Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hokuto (Streetfighter EX Series)

I'm sure the first thought in any foot-loving gamer's mind on seeing Hokuto was... take those socks off!

In fighting games these days, when we think of a character wearing those traditional Japanese martial arts-pants called Hakamas, we think perhaps of Tekken's Asuka Kazama. But go back a few years and you'd see that the one 3D fighting game babe who introduced those airy pantaloons into videogaming was a stoic but lovely lass by the name of Hokuto from the classic Streetfighter EX games by Arika. Actually, in terms of look Asuka and Hokuto look very similar- both have been raised since a young age in a dojo and wear the aikido-style martial arts gi with the upper garment and trademark hakamas, both have brown hair and a headband/cloth. However, while Asuka's default has her wearing nice foot-exposing instep guards, Hokuto wears white tabi, or Japanese traditional socks with a gap between the big toe and second toe. Tabi are usually worn with Geta (sandals) as the toe-gap is meant for gripping the sandals with, but Hokuto has always been seen with just the socks. I guess this post is a bit different from most of my articles in that this isn't about a barefoot babe, but a babe who's just a whisker shy of being actually barefoot.

Hokuto's Playstation-only ending. She looks kinda mannish in it, though...

I've always thought, why wear those socks at all? Why not just go barefoot? Won't those socks get dirty as she goes on the ground? Must be killer to have them washed. Perhaps the socks let Hokuto slide across some floors- probably not feasible when fighting outdoors in grass or such. Maybe I'm overthinking it kinda.

Hokuto is one of the few fighting game characters who change their default outfits totally in sequels. This is her look in SFEX2. Her new art gives us a nicer look at the shape of her feet though.

Anyway, I'm sure any foot-loving fighting gamer has been fantasizing of what silky toes and smooth toes lie under that thin layer of white cloth... how we'd love to peel off those socks and see the beauty of this martial beauty's bare feet, which doubtlessly would be worship-worthy. Of course, socked beauties are a branch of fetish all by itself, which I can dabble in but heck, I want skin. Heheh.

Evil Bloody Hokuto sneaks up on her victims silently... sock-wearing DEATH.

Too bad for us, Hokuto doesn't look like she's going to be baring her feet anytime soon, as seen in the video below- a demo video for a projected 3DS fighting game with Hokuto and the rest of the SFEX crew. Even so, I'm really hoping to see her in action again- perhaps she'll have a barefoot variant outfit? We can always hope.

Hokuto once again takes on her brother Kairi in deadly combat...

On one hand, we could of course consider that if we have a copy of Tekken 6, you can always just get Asuka (in her default P1 hakamas outfit) and have her barefoot to see what Hokuto sockless would look like. Or just recreate her in SoulCalibur IV's Character Creation mode.
But then, perhaps imagination is a nicer way. Just imagine Hokuto passed out after a long day of sparring with Kairi and fending off assassins, just allowing worshipping footfans to take her hot feet in their hands, to slip off those tabi and see the lovely smooth soles and delicate toes... what happens next is up to you. For now, enjoy the vids and join me in hoping there's more of this chop-socky babe in beat 'em ups in the near future.

Will this socked beauty's adventures continue? We hope so!


  1. Ah, Hokuto! Such a cutie, always loved her! The game was really meh for me but gave us lots of nice female charcters like Pullum and Blair. Too bad any of them showed their feet, neither in 3d models or art (the character design surely seems to portay big feet..what a wasted opportunity!) Maybe when I have time i'll try to portray these beauties barefoot, to them some justice! Thanks for the post!

  2. I agree completely, Bountydog. Streetfighter EX was such a missed opportunity. Not only were the babes hot and the character models' feet nice and big, the Game Over screen was particularly cool (my favorite game over screen of all time, actually) since the camera pans around the unconscious fighter over and over, showing great sole shots. Sadly the only bare soles in the game are from guys... gah. Back then, I guess barefoot babes were pretty non-existent (save for Ryoko in Fighter's History), so I guess I had to make do with imagining Hokuto's feet through her socks. Hahaha! Anyway, glad you enjoyed the post, man. Maybe Indeed, I can do a barefoot Hokuto photoshop thing... Hmmm.

  3. O_O This is a new character to me but she does look hot. I would love to be dominated by her feet. :-D

  4. Eh, same here Ksc! A barefoot photoshopped Hokuto? That would be awesome! I'm such a rookie with photoshop, just learing to use it even in coloring, so i just can use my limited abilities to unveil her feet!"Imagining her feet though her socks",eh? I think this kind of practice is common to every foot lover that appreciate Hokuto and all the ladies that use tabi, we should develop a sort of "X-Ray vision" to enjoy these characters to the fullest!