Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Best Barefoot Babe Videogames of 2009

My first (and last) poll of 2009 showed off some nice results on what videogames readers saw as the best title for barefoot babes.

Tekken 6 at first place got 42% of the votes, and was a pretty no-brainer winner. For starters, it was the newest game in the poll (even if the console versions were based on an arcade game that had been out for at least a year and a half) and consequently had the best graphics and animation, as well as a host of barefoot-able hotties (by customization) who could kick ass and looked amazingly luscious while at it. The quality of the graphics in Tekken 6 easily make Asuka's and company's bare feet the most kissable and sexy in-game bare toes and soles yet seen in a game. Detailed toes and toenails, fleshy soles, arches, sexy calves and ankles... the works! Surely Tekken 6 will be a permanent fixture on my PS3 (or Xbox360s for other gamers) from now on. Here's looking to the future, and perhaps Tekken 7..?

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 came in at second place with 11% of the votes. This sexy vacation game on Xbox360 surely wasn't lacking in hot, bikini-clad babes, given that it gave us the whole female cast of DOA. TONS of sexy cutscenes or gravure cinemas, a vast selection of scandalous swimsuits and a slew of hot babes made up for the game's flaws- the need to grind for hours in an often frustrating game of relationships and gifting to open up all the girls to the sexiest swimsuits and scenes and the relatively less-advanced quality of the girls' character models and feet compared to more recent games. Still, where else can you get barefoot, bikini-clad kick-ass supermodels to dance for your pleasure? I'm looking forward to the portable version of this series in a few months.

Streetfighter III Third Strike comes in at third place with 10% of the votes. Most surely the one streetfighter game that favors foot fans thanks to the inclusion of not one but three barefoot cuties in the roster- adorable ninja Ibuki, karate tomboy Makoto and leggy Capoeira princess Elena. Thankfully this title is readily found for the PS2 or Dreamcast- hopefully a version will eventually be available for download on PS3 or Xboxlive. Fingers crossed, we'll be seeing both Ibuki and Makoto in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV.

Sharing fourth place at 9% of the votes each are Soulcalibur IV and Tomb Raider Underworld. Namco's latest blades-and-babes game is nothing short of awesome, with a huge selection of sexy femme fatales to undress down to their skimpy underwear. But as gorgeous as the game is overall, the quality of the girls' in-game feet pale in comparison to those in Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5R. That little nitpick aside though this is still easily the best game for awesomely hot barefoot babes other than Tekken 6 you can get on a console, with endless hours of intense fighting action. Meanwhile, Lara Croft's latest adventure sees the classic heroine at her sexiest, with her latest character model having quite lovely and kissably detailed feet that you can ogle for hours as she runs around caverns and ruins, getting more grimy (and sexy) as she goes. The Xbox360 version is the one to get, since it has DLC for sexier swimsuits available, as well as further adventures for the barefoot adventuress to pad through.

Bringing up the rear is Virtua Fighter 5R, which with only 6% of votes comes in at last place, losing to 'Other' games (which got 8%). Sadly, while VF5R certainly has a hot bevy of babes who can now be customized to show off their perfectly delicious toes and soles for players' enjoyment, the game is only available in Japanese arcades. No one outside of Sega of Japan knows if we'll ever see a home port. Even worse, stuff like the sexy character intros most probably won't make it to consoles. Still, for the possibility of having barefoot Pai, Sarah, Aoi, Eileen and Vanessa on our TV screens, we'll keep waiting, even if it's for VF6.

I'll surely try to post more about the various games and babes from this poll in future posts, and surely feature the girls of Dead or Alive (which I amazingly neglected to post about last year). This first poll was quite fun so expect more polls to come every month. Later then!


  1. I enjoyed the poll, I voted for Tekken 6, I for one just can't get enough of those delicious toes and soles on my favorite Tekken babes. In fact, I uploaded a few of my personal screen-shots to Photobucket, While they aren't quite as good as yours Sole, I figured I'd share them with you and your fellow readers. http://s912.photobucket.com/albums/ac322/Hajiki/Tekken%206%20Sole%20Shots/

  2. I really liked this poll a lot too. There are a lot of cool games with bare feet available. ^_^