Friday, January 15, 2010

Tekken Live-action Movie Trailer

Here's the first real trailer to the upcoming live-action Tekken movie. It certainly looks the part of a film based on a fighting game- and that's not really a good thing. But well, all things taken together, this is shaping up to be better at least than last year's totally worthless Chun-Li movie. You've got at least several characters looking like they do in the actual game, lots of action and best of all... a barefoot babe kicking butt!

Yep, you can see a shoeless Christie Monteiro in action fighting Nina towards the latter end of the trailer. Hopefully she stays barefoot for a prolonged time, or at least gives us nice sole shots. I doubt we'll be seeing any other babe bare her feet, sadly- aside from Christie, the only other Tekken females confirmed and known to be in the movie are Anna and Nina Williams (both of who seem to be Mishima Zaibatsu flunkies who will probably stay booted, and in their repective red and purple outfits for the duration) and Jun Kazama (who appears in flashback). Chiaki Kuriyama as Ling Xiaoyu was a hoax, no Asuka or Lili either, nor Zafina or Alisa. I guess it's squarely Christie's time to shine in this one as Jin's love interest.

Anyway, for now enjoy the trailer and look forward to hopefully a decent game-to-film adaptation.


  1. Geez they should've just based this on the first game. I predict another train wreck here. D:<

  2. O_O Here's hoping there's a lot of foot scenes for us to enjoy in this movie. *Crosses fingers for barefoot Nina*

  3. Nina was barefoot in the first game wasn't she?

  4. Yes, in the original Tekken (arcade, PSX), Nina's P1 (the original purple outfit) was a skintight MMA-type outfit with capri-length pants that left her legs and feet bare (except for an ankle brace). Unfortunately since Tekken 2 she went the conventional 'fighting in stilletos' look, which irritates me to no end.