Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fighting Feet (February Poll Results)

It's a new month, and our February Poll starring the girls of Super Streetfighter IV is done! SSFIV has not one, not two but THREE barefoot hotties to please us foot fans. In third place with 24 percent of the votes is Makoto the Karate Kid! As the one babe in the game who is truly barefoot, she has a special place in my heart, and so was the one I gave my vote to. She also fulfills my preference for martial arts babes in gis, which is a special interest all its own. However, I do recognize that Makoto's tomboyish looks along with her big. tough-looking fighter's feet may not be for everyone's tastes, so it's not a surprise she came in third. Still, she's my firm favorite in the game and I can't wait to kick ass with her formidable soles!

This pic just encapsulates what I love about Makoto and her big, beautiful karate feet. Kudos to Capcom's devs for giving her soles and toes such detail and expression in every kick!

Ibuki the mega-popular ninja cutie comes in second with 34 percent of the votes. She was my fave before in SF3, the lovable kunoichi who's covered up everywhere save her best and sexiest parts- her titillating soles and toes, of course- making her an easy foot fan's favorite. Though her feet are surely toughened by training as a ninja's would be, I'd like to think they're still pretty and feminine, since you can probably consider her a bit of a ninja princess. Her many acrobatic techniques in the game nicely show off her agile toes and soles in a variety of sexy angles and movements which are sure to be a treat to watch in action.

The fastest, cutest and deadliest feet in the game? Ibuki's so quick you'll have to be quicker to find views of her ninja toes and soles... but they're sure to be worth it.

Finally, the winner of the poll with fully 40 percent of the votes, is newcomer Juri Han! The central character of SSFIV, though clearly not the protagonist, Juri is sure to make a mark in the SF mythos- and that mark is a big, bare footprint. Juri's TKD style means that most of the time she's throwing her sexy feet at her opponents' faces, and nicely enough Capcom has animated her talented toes and soles with great detail, something you can see in her many sexy kicks and attacks. This super-powered femme fatale's feet are surely tantalizingly beautiful as well as deadly- no doubt flawlessly maintained by S.I.N's evil technology to appear smooth, soft and kissable from heel to instep to toes... all the better to distract and tempt her victims even as she crushes them beneath her heels. And of course, that eye-catching purple nail polish... irresistible. Exotic good looks and bad girl appeal...It's no wonder that Juri won the poll far and away.

Beauty, bad girl sex appeal and purple toenails... the leggy Juri is poised to take over as SF's new barefoot dominatrix!

That said, all of the barefoot babes of SSFIV are awesome, and the best thing is we can all enjoy each one as we wish in just a couple of months. For now, let's hope for more videos and pics of these girls in action and dream of martial arts feet aplenty in April.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Forget VF5R: Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is Coming!

As anyone who reads my blog should know, Virtua Fighter 5R is one of my most-wanted fighting games. Not only because it's easily one of the best fighting games out there, it's also got a bevy of babes who can be customized to show off their sexy, lovingly-rendered bare feet for footfans' enjoyment. Gamers have been waiting patiently for a console port of this game, which has so far only been released in Japanese arcades. So far a petition to get Sega to make that port a reality is in motion. But sadly, it's too late. I don't want VF5R any more.

I. Want. THIS.

It's called Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, the latest upgrade to VF5 that's just been announced in the recent AOU Show in Japan. The trailer shows off what appear to be new moves and animations for the characters, as well as some saucy new outfits...

Now, in case you missed it 'cause it went pretty fast... here are some stills of a couple of the new outfits...

Now, that's hot.

If there's anything hotter than a barefoot babe... it's a barefoot babe in a BIKINI. This is actually a pretty big step, as the last time a babe from a mainstream fighting game was barefoot and bikini-clad in combat, the title was usually a Dead or Alive game from Tecmo (Dead or Alive on PSX and DOA Ultimate on Xbox) or a customized character from Namco's Soul Calibur. That Sega has finally seen fit to bring this sexy bit of fan service to their beat 'em up is a pretty big step (and maybe shows that they wanna sell their game more than ever). Now, certainly THIS has to come to consoles. I'm pretty sure that for a game this hot, even Japanese gamers who can see this their arcades will want to have a version to play in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.... heheh. Anyway, hopefully as well this will set a precedent and perhaps we'll see the Tekken babes in bikinis as well? Something to hope for in the future then. But for now, everyone cross their fingers that we see VF5FS on our PS3s or Xbox360s soon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Makoto and Ibuki Gameplay Videos (Super Streetfighter IV)

If you thought yesterday's update was awesome...

Ibuki and Don, ready for battle!

Ibuki looks lovelier than ever in 3D.

FINALLY, we got the barefoot babes of Streetfighter III in 3D form! What can I say? The devs have scored and batted it out of the park! In my opinion, both Ibuki and Makoto made the transition from 2-D sprites to 3D models perfectly. Ibuki's cool costume, her pixie-like cuteness and her flowing hair are irresistible. On her end, Makoto's spunky tomboyish appeal is perfectly captured. Of course, the best part is- their feet are big and beautifully detailed and animated... and thanks to the dynamic camera we can be sure to have TONS of wonderful view of their hot, kick-ass soles and toes throughout the matches. AWESOME!!!

The SF3 Fighters make their long-awaited debut!

For those not liking the english voices, here's the Japanese version of the new trailer!

I am so overjoyed at Makoto in particular, who looks to be my fave in the game. Yeah, Juri and Ibuki are awesome as well and undeniably hot, but Makoto is the one babe in the game who is truly barefoot without any instep guards or bandages like the other girls, and that just sets her apart so as the best. Also, I noted that YES, Makoto finally now has a knockdown pose where she's facing UP, unlike in the 2D Third Strike. I just hope that in the final game they change how she has one arm kinda covering her face. It's just a little nitpick though... I'm happy regardless.

Makoto's ready to choke the competition into submission.

Makoto's rival is Feilong... lucky dude.

Barefoot babes Ibuki and Makoto finally clash in 3D!

Ibuki shows her new rival Sakura her Ultra...

Makoto's Ultra is particularly brutal... and awesome.

Super Streetfighter IV is out on April 28 for PS3 and Xbox360. For now, enjoy the vids and dream of martial arts girls' feet flying at your faces.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Barefoot Babe Reunion: Ibuki and Makoto CONFIRMED in SSFIV!

Makoto and Ibuki in 3D, FINALLY!

Let footfans rejoice! Super Streetfighter IV is now officially the successor to the awesome Streetfighter III: Third Strike as the foot-fan favorite in the SF franchise. The latest issue of Famitsu has finally confirmed the inclusion of barefoot ninja babe Ibuki and barefoot karateka Makoto in SSFIV. These two join Taekwondo mistress Juri in the latest game in the long-running Capcom fighter franchise.

This is damn awesome. Juri had already sold this game to me, but the inclusion of Ibuki and Makoto have pushed SSFIV to MUST HAVE levels for us barefoot fans. I'm particularly happy with Makoto's inclusion as, unlike Juri and Ibuki, she's totally barefoot without any instep guards or bandages in the way of her sexy-deadly soles. So far it looks like both of them look exactly like they did in SF3, only now in 3D. I also see lots of their attacks are back, but I hope they've been updated properly for the game now. Particularly I hope that they changed how Makoto ALWAYS falls face-down when she's knocked out or knocked down. Regardless though, I am just ecstatic right now. Fans of BIG bare feet should LOVE these two. Heheh...

I can't wait for more videos and trailers to come!!! This is awesome!!! More on this as I get stuff.
On a sidenote, sad to say I've seen a pic of Juri's alternate outfit, and she's wearing shoes in it. Hopefully she is barefoot in her other alternate.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Makoto (Streetfighter, UDON Comics)

The alternate cover art for SF2 Turbo 11, starring everyone's favorite karate girl.

Here's a nice quickie, once again from Capcom's Streetfighter series. While the first issue of Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki is still a few weeks away, right now you can go into your favorite comic store for some barefoot videogame babe action on the printed page. In the just-released Streetfighter II Turbo 11 is a 4-page Streetfighter III back-up story starring none other than the hot-headed karate hottie, Makoto. As with the previous SF3 back-up stories, it's painfully short at just 4 pages, but at least the art is nicely done with clean lines, nice facial expressions and vibrant colors. There aren't as many views of Makoto's pretty bare feet as I'd like, but what is there is well done and worth seeing. Check out two pages of the story below!

If you love Makoto as much as I do or wanna see the whole story, pick up a copy of the issue at your favorite comic store... I mean, how many comics are there that feature the karate hottie anyway? Go get it! Anyway, It's all just a preview for more barefoot videogame babe comic love next month in any case. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we see the lovely Makoto in action in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV as well. Later then!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Juri vs Chun-Li Trailer!

Here's the latest trailer for Super Streetfighter IV, and it once again features new barefoot femme fatale Juri Han as she faces off against veteran heroines Chun-Li and Cammy. Easily, this is the HOTTEST trailer so far released for SSFIV. The whole spot is not in-game stuff but a stylishly-animated fight scene, and it's pretty awesome. Aside from the slick and pretty high-kicking action, us foot fans will surely be pleased by the TONS of closeups of Juri's sexy feet, from pretty much every angle possible. In fact, very near the end is probably the closest you can get to Juri's kissable toes- it's as if she's pressing them right on your face! So enjoy this video- it's like it was made just for footfans' tastes!

Sexy action with feet flying everywhere!

There should be more SSFIV news next week, and hopefully we'll see character reveals as well- crossing fingers that we finally have Ibuki and Makoto confirmed. SSFIV is shaping up to be the 3D equivalent of Third Strike as the best barefoot babe game in the SF series. For now though, keep dreaming of Juri's sexy feet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki Artworks!

It's still a bit till us barefoot fans get our SF3 love. Capcom still hasn't let the cat out of the bag about the last few fighters for Super Streetfighter IV, even if the supposed inclusion of Ibuki and Makoto is probably (and hopefully) the worst-kept secret in gaming all year. Anyway, the game hits at the end of April. However, we do get a bit of an early fix as our favorite barefoot ninja babe (and favorite barefoot karate babe) make their comic debut in March, with the release of Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki issue 1 care of UDON Comics.

But of course I've already posted about that, so the main goodies at this point are looks at some newly-found art from this sure-to-be-awesome comic.
The first is a special Convention Cover for Issue 1 made by the series' main artist Omar Dogan.This issue will mostly be available for sale only at conventions and events UDON will be attending to promote the comic. It's a gorgeous piece of art of course, with the lovely Ibuki and her friends spending a day at the beach in sexy swimsuits. Too bad there isn't really a good view of their feet, but at least Ibuki herself gives us a big (if incomplete) closeup of her toes. Man, couldn't he have laid it out so that her whole foot was seen? That would have been awesome. Oh well...

Ninja Girl and friends at the beach, by artist Omar Dogan.

Next up are looks at the covers for Issue 2. The first is a Streetfighter III reunion with Ibuki, Makoto and Elena the Capoeira Princess. Again, too bad Mr. Dogan doesn't draw the girls' feet in full, but at least we do get a nice top view of Makoto's foot, which is quite nicely drawn.

The SF3 Girls Reunite! Cover for Issue 2, by Omar Dogan.

Finally we get an alternate Issue 2 cover from guest cover artist Judy Jong. It features a cute Ibuki just hanging around with her pet tanukis and, by the way, showing off a nice view of her big, beautiful bare foot. I'm sure any foot fan would love to be in the place of any of those tanuki and have the chance to nibble or lick Ibuki's cute toes or soles. I known I would. Heheh...

Ibuki and her Woodland Friends, Alternate Issue 2 Cover by Judy Jong.

Anyway that's that. I'm still hoping for Capcom to announce the SF3 girls in SSFIV soon. And of course, this awesome barefoot babe comic. Can't wait! For now though, enjoy the art guys!