Sunday, July 31, 2011

Barefoot Sakura (Super Streetfighter IV PC) UPDATED with Videos!

At long last- Sakura, barefoot in a GI!

It's August but the flood of barefoot Streetfighter babes started in late, late July hasn't stopped yet! Sloth86 has just posted his latest shoeless mod masterpiece, and it's a cute one that I'm sure all foot fans would agree has been LONG overdue. It's Sakura in a gi! Yep, Ryu-type tattered martial arts uniform and bare feet- something that us footers would have wanted for the Shotokan schoolgirl from Day One. Well, it's here and it's actually quite nice, even if it's not as sexy as the previous mods. Imagine the cool fights you could have between Sakura and Makoto! Funny to note that Sakura's feet are quite petite and cute compared to other girls. Heheh. Anyways, get the above montage pic in full size over here, while the actual mod can be downloaded here. For now, check out the vids with Barefoot Sakura in action from TheFutureCesar2011. Her feet may not be as big as Makoto's, but they certainly should hit as hard as they look hot!

I never realized that Sakura's Ultra can give one of the most awesome sole shots ever...

Sakura's winpose...

El Fuerte's Ultra gives the best sole shots!

Cody's Ultra gives more nice sole shots.

Sakura needs some pampering after a hard day- give those petite feet kisses and massages to cheer her up!


  1. It's about time Sakura finally decided to take after her idol and ditch those those annoying sneakers. She looks really nice that gi too, it suits her very well and I am overjoyed that she is finally completely barefoot like I have wished for after such a long time. I hope to see video of this lovely mod soon.

  2. Oh yeah, I LOVE the new header too, keep up the good work, Sole.

  3. Only Chun Li and Viper left.
    I wonder how Viper could be done, flame kicks and hovering feet would be even weirder.
    Chu Li in Alpha Costume?Ecstasy

  4. Stephan: Thanks, man! I DO love making my headers. ^_^

    John: I'm hoping for someone to make a Chun-Li's ripped nightshirt and bra-and-panties look from the SF2 Animated Movie... Heheh.

  5. I would love to make Videos with her, but the game crashes, as soon as I try to use her.

    Maybe there is a problem with the files! I don´t know!

  6. Apparently there is indeed a problem with the Sakura skin- we'll just have to wait till Sloth86 posts a revised mod with a fix.

  7. A dream come true! As you said, such an outfit was wanted from the start. it's indeed not revealing or "cute" but she REALLY look the disciple of Ryu now. Well, her feet are really cute and petite, we'll see how she will end up after a hard regime of training! Very nice! I second your idea for a "Chun-Li Animated Movie Version" SoleKeeper! Maybe we could start a petition for the modders! :D Just kidding, thank you very much for the post!

  8. Wow...seeing that cute tomboy barefoot is massively hot!! Sakura rules. Love the new header as well. Awesome to see Cammy's Soles when I first enter the site. :-D

  9. I've updated this post with videos of Barefoot Sakura action from Cesar, so check 'em out!

  10. Now i hope for full barefoot juri skin