Monday, January 25, 2010

Dead or Alive Paradise Trailer

A small army of barefoot bikini babes, frolicking around on a tropical island, showing off their hot, jiggly bodies and soft, kissable bare toes and soles. And they're yours, whenever you want, wherever you want. That's what Tecmo's Dead or Alive Paradise is promising, this coming March. And here's the trailer!

Well, the spot is actually mostly rehashed footage from the DOAX2 trailer years ago, but it's still kinda cool. Paradise will supposedly be lighter on the beach volleyball aspects of the game, but still have all the minigames, gambling, shopping, gift-giving and girl-watching fun of the console versions... plus a new babe named Rio. She's not from any DOA title, but apparently a mascot from Tecmo's gambling games. Strangely though she looks a bit more anime-esque which makes her stand out a bit from the rest of the girls (and not in a particularly good way). But hey... the more the merrier. Anyway, just how much fun there's to be had here above all the eye candy remains to be seen, but if at least Paradise gives us at least as detailed feet as the console originals, it'll be a game worth getting for foot fans. I'll be sure to check it out when it comes out in a couple of months.


  1. Glad to hear it's coming to the U.S, Now I can take all my favorite barefoot babes with me where-ever I go. I can just imagine sucking on their beutiful and delicious looking toes. I'll definely be checking out the new barefoot babe Rio even though I'm not very familiar with her. So once it's out, I'll see where her sexy toes stack up on my list.

  2. O_O Wow...this game looks really good. Such beautiful virtual women. :-D My type of Paradise. ^_^