Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barefoot Sakura (Super Streetfighter IV PC) UPDATED with Videos!

At long last- Sakura, barefoot in a GI!

It's August but the flood of barefoot Streetfighter babes started in late, late July hasn't stopped yet! Sloth86 has just posted his latest shoeless mod masterpiece, and it's a cute one that I'm sure all foot fans would agree has been LONG overdue. It's Sakura in a gi! Yep, Ryu-type tattered martial arts uniform and bare feet- something that us footers would have wanted for the Shotokan schoolgirl from Day One. Well, it's here and it's actually quite nice, even if it's not as sexy as the previous mods. Imagine the cool fights you could have between Sakura and Makoto! Funny to note that Sakura's feet are quite petite and cute compared to other girls. Heheh. Anyways, get the above montage pic in full size over here, while the actual mod can be downloaded here. For now, check out the vids with Barefoot Sakura in action from TheFutureCesar2011. Her feet may not be as big as Makoto's, but they certainly should hit as hard as they look hot!

I never realized that Sakura's Ultra can give one of the most awesome sole shots ever...

Sakura's winpose...

El Fuerte's Ultra gives the best sole shots!

Cody's Ultra gives more nice sole shots.

Sakura needs some pampering after a hard day- give those petite feet kisses and massages to cheer her up!

Barefoot Rose (Super Streetfighter IV PC) UPDATED with Videos!

Streetfighter's Lady Mystic just cast a spell on me...

Once again, SSFIV modder Sloth86 has posted another masterpiece for the PC SF gamers AND footfans like us- with none other than a barefoot, swimsuit-clad Rose. The fighting fortune-teller has truly NEVER looking this hot, and I have to say that images of her floating above me, dangling her sexy feet teasingly over my face are whirling around my head. MAN, this is awesome. I have to say, that I think there may be a game laptop in my future if this keeps up... Barefoot Streetfighter Babe Overload! Enjoy guys! Anyways, ypu can find the original size of the hot Rose montage pic above at this page, while the Swimsuit Rose mod itself can be downloaded here.

Rose's intro shows her feet first, which is just perfect for us, eh?

Perhaps a nice massage or shower of kisses on Rose's feet will cheer her up after a Game Over.

Hoping for this Barrage of Barefoot Streetfighter Babes continues onwards! Right now, I gotta go check the market for bargains on gaming PC Laptops. Later!

Cammy's Soles (Streetfighter IV PC) UPDATED!

Here's a special edit of TheCesar's Cammy clips, all together into one sexy Cammy Sole-fest!

The Barefoot Streetfighter Babe Craze continues! Fellow Footfan and Youtuber TheFutureCesar2011 has just uploaded a bunch of short but oh, so sweet vids with the gorgeous Cammy in Streetfighter IV PC wearing her sexy Escape from Shadaloo mod costume. I have to say- MAN, seeing Cammy barefoot in this outfit is one of the most awesome things I've seen all year. Perhaps it's simply because I've been dreaming of seeing this Delta Red Damsel's naked feet for so long. Now, footfans needn't use their imagination anymore- they just need to watch these hot vids to see Cammy's powerful and pretty bare soles and toes in action.

Cammy the Gymnast? This should be a Default Outfit!!!

Two Barefoot Babes in this one as Cammy performs her Sexy Ultra on Makoto. Great Sole Shots Ensue!

El Fuerte's Ultra does a great job of putting Cammy to sleep- and giving us amazing views.

More soles shots and views from Cammy care of the ruffian, Cody.

Cammy's Victory Screen shows off her Body and Soles perfectly.

Absolutely Awesome View of Cammy's lovely soles in this Game Over segment.

I'm hoping that TheFutureCesar uploads a LOT more vids of Cammy. For now,enjoy the goodies he has- and dream of sweaty, sweet commando cutie feet. Yummy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Barefoot Cammy, Pic and Video! (Super Streetfighter IV PC)

Half red, half blue... All Barefoot. Awesome!

Here's another awesome new barefoot mod for Streetfighter's commando cutie, Cammy, entitled 'Cammy Gill version 2', a custom skin created by modder ExtremeGirlFan which makes Cammy a female version of SF3's two-toned boss. Aside from that, this second mod shows an earlier revision which gives Cammy smaller feet than her original 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod- the original skin had her with Makoto-sized feet, but since then the modder has made her feet 20 percent smaller- they look great! Check 'em out! Thanks to Youtuber danielortizvargas for posting the vid!

Barefoot Cammy times two!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Barefoot Cammy (Super Streetfighter IV PC)

Barefoot Cammy. I think my heart just skipped a beat.

Now THIS is damn awesome. I've never been so tempted to just go and invest in a PC laptop before just for one game. Anyways as I've posted before, the PC version of Super Streetfighter IV is incredible for being able to allow mods, or modifications, to the characters costumes. I've seen various Makotos and Ibukis of varying coolness and hotness, but really, the most eye-catching so far is this- a Barefoot Cammy! Created by modder Sloth86, the custom skin is called the Escape from Shadaloo costume, and has the lovely Delta Red commando wearing just her one-piece leotard and nothing else- no beret, boots or gauntlets, showing off her predictably HUGE but utterly sexy and powerful-looking feet. This scene is take from an issue of Streetfighter II Turbo by Udon which came out years ago (but I still cherish for first ever giving us Cammy without her boots). Now, all I have of this is the super-sexy montage pic above (here's a link to the page with the pic in original size) and a link to the mod file here. If anyone has SSFIV PC, download the mod, install it and make some vids to share if you can!

This is beyond cool. I'm sure it's a dream come true for most, if not all foot fans, to finally see Cammy's feet without those big, blasted Doc Marten's Boots. This is probably the best we can ever get in a game. I am dying to see this mod in action! If and when I find some, I'll post and share vids. For now, just try and pick up your jaws from the floor after seeing Cammy's bare soles and toes and dream of those sexy, hot and huge, bare commando girl feet pressing into your face, just ready to be worshipped. Wow.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paula (Shadows of the Damned)

Paula's sexy feet are certainly a devilish temptation.

Here's a quickie- it's actually just a pic found online. The babe in feature is Paula, the ill-fated paramour of demon hunter Garcia Hotspur. Early on in the game, Paula is killed and kidnapped (yep, in that order, apparently) by the powerful demon Fleming and serves as the sexy carrot by which Garcia is led through hell. Needless to say, Paula spends most of the time pretty much half-naked, sometimes wearing stockings, sometimes barefoot, sometimes half-barefoot. I haven't gotten the game myself, but if should have quite a few nice parts with this hottie showing her sexy feet. Reviews say that the humor runs short after a while, but if Paula's hot enough, perhaps it's worth sticking to the end? Sadly we surely won't be seeing Garcia giving her a foot massage or kisses on her feet as a reward, but we can imagine, can we? Or at least, just enjoy the nice artwork above and the video below. Later then!

This part at least has Paula with both feet bare. Spoilers though if you intend to play the game...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marian Hawk, Bikini Edition (Dragon Age 2)

Wondering what the Legendary Heroine would look without her armor?

One thing that RPGs (particularly MMO's these days) have always one-upped other genres in is with Character Customization. The ability to strip down your sexy warrior babe or seductive wizardess down to their lingerie and bare feet was something I've enjoyed doing since the days of the PS2, with titles such as Champions of Norrath. Good times! Well, this little pleasure can also be guiltily partaken in the latest RPG hit on consoles and PC, Dragon Age 2. Here, you can make your central character in the adventure a fetching and attractive lass named Marian (her default name) whose destiny throws her from being a refugee in a hostile land to a legendary figure whose decisions may affect the entire land.

That aside, you as the player can also decide to have Marian shed her armor and leather garments, throw off her boots and just run off into battle dressed like a Sword and Sorcery swimsuit model. Well, that's what I've done in the vid below. The graphics and character model for Marian are nicely detailed, with a slim but pleasurably curvy bod that you wouldn't grow bored looking at for hours on end. You can as well zoom in with the camera, but this kinda impedes gameplay- just as fighting demons and Darkspawn half-naked does. So well, I only did this vid for a little bit (eleven minutes or so), and from there on have been forced to at least dress up more sensibly (but I still want to go barefoot at least). I've heard that there's a shop that sells the sexy half-barefoot instep guards worn by Dragon Age 2's elves for Marian, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

Let Darkspawn tremble at Marian Hawk's soft-soled approach...

In any case, at least the vid gives you a nice, rarely seen image of the heroine- not the legendary figure but the woman- beautiful, smooth soles and lovely toes and all- whom we can admire as well as appreciate. I'll finish this quest eventually and plant Marian's sexy feet on a pedestal in due time. Later then!

Makoto Kicking Into Your iPhone (Streetfighter IV Volt)

Soon, you can have Streetfighter's karate babe on the go!

A nice little tidbit of news here (which is fitting). Capcom just announced that their upgraded iPhone beat 'em up, Streetfighter IV Volt for the iPhone/iPod Touch, will be getting a free update that will add two more fighters to the game's roster. The first is Sakura, the sailor suit-wearing Shotokan schoolgirl. The other is none other than the Girl with Pure Karate Soles, Makoto! So now we can go around with SF's barefoot karate babe, ready for playing on-the-go without having to buy a Nintendo 3DS and a copy of SSFIV 3D.
Well, I have an iPod Touch with SFIV Volt already installed, so I'm very much ready to greet my cute tomboy karateka with open arms. This is pretty awesome... who knows, maybe someday we can have Juri and Ibuki to join the fun? For now though, I'm as happy as a clam.

I'm gonna have fun kicking ass with Makoto's sexy, deadly feet.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sexy Juri Mod (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)


It's a given that one of the best additions to the Streetfighter roster has been the deliciously malicious, sadistically seductive and solefully sexy Juri Han. Well, at least for us foot fans. Who better than a Taekwondo expert to capture our hearts in a leg lock or beneath a stomp with those gorgeous, lethal feet? Her dominatrix personallty and bad girl role just fans the flames of her hotness- so adoring foot fans will surely throw themselves to kiss every single one of her purple-tipped toes readily. That all said, it has to be now admitted that Capcom flubbed it a bit in terms of her design. Don't get me wrong- her default TKD villainess outfit is awesome, to say the least- it certainly focuses the hell out of those amazing feet. However, allowing this temptress to show off more skin should have thrown her hotness off the scale- well, I guess the devs didn't what to go that far. Thankfully, there's the PC version of SSFIV to thank for.

Bison tries to grab Juri during this Rival cutscene. Hey, a babe with legs this hot... can't blame him!

Cammy's rival cutscene with Juri. Cammy's sizzling, but she should take off those boots to put her over the top.

This costume should be Juri's new default, dammit...

Because of the PC version's ability to be 'modified', it was inevitable that mods and custom skins would be developed by artsy gamers- and I have to say the best mod I've yet seen is this 'pants-less' Juri mod. It really shows off Juri's legs and worshipful waist area for all to see, leaving nothing to the imagination. It just makes this villainess into a goddess, and seeing this just may make you fall to your knees in awe. Check out the vid below to see even more leggy, more kiss-worthy Juri and enjoy all the views of this videogame vixen's feet, legs and... more.

Too many too hot legs, feet and soles... need to lie down...

Man, that was awesome. I have Taekwondo villainess feet in the brain. Who can get enough of Juri's feet, toes and soles? Not me! Sadly, I'm a console gamer, so all I can do is enjoy these vids. If you have a PC, grab a copy of SSFIV, install the hot mods and enjoy. For now, savour these vids made and posted by our new comrade in Barefoot Babe vids, BestBuy999. Thanks, Amigo!

Juri's sleepy feet look good enough to eat...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hokuto (Streetfighter EX Series)

I'm sure the first thought in any foot-loving gamer's mind on seeing Hokuto was... take those socks off!

In fighting games these days, when we think of a character wearing those traditional Japanese martial arts-pants called Hakamas, we think perhaps of Tekken's Asuka Kazama. But go back a few years and you'd see that the one 3D fighting game babe who introduced those airy pantaloons into videogaming was a stoic but lovely lass by the name of Hokuto from the classic Streetfighter EX games by Arika. Actually, in terms of look Asuka and Hokuto look very similar- both have been raised since a young age in a dojo and wear the aikido-style martial arts gi with the upper garment and trademark hakamas, both have brown hair and a headband/cloth. However, while Asuka's default has her wearing nice foot-exposing instep guards, Hokuto wears white tabi, or Japanese traditional socks with a gap between the big toe and second toe. Tabi are usually worn with Geta (sandals) as the toe-gap is meant for gripping the sandals with, but Hokuto has always been seen with just the socks. I guess this post is a bit different from most of my articles in that this isn't about a barefoot babe, but a babe who's just a whisker shy of being actually barefoot.

Hokuto's Playstation-only ending. She looks kinda mannish in it, though...

I've always thought, why wear those socks at all? Why not just go barefoot? Won't those socks get dirty as she goes on the ground? Must be killer to have them washed. Perhaps the socks let Hokuto slide across some floors- probably not feasible when fighting outdoors in grass or such. Maybe I'm overthinking it kinda.

Hokuto is one of the few fighting game characters who change their default outfits totally in sequels. This is her look in SFEX2. Her new art gives us a nicer look at the shape of her feet though.

Anyway, I'm sure any foot-loving fighting gamer has been fantasizing of what silky toes and smooth toes lie under that thin layer of white cloth... how we'd love to peel off those socks and see the beauty of this martial beauty's bare feet, which doubtlessly would be worship-worthy. Of course, socked beauties are a branch of fetish all by itself, which I can dabble in but heck, I want skin. Heheh.

Evil Bloody Hokuto sneaks up on her victims silently... sock-wearing DEATH.

Too bad for us, Hokuto doesn't look like she's going to be baring her feet anytime soon, as seen in the video below- a demo video for a projected 3DS fighting game with Hokuto and the rest of the SFEX crew. Even so, I'm really hoping to see her in action again- perhaps she'll have a barefoot variant outfit? We can always hope.

Hokuto once again takes on her brother Kairi in deadly combat...

On one hand, we could of course consider that if we have a copy of Tekken 6, you can always just get Asuka (in her default P1 hakamas outfit) and have her barefoot to see what Hokuto sockless would look like. Or just recreate her in SoulCalibur IV's Character Creation mode.
But then, perhaps imagination is a nicer way. Just imagine Hokuto passed out after a long day of sparring with Kairi and fending off assassins, just allowing worshipping footfans to take her hot feet in their hands, to slip off those tabi and see the lovely smooth soles and delicate toes... what happens next is up to you. For now, enjoy the vids and join me in hoping there's more of this chop-socky babe in beat 'em ups in the near future.

Will this socked beauty's adventures continue? We hope so!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Red She-Hulk (Marvel Comics)

The bad-ass Red She-Hulk makes her debut feet-first!

Here's a hot, barefoot babe from the world of comics, for a change. I think we've all known about the Sensational She-Hulk- the more famous Incredible Hulk's hot cousin. But imagine my surprise to find out that there's actually a red variant to the hot, radioactive superheroine. Well, Red She-Hulk is the crimson, bad-ass, kickass anti-heroine version who made her debut sometime after the introduction of the Red Hulk, and was introduced in the Fall of the Hulks story arc in the comics. Who's this new Hulkette?

SPOILER WARNING she's actually the lovely Betty Ross, the longtime love of the original Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner, and the daughter of former General Thunderbolt Ross (who is also The Red Hulk). From eternal damsel in distress to now hot, red, barefoot dominatrix with a penchant for barely-there bodysuits... I think it's an amazing upgrade.

Wolverine's gets trampled under scarlet soles... lucky dude. Heheh...

Awesome fan art of this barefoot badass beauty.

Anyway, The Red She-Hulk is awesome, and so far she's continued to go barefoot which is great for us footfans. Imagine those big, beautiful red soles in your faces. Heheh. I'm hoping she stays the fierce, barefoot fury we love instead of becoming a boot-wearing brainiac like She-Hulk often is these days. If you want to see more of RSH, find issues of Fall of the Hulks: The Savage She-Hulks or issues of Red Hulk and Incredible Hulk. Maybe someday she'll get her own solo series... In know I'll be buying that!

Leave it to the great Frank Cho to draw the best Red She-Hulk art I've seen yet.

Anyway, enjoy the pics for now. Maybe I can make a Red She-Hulk CASplay video..? Hmmm...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sizzling-Hot Christie Monteiro Figure! (Tekken 6)

This gorgeous figure from Kotobukiya is an officially sanctioned Tekken product!

Here's a virtual barefoot babe you can actually hold in your hand. It's an upcoming figurine of the ravishing Capoerista, Christie Monteiro, from Kotobukiya. Designed by acclaimed Japanese illustrator and artist Shunya Yamashita, this figure is but the first of a projected series of Tekken figurines. Of course, only Christie is barefoot by default, unless they come up with a figure of Asuka in her P1 costume. Check out the pics below!

Not only does this Christie have an extra-hot costume, but wonderfully sculpted soles as well!

Not only foot fans butt those of other preferences will enjoy this figure...

As you can see from the pics, this statue is exquisitely detailed, with particularly lovely detail given to Christie's feet- you just have to love how her toes are arched, and how her soles look so soft and flawless. If I see this in stores, I'll be grabbing it at once! The figure is due out perhaps later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for it! For now though, enjoy the pics of this miniature masterpiece of a barefoot goddess.