Friday, January 29, 2010

Madison Page Famitsu Gameplay Video (Heavy Rain)

For all of us here who were dazzled by the hot but decidedly low-quality cam vid of Heavy Rain's sexy protagonist, Madison Page fighting off masked assailants in her apartment while barefoot and in her underwear, here's an awesome treat. It's a direct-line video of the Madison apartment sequence, running for a lengthy 7+ minutes and including a lot of sexy voyeuristic gameplay leading to the tense action scene. That pretty much means more barefoot and underwear-clad Madison than we've ever seen ever all these months. Best-rendered videogame feet ever? Most definitely. Strangely even if we see her nicely-animated and rendered soles and toes so clearly now, what I particularly love is the sound of her feet as she walks- her soles sound so soft and smooth. Heh.

The only wrinkle is that, well, it's all in Japanese, since the vid is care of Japan's Famitsu. Man, you can just imagine how hot barefoot Madison will be in full HD, on your LCD TVs. Hotness only the PS3 can give, heheh.

The game is out in late February. Looks like a definite buy for me. Madison is one awesome barefoot videogame babe. For now though, enjoy the video!


  1. OH MY GOD!!! Her lovely feet is truly amazing, gorgeous, hot, perfect !!!
    For me, is the BEST rendered feet ever made in a videogame without doubt!
    This is the new benchmark in quality of the feet in videogames, in real-time graphics from now!
    Congratulations Quantic Dreams!

  2. I am going to LOVE this game, her feet just look so tasty to me. I'll definitely be on the lookout when this game drops next month.

  3. Wow...this clip was really great. Thanks very much for it Sole Keeper. I think this pretty much settles it. I'm preordering this game now. ^_^