Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tati (Rise of the Kasai)

The deadlysexy Tati, barefoot assassin babe extraordinaire.

Sexy female assassins are great. Sexy barefoot female assassins are to die for. Well, that's certainly on offer here, with the lethalicious Tati from the stealth-action hack-and-slash PS2 game Rise of the Kasai. The sequel to The Mark of Kri, this title was known for it's designs based on Polynesian Tribes, Disney-esque art style and animations, and some exceptionally wicked action and violence. Literally, Kasai was Disney meets Conan. A strange but awesome mix, indeed! In the original Mark of Kri, Tati made an appearance as the bratty little 10-year old sister to main hero Rau. In Rise of the Kasai however, she has blossomed into a smolderingly hot, 20-year old emo warrior babe with a dark chip on her sexy shoulders.

As you can see above in her full-body portrait, Tati is both lovely and fierce, scantily-clad and barefoot so as to better to infiltrate enemy strongholds and assassinate every sentry in sight. Not a goody two-shoes by any stretch, Tati was described as being a bit sadistic, relishing her kills, in contrast to her more honorable and disciplined older brother. Heck, she was supposed to be a bit of a slut who slept around a lot. But perhaps this destructive and nasty streak in Tati was caused primarily by her being cursed with tattoos of dark magic. While these Marks gave Tati powers like the ability to become invisible or see through the eyes of the dead; in return, they continually tried to corrupt her and tempted her to turn completely to the dark side.

Well, surely the true heroine in Tati would ultimately prevail, though I dare say that even without her inner darkness Tati would still be one kick-ass barefoot assassin babe any foot fan would readily surrender to. Imagine her silently slipping into your chamber, quietly moving on the tips of her long, perfect toes, then standing over you, her foot triumphantly on your chest. Surely, we'd readily give this hottie kisses on each of her toes and massages on her smooth soles. Then maybe she'd spare our lives and perhaps allow us to serve as her humble footservants.

For a PS2 game, Tati's in-game model sports some nice detail and some incredibly smooth animations.

Several unlockable outfits are available for Tati, including an extra-sexy 'Evil' outfit...

That's gotta hurt... Tati's surely got a mean streak.

Here's a cool cutscene from the game and a nice intro for our barefooted heroine...

Here's a video showing off Tati's stealthy and sexy animations as she infiltrates an enemy citadel, her barefooted silence claiming foolish sentries aplenty. Man, this babe doesn't hold back at all, doesn't she?

Gladly, the game isn't all about stealth- there are unlockable arenas where you can just take Tati (with Rau) and just let loose your killing skills on waves of brutish foes. Check out this sexy action and ryona clip in the arena, with Tati both dishing out punishment and taking some sexy KOs as well.

And just as you thought Tati couldn't get any sexier, one of her unlockable outfits is even skimpier than her regular, already-sexy look. Her 'Evil' costume is little more than a mask, thong bikini (what a nice view from the back!) and body tattoos! Check out the following Arena action and ryona vid for Tati in sexy action in her darker, sexier look.

This incomparable beauty is one of my all-time favorite barefoot gamebabes, and just for her it's well worth chasing down a copy of Rise of the Kasai if you can find it. For now though, enjoy the videos and art, and let Tati's perfect, silent bare feet dance and creep up in your thoughts and dreams.

Death never looked this hot.


  1. Wow...such a sexy assassin. Great Character ^_^ Awesome post Sole Keeper!!

  2. WOW freaking awesome post man. Talk about going obscure. I remember when Mark of Kri was being advertised and stuff. I'd give you a cookie if I could Sole Keeper. ;)

  3. Tati is very sexy. A warrior of the jungle. I always enjoy masturbating over her fights with Kasai Warriors and man-eating plants.