Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sizzling-Hot Christie Monteiro Figure! (Tekken 6)

This gorgeous figure from Kotobukiya is an officially sanctioned Tekken product!

Here's a virtual barefoot babe you can actually hold in your hand. It's an upcoming figurine of the ravishing Capoerista, Christie Monteiro, from Kotobukiya. Designed by acclaimed Japanese illustrator and artist Shunya Yamashita, this figure is but the first of a projected series of Tekken figurines. Of course, only Christie is barefoot by default, unless they come up with a figure of Asuka in her P1 costume. Check out the pics below!

Not only does this Christie have an extra-hot costume, but wonderfully sculpted soles as well!

Not only foot fans butt those of other preferences will enjoy this figure...

As you can see from the pics, this statue is exquisitely detailed, with particularly lovely detail given to Christie's feet- you just have to love how her toes are arched, and how her soles look so soft and flawless. If I see this in stores, I'll be grabbing it at once! The figure is due out perhaps later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for it! For now though, enjoy the pics of this miniature masterpiece of a barefoot goddess.


  1. Wow. Amazingly hot for something that was actually officially produced.

  2. Good old Shunya Yamashita...He draws pretty good feet on his ladies, would love the art on the boxset of this jewel! Really yummy-sculpted soles...Great post, as always!

  3. *Jaw Drops* Wow...I seriously need a cold shower. Awesome post Sole Keeper. :-)

  4. Thanks guys. As some may know after reading the blog for a while, I'm not a big Christie fan in Tekken... But I want this figurine. Want it bad. ^___^

  5. Wow! So detailed! Many figurine feet aren't as detailed like this.

  6. I want to see her car crushing! :D

    ;* kissable feet are the most deadly