Thursday, July 21, 2011

Marian Hawk, Bikini Edition (Dragon Age 2)

Wondering what the Legendary Heroine would look without her armor?

One thing that RPGs (particularly MMO's these days) have always one-upped other genres in is with Character Customization. The ability to strip down your sexy warrior babe or seductive wizardess down to their lingerie and bare feet was something I've enjoyed doing since the days of the PS2, with titles such as Champions of Norrath. Good times! Well, this little pleasure can also be guiltily partaken in the latest RPG hit on consoles and PC, Dragon Age 2. Here, you can make your central character in the adventure a fetching and attractive lass named Marian (her default name) whose destiny throws her from being a refugee in a hostile land to a legendary figure whose decisions may affect the entire land.

That aside, you as the player can also decide to have Marian shed her armor and leather garments, throw off her boots and just run off into battle dressed like a Sword and Sorcery swimsuit model. Well, that's what I've done in the vid below. The graphics and character model for Marian are nicely detailed, with a slim but pleasurably curvy bod that you wouldn't grow bored looking at for hours on end. You can as well zoom in with the camera, but this kinda impedes gameplay- just as fighting demons and Darkspawn half-naked does. So well, I only did this vid for a little bit (eleven minutes or so), and from there on have been forced to at least dress up more sensibly (but I still want to go barefoot at least). I've heard that there's a shop that sells the sexy half-barefoot instep guards worn by Dragon Age 2's elves for Marian, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

Let Darkspawn tremble at Marian Hawk's soft-soled approach...

In any case, at least the vid gives you a nice, rarely seen image of the heroine- not the legendary figure but the woman- beautiful, smooth soles and lovely toes and all- whom we can admire as well as appreciate. I'll finish this quest eventually and plant Marian's sexy feet on a pedestal in due time. Later then!


  1. Eh, I remeber the sessions at champions of Norrath or probaly more Baldur's Gate, with swimsuit-clad barefoot heroines running here and there throwing arrows, spells and sexyness. Very cool mod, plus Marian look really stunning. A free-camera mode that let us zoom on her feet would be really awesome due the very detailed models! Looking forward to the post that will cover Marion with the Elven instep guards! thanks for the post!

  2. Wow...awesome Sole Keeper. It's really cool to see such a hot fantasy babe has such a jaw dropping alternate outfit. :-D