steel Cuffed Boots- making Lydia the only female HC to be able to go barefoot with the mod footwear... man, she IS special! I guess I'll be keeping Lydia as my Barefoot Babe Follower of Choice for now... Nice.


The quest for sexy soles and barefoot knockouts in Skyrim is neverending!


  1. Okay, Lydia has now become even more special to me since she seems to be the only female Housecarl who will appear barefoot wearing the 'Barefoot' Imperial Leggings mod. When equipped to Iona or Jordis, they do equip the leggings but still appear to be wearing their default steel cuffed boots. Weird!
    Anyway, this just makes me love Lydia all the more- and MAN does she look gorgeous now (Luscious Faces mod makes her look stunning!). ^__^

  2. cant find this mod on nexusmod. can you provide me a link to this mod on nexusmod? thanks!

  3. The CBBE Conversion of the Katharine Barefoot Leg Guards is here:

    Beware though that so far the leggings have quite a few limits/glitches. Of the female Housecarls, only Lydia can wear them without glitches- this may have something to do with body type (?) or such. I haven't tried them with a lot of other female followers (Serana glitches, sadly). Still, give them a try. They can be crafted via Smithing under Imperial (Imperial Leggings, Imperial Light Leggings, Forsworn Leggings).

    As for the rest of the 'Gladiatrix' outfit, I got it from this Armor mod:

  4. Man, I follow your blog from a very long time, and speaking about bethesda games I simply can't believe that you never tried to play Fallot 3, wich is the real foot-lovers paradise!!! In facts, despite from oblivion and sadly skyrim, it has collisions between your super-modded-barefoot-warrior-babe and the other bodies! That means that after killing a bandit you can for example happily trample him instead of pass through him like oblivion or skyrim. :) really hope that bethesda improves the bodies collision in skyrim or future projects, and I hope that if you never tried this thing you do it NOW!!! :)

  5. I tried playing Fallout 3 on the PS3, and it looked... not great. I didn't have a PC then, so I guess I sadly missed out. Oh well...

  6. Fallout 3 is one of the best games i ever played, but i guess this is about preferences, but yes, the base female models are pretty ugly, and you need a pc to mod fallout 3 with best female models (including feet) but I assure you that the results is outstanding for a foot-lover, even if you don't like the game ;) buy a pc man, even a crappy one, follow my advice :D

  7. Great blog! Congratulations! I will surely check it out all of it. I didn't know that about Skyrim. That gives me a motivation to play it. :-) I don't know if you have posted it in your previous sections, but you'd be interested to know that Dead Rising 2 has a few instances where you interact with sensual female survivors, who are usually barefoot. And The Sims 2 & 3 of course, and the Leisure Suit Larry games, but I'm sure you already know that.