Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking forward to Another Soleful Year...

Man, time moves fast. It's a New Year, and first and foremost I'd like to thank my friends and followers here on the blog for making my first year of footblogging quite a fun experience.

It's been a wonderful year thanks to the arrival of Tekken 6, which is far and away the best game to get for the hottest barefoot babes in gaming. That said, there are quite a lot of games and included babes which I incredibly wasn't able to cover in 2009, so that's a lot to look forward to in the weeks and months to come. We've got several titles to look forward to in 2010...

Super Streetfighter IV. Capcom's 3D fighting sequel is due out in Spring, perhaps in April. With barefoot bombshell Juri already in, this is, at this point, a must-get already. But this hot title is set to get even hotter with the inclusion of even more barefoot babes in the form of Streetfighter 3's Ibuki and Makoto. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on this one.

Heavy Rain. Just recently posted about, this sexy thriller has mature elements off the bat- including nudity which thankfully includes bare feet care of hot virtual reporter Madison Page.

Dead or Alive Paradise. 2009 was disappointing in terms of barefoot babe games for the PSP, but Tecmo's port of their DOAX titles to the portable may rectify this. Bikinis, babes and bare feet, in your pocket all the time. Awesome.

Virtua Fighter 5R. No, there hasn't been any confirmation or word yet of any console release, but I'm including this as a continued hope that Sega gets off their asses and give us this hot fighter, complete with barefoot female fighters aplenty, to the home. Crossing fingers then.

For my New Year's resolution I guess I will try to post more and better, and more consistently. More vids, more babes and more games as I can find them. 2010 should be another great time for our never-ending hunt for shoeless muses to enjoy. Once more, thanks to everyone for following Virtual Soles, and here's to months more of polygon ped pampering!


  1. 2010 looks like it's going to be a great year for bare soles. ^_^

    Happy New Year Sole Keeper!!

  2. Yep, things are looking great, KSC! Happy New Year, dude! ^___^