Friday, February 12, 2010

Juri vs Chun-Li Trailer!

Here's the latest trailer for Super Streetfighter IV, and it once again features new barefoot femme fatale Juri Han as she faces off against veteran heroines Chun-Li and Cammy. Easily, this is the HOTTEST trailer so far released for SSFIV. The whole spot is not in-game stuff but a stylishly-animated fight scene, and it's pretty awesome. Aside from the slick and pretty high-kicking action, us foot fans will surely be pleased by the TONS of closeups of Juri's sexy feet, from pretty much every angle possible. In fact, very near the end is probably the closest you can get to Juri's kissable toes- it's as if she's pressing them right on your face! So enjoy this video- it's like it was made just for footfans' tastes!

Sexy action with feet flying everywhere!

There should be more SSFIV news next week, and hopefully we'll see character reveals as well- crossing fingers that we finally have Ibuki and Makoto confirmed. SSFIV is shaping up to be the 3D equivalent of Third Strike as the best barefoot babe game in the SF series. For now though, keep dreaming of Juri's sexy feet.


  1. Very awesome trailer! :) Juri is so sexy and powerful.

    Dream match: Barefoot Chun Li from the Animated Movie vs. Juri (with less clothing would be nice...)

  2. I absolutely LOVED this trailer, it only made me love Juri's sexy toes all the more. I found an image of Juri's alternate, I REALLY hope she'll be barefoot in this,because the picture doesn't show her fantastic toes.

  3. Wow that was freaking aweomse. =D

    Sure hope that alternate has our Juri going barefoot. :O

  4. O_O That was so awesome!!! SSFIV looks like its going to be a really great game.

    Also really love the new Banner. Lucky Chun Li. ^_^

  5. Hahaha! I knew you guys would love the trailer. It certainly is the most awesome yet of the SSFIV spots, primarily due to how Juri (and her sexy feet) are so much the focus here. You can probably do a whole gallery of screencaps of the good footshots in the trailer, there are so many!

    Anyway, I particularly love how the spot doesn't portray Juri as being invincible- she's got power but she's working hard to keep Chun-li and Cammy at leg's length. She's an awesome character, and I hope her story lasts long into many more Streetfighter sequels to come.

    Oh, and thanks for noticing the new banner, KSC! Heheh.