Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki Artworks!

It's still a bit till us barefoot fans get our SF3 love. Capcom still hasn't let the cat out of the bag about the last few fighters for Super Streetfighter IV, even if the supposed inclusion of Ibuki and Makoto is probably (and hopefully) the worst-kept secret in gaming all year. Anyway, the game hits at the end of April. However, we do get a bit of an early fix as our favorite barefoot ninja babe (and favorite barefoot karate babe) make their comic debut in March, with the release of Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki issue 1 care of UDON Comics.

But of course I've already posted about that, so the main goodies at this point are looks at some newly-found art from this sure-to-be-awesome comic.
The first is a special Convention Cover for Issue 1 made by the series' main artist Omar Dogan.This issue will mostly be available for sale only at conventions and events UDON will be attending to promote the comic. It's a gorgeous piece of art of course, with the lovely Ibuki and her friends spending a day at the beach in sexy swimsuits. Too bad there isn't really a good view of their feet, but at least Ibuki herself gives us a big (if incomplete) closeup of her toes. Man, couldn't he have laid it out so that her whole foot was seen? That would have been awesome. Oh well...

Ninja Girl and friends at the beach, by artist Omar Dogan.

Next up are looks at the covers for Issue 2. The first is a Streetfighter III reunion with Ibuki, Makoto and Elena the Capoeira Princess. Again, too bad Mr. Dogan doesn't draw the girls' feet in full, but at least we do get a nice top view of Makoto's foot, which is quite nicely drawn.

The SF3 Girls Reunite! Cover for Issue 2, by Omar Dogan.

Finally we get an alternate Issue 2 cover from guest cover artist Judy Jong. It features a cute Ibuki just hanging around with her pet tanukis and, by the way, showing off a nice view of her big, beautiful bare foot. I'm sure any foot fan would love to be in the place of any of those tanuki and have the chance to nibble or lick Ibuki's cute toes or soles. I known I would. Heheh...

Ibuki and her Woodland Friends, Alternate Issue 2 Cover by Judy Jong.

Anyway that's that. I'm still hoping for Capcom to announce the SF3 girls in SSFIV soon. And of course, this awesome barefoot babe comic. Can't wait! For now though, enjoy the art guys!


  1. Well, I for one know I will be. I'm really hoping Ibuki and Makoto make it into SSF4. I'd love nothing more than to see my all time favorite barefoot babes duke it out amongst one another.

  2. Wow awesome pictures Solekeeper. The first picture in particular had my mouth wondering. :-D Hopefully the comic book series will have a lot of foot scenes.^_^

    Also really like the new color scheme of your blog. Juri inspired?

  3. Hey guys. Glad you liked the update as we wait for this comic to arrive. KSC, I as well have high hopes for it, though I am wary that Omar Dogan (who's doing the pages) wasn't very good at drawing feet in the past. I hope he rectified this and does not shy away from drawing good foot scenes. Being barefoot is integral to both Ibuki and Makoto, the comic's main heroines, after all. Anyway, we can only hope. I think the comic will be fine anyway. ^_^

  4. Oh, and as for the blog's new purple look- yep, it's definitely Juri-inspired. ^_^

  5. Its pretty good, I really like those pictures. I mostly like the fact that Makoto is in them, but all three girls (Elena, Makoto and Ibuki) are awesome. nude feet are the best. XD
    Kudos on getting awesome pictures!

    - M.

  6. Here's a pic I found of most of the new alts including Juri's, but it doesn't show her feet.

  7. Ibuki is by far my favorite characters from Third Strike. I'll certainly be posting every bit of Ibuki artwork that is released on X-ism