Monday, January 11, 2010

Madison Page Apartment Attack (Heavy Rain)

One of the hot upcoming games I'm eagerly anticipating is the Interactive SkineMax movie, Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3. To be honest though- mature storyline and intriguing new gameplay elements aside, the reason why I'm so pumped for this game is the prospect of seeing virtual hottie Madison Page show off a lot of CG skin. And of course, while most are awaiting her go topless, us foot fans are of course waiting to see her bare her sexy feet. In one particularly sexy action scene, Madison is attacked by several masked assailants right in her apartment- all while she's just in her underwear and, of course, bare feet. So far this scene has only been seen in bits and fragments... until now.

Running for more than a minute, the clip shows off quite a bit of the frantic action and the awesome detail on Madison's character model- with what appears to be the most detailed and realistic in-game bare feet yet in a videogame. Nicely, we're given some AWESOME sole shots (and more) as she scrambles about and tussles with her attackers. Despite being a cam-shot vid, the gorgeousness of this game is quite plain to see... I can't wait to see this sequence in it's entirety in HD, on my own TV.

Of course, there's still many uncertainties. How interactive IS the game? Will this sequence be the only time Madison shows off her perfect peds, or will there be other times where she goes shoeless? Will it be worth getting the full game or just waiting for posted vids online? Well, so far I think I may invest in this game- just the quality of Miss Page's virtual feet is worth the price of admission... everything else is gravy. Heheh. For now though, enjoy this small taste.

I have to say thought that as sexy as the action was, I wish they didn't have to give Madison that bloody lip at the end- bruises on babes just doesn't do it for me. Anyway, foot fans should surely want to defend this courageous hottie and give her pampering, not punches, particularly for her succulently sexy toes and soles. The game's out this coming February.


  1. Wow...I'm really looking forward to this game too Sole Keeper. I think each clip they release of the Madison Page bedroom assault scene just seems to have more and more foot content. This time her soles got a chance to press up against the camera. ^_^ The attacker lucked out in this clip as well getting kicked several times in the face by her. Have to agree with you about her cut lip. I guess I wouldn't make a very good attacker since I couldn't bring myself to harm such a beauty. ^_^;

    Anyway, really great post. :-)

  2. OMG, the best modeling feet ever seen in a videogame...

  3. I love how her toes actually bend! O_O

  4. Yeah, as digital feet go, Madison's seem to be the most realistically-modelled yet for in-game graphics. Though I have to say it's a bit of a cheat still- the sequences aren't totally interactive and can be kinda considered pre-rendered CG, so they can allow for more detail. I guess when they motion-captured the actress for Madison, she was actually barefoot or they went and got the bend for her toes as well. Anyway, I hope this bodes well for even more accurate, realistic and sexy feet in future games. ^_^

  5. I'm really looking forward to it as well, though the cover art could've been better. Here's a link to some screens I took in Tekken 6.