Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sexy Juri Mod (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)


It's a given that one of the best additions to the Streetfighter roster has been the deliciously malicious, sadistically seductive and solefully sexy Juri Han. Well, at least for us foot fans. Who better than a Taekwondo expert to capture our hearts in a leg lock or beneath a stomp with those gorgeous, lethal feet? Her dominatrix personallty and bad girl role just fans the flames of her hotness- so adoring foot fans will surely throw themselves to kiss every single one of her purple-tipped toes readily. That all said, it has to be now admitted that Capcom flubbed it a bit in terms of her design. Don't get me wrong- her default TKD villainess outfit is awesome, to say the least- it certainly focuses the hell out of those amazing feet. However, allowing this temptress to show off more skin should have thrown her hotness off the scale- well, I guess the devs didn't what to go that far. Thankfully, there's the PC version of SSFIV to thank for.

Bison tries to grab Juri during this Rival cutscene. Hey, a babe with legs this hot... can't blame him!

Cammy's rival cutscene with Juri. Cammy's sizzling, but she should take off those boots to put her over the top.

This costume should be Juri's new default, dammit...

Because of the PC version's ability to be 'modified', it was inevitable that mods and custom skins would be developed by artsy gamers- and I have to say the best mod I've yet seen is this 'pants-less' Juri mod. It really shows off Juri's legs and worshipful waist area for all to see, leaving nothing to the imagination. It just makes this villainess into a goddess, and seeing this just may make you fall to your knees in awe. Check out the vid below to see even more leggy, more kiss-worthy Juri and enjoy all the views of this videogame vixen's feet, legs and... more.

Too many too hot legs, feet and soles... need to lie down...

Man, that was awesome. I have Taekwondo villainess feet in the brain. Who can get enough of Juri's feet, toes and soles? Not me! Sadly, I'm a console gamer, so all I can do is enjoy these vids. If you have a PC, grab a copy of SSFIV, install the hot mods and enjoy. For now, savour these vids made and posted by our new comrade in Barefoot Babe vids, BestBuy999. Thanks, Amigo!

Juri's sleepy feet look good enough to eat...


  1. Awesome post as usual! Juri's legs and feet look 10x better without those irritating pants getting in the way.

  2. O_O WOW! Eh, always loved the editing that a pc version allow...She looks gorgeous, her legs really deserved such exposition! not to mention the more exposition her WHOLE body gain ;) ! Gotta love those huge feet! GREAT post, thank you very much!

  3. He really needs to make her barefoot. Then: The attire would be perfect!

  4. Nice. BTW,hers a game idea that you'll love. please comment.

  5. Hi check this out someone did a barefoot juri skin for cammy hopefully someone post a video of this chick that would be nice


  7. That 'barefoot' Juri skin looks nice- I really hope someone posts it in action soon. Perhaps BestBuy999 can do it if he finds the skin.

  8. O_O Awesome post Sole Keeper. Juri has such gorgeous muscular and powerful legs in addition to her sexy and dominating feet. :-D

  9. Well, I have a link here if anyone here can install it: