Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barefoot Rose (Super Streetfighter IV PC) UPDATED with Videos!

Streetfighter's Lady Mystic just cast a spell on me...

Once again, SSFIV modder Sloth86 has posted another masterpiece for the PC SF gamers AND footfans like us- with none other than a barefoot, swimsuit-clad Rose. The fighting fortune-teller has truly NEVER looking this hot, and I have to say that images of her floating above me, dangling her sexy feet teasingly over my face are whirling around my head. MAN, this is awesome. I have to say, that I think there may be a game laptop in my future if this keeps up... Barefoot Streetfighter Babe Overload! Enjoy guys! Anyways, ypu can find the original size of the hot Rose montage pic above at this page, while the Swimsuit Rose mod itself can be downloaded here.

Rose's intro shows her feet first, which is just perfect for us, eh?

Perhaps a nice massage or shower of kisses on Rose's feet will cheer her up after a Game Over.

Hoping for this Barrage of Barefoot Streetfighter Babes continues onwards! Right now, I gotta go check the market for bargains on gaming PC Laptops. Later!


  1. PURE AWESOMENESS! Just one of my most sought SF girls to be see n barefoot! The big shot in the middle of the montage really is SO sexy, with such a view of her and her lovely, big feet! Would love to be a 3d modeler and add some nailpolish to make those toes even more yummy! :D

  2. Wow, another epic post Sole! I don't know if my mind can take all of this barefoot epicness at once. All I can say is that I'm glad someone out there is FINALLY catering to us foot-lovers. Gonna need a cold shower after this.

  3. What I am really appreciating now is the style and look of SSFIV's character models' feet- aside from being big (and as such, easier to see), they're so detailed it's beautiful, at least for a foot fan like me. I like that the female fighters' feet don't look dainty (although I do love soft lady feet as well), they look exressive and powerful as well as being sexy, which makes for awesome sole and toe shots above other games. Awesome!

  4. O_O So awesome...I think this is the first time I've ever seen Rose depicted barefoot. It is really awesome to see. :-D Great Post Sole Keeper. ^_^