Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Juri Anime!

WOW! Super Streetfighter IV isn't even out yet, but already Taekwondo Mistress Juri Han is already slated to come out in resin statuette form care of Sota Toys, and now, she's also set to make an anime debut courtesy of world-renowned animation studio, GONZO! The kick-fighting vixen is the central character in an upcoming anime feature that has been exclusively made for release along with the Xbox360 version of Super Streetfighter IV. Here's the hot, action-packed trailer full of wickedly sexy barefoot dominatrix action.

Juri should be getting a LOT of screen time, as she takes on Chun-li, Guile and Cammy in various fights- so she's sure to show off a lot of her sexy, deadly feet. But as formidable and seemingly invincible Juri appears to be though, she's sure to get taken down eventually (surely anyone who sends Chun-li to the hospital is ultimately destined for righteous comeuppance). But I'm sure this is just the beginning for a long career of sexy barefoot butt-kicking for this killer Korean. The anime will debut along with the game in late April. For now, enjoy the trailer and dream of long, lethal, purple-tipped toes...

UPDATE: Here's the anime trailer with English dubbing, so you can all finally find out what the heck's everyone's saying. Heheh. The voice acting is fine- Juri's voice is pretty sexy- perhaps a bit too sexy. But what the heck. If you've got XboxLive, you can download the English SSFIV anime trailer free. For now though, enjoy!


  1. Unbelievably awesome!!! An anime with Cammy, Chun Li, and Juri is bound to be super cool. Plus the nice thing about including Juri is that we are guaranteed barefoot scenes from at least one of them. Here's hoping that she has a nice Pov sole shot.

    Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. No prob, KSC! The SSFIV Juri OAV is surely something foot fans MUST see and await. Man, I wish the anime is available online or something even before the game release.. I'm gonna have this on my phone for anytime, anywhere viewing. Hahaha!

  3. Wow that was freaking awesome. :O

  4. Fantastic video, i hope in the movie version the real actress would be able to make the same, her should be MA expert as Chloe Bruce and looks like the anime character. Anyone has suggestion?