Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ibuki as Kunimitsu! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Ibuki impersonates yet another ninja girl from another franchise!

Wow, Streetfighter's nimble ninja girl Ibuki has been pretty active lately in terms of mods. After the cool 'Lady Deadpool' mod that let her cosplay as a barefoot, babe version of the Marvel Comics Merc with a Mouth comes another sexy alternate outfit. The mod comes from the prolific Ohhho, who has brought us so many cool and sexy mods before (including the recent 'Abbey Chase' mod for Cammy). This latest mod lets Ibuki impersonate another kunoichi- this time Tekken's Kunimitsu! In particular, the mod shows off Kun-Ibuki in the very sexy and very popular 'Melon Bikini' which will be shown off later this year in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Well, the TTT2 version so far has Kunimitsu wearing sandals (BOOO), but the SSFIVAE version has her properly, and perfectly, barefoot for our pleasure. So enjoy the vids, and once again dream of this cutie's sneaky, lovely feet sneaking into your room and padding onto your faces... heheh!

Cammy's confusion on who her foe really is probably contributed to KuniBuki's victory...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Tekken Tag 2 'Fight Lab' Trailer

Tekken Tag 2's 'Fight Lab' trailer holds lots of promise.

As the days count down to September and the release of the next big fighting game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I'm still hoping that the barefoot babe content of this hot brawler will get even better with the final version. We do know that most fighters will be getting sexy swimwear, but so far we've only seen these bikinis worn with sandals- sigh. That hasn't changed as of yet, even if there still may be a chance that these outfits may be customizable for bare feet or that there will other swimsuits for the girls that will come without footwear. Hey, it's slim but not impossible.

Anyway, the latest TTT2 trailer, which shows off the game's 'Fight Lab' (a fancy, mini-game and wackiness-heavy training mode) gives a couple of bits that I find kinda hopeful. One, we get a look at Lili Rochefort once again getting 'armor-broken' in the mode and undressed to her bikini. On the one hand, she's wearing sandals (as seen before). On the other, the way the shoes are attached to her feet make it seem that they can be easily removed, and bam, she's barefoot and perfect. It's just a wee bit of leather (even virtual leather)- please, Tekken Devs, give us the option to remove it! Heheh...

Another cool bit in the trailer we can note is that at one point Combot (the Player Character) is confronted by a giant version of Feng. Perhaps we can choose what enemy to face giant-size? This would be a treat for GTS fans, I'm sure- ten times so for me if we can face a barefoot giantess. We'll just have to wait and see... the Fight Lab looks crazy and just chock-full of weirdness... if only for that, I'm going to enjoy it.

Still hoping Harada does the right thing for us footfans and gives us that little bit of customization to make this already-awesome game absolutely PERFECT. Cross your fingers and toes, footie fans... it's still quite a bit to release!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ibuki 'Lady Deadpool' Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Unusual? Definitely. Sexy? Yes. Awesome? Hell yes!

Here's a pretty unexpected mod from modder Siegfried921, since it turns the bubbly-cute kunoichi Ibuki into a female version of the fast-talking, masked mercenary Deadpool from Marvel Comics. Well, aside from being female, this 'Lady Deadpool' is also barefoot, which should please us footfans. Of course, she probably isn't really barefoot but wearing some kind of form-fitting, soft-soled toed-stockings/boots. On the other hand, she might also be actually really barefoot and   just have body paint that has her feet match the rest of her outfit. Well, whatever it is I just like how this mod looks, and it's darn hot and quite awesome to see. It certainly fits the agile ninja girl to a tee, and a great fit in Streetfighter X Tekken (although this mod was first made for Super Streetfighter IVAE).

Anyway, check out Lady Deadpool in action in the vids above. I'll be keeping Ibuki in this getup for now until a sexier barefoot mod comes along I think. Later then!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cammy 'Abbey Chase' mod! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

90's Comic Book Super-Spy Abbey Chase infiltrates the Streetfighter World!

The latest (and in my opinion, hottest so far) Cammy mod from prolific modder Ohhho came some time ago, but only recently did I discover it’s uber-hotness. The mod is the Cammy ‘Abbey Chase’ mod, which lets the Killer Bee cosplay as the main character of the late 90’s comic book hit Danger Girl (by Andy Hartnell and J. Scott Campbell). Needless to say, I was a BIG fan of DG, thanks to its James Bond-esque style of action and fan service, and lots of nicely drawn hotties who often showed off their nice, detailed bare feet.
To be honest, I almost missed this mod, since there was no preview of all its variants. It actually took a viewer on the Youtube Channel telling me about it (which turned out to be a mistake since he was referring to another mod entirely) for me to check out all the contents and discover that among the Abbey Chase mod’s variants were two barefooted swimsuits!

Abbey sporting her sexy swimsuit in the comic, and looking quite enchanting...

The suits are a sexy two-piece number that actually appeared in the actual comics. This plus the pretty cute shorter hairstyle really makes this mod a big change from the usual way we usually see Cammy!

Abbey Chase (in the swimsuit) returns from a swim to find an evil imposter waiting for her!

Abbey gets ambushed by the Evil Double (in red) as she investigates S.I.N., and it's now a fight to the finish for these Danger Girls!

Anyway, big kudos to modder Ohhho to making this sexy mod, as well as taking the effort to fill in the 10 variant slots with the full complement (default spy outfit, ‘ripped’ versions, swimsuits). This is a first-class mod and perhaps one of the best produced for SSFIVAE I’ve seen. It certainly has to be special given that I’ve replaced Sloth86’s ‘Escape from Shadaloo’ mod with it (for now). Heheh… Anyway, I’ve posted a 4-part series of vids showing Abbey/Cammy in action, battling who else but the insidious S.I.N. organization (all in just her swimsuit and bare feet, of course!). Enjoy!

Abbey penetrates S.I.N. headquarters and faces off with one nasty (and sexy) Minion...

Finally, it's the Big Boss Himself! Will Abbey accomplish her mission and finish off S.I.N?

So dream of this bikini-clad and barefoot spy babe's stealthy bare soles padding into your bedroom and pressing into your face… Mmm. Ah, Spy Girl Soles are awesome!

Tekken Tag 2's Bikini Trailer

Lotsa skin being flashed in this trailer for TTT2!

WHOA! Fanservice to the max! Up on top is the just-released trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which highlights their 'Bikini Bundle' DLC. As announced by Harada on Twitter earlier, the reported 150 Swimsuits gamers will get when they preorder their game include suits for the males and non-human characters as well as the Tekken Ladies. Have to say, the character models are FINE (trying to ignore all the man flesh though) and so far I am loving Kunimitsu's Watermelon Bikini (raised from the official Tekken artworks into actual game reality) and of course, Lili's eye-catching Swimsuit first seen in the Girls of Gaming magazine cover.

Of course, it has to be said that sadly barefoot fans are a bit on the short end given that the suits so far shown all include some sort of footwear (including the male suits). There's of course always the possibility that there will be barefoot swimsuits among the other bikinis/outfits not shown in the trailer, so hope springs eternal that TTT2 will be another barefoot babe game classic like Tekken 6 and the Soul Calibur games. It would also be nice if there was an actual option to remove the footwear from the bikini outfit ensembles, but that also remains to be seen.

Anyway, regardless it's plain to see that Tekken Tag 2 looks to be the most amazing Tekken home release ever, if only for sheer amount of extras and content. That plus the apparently exceptional quality of the graphics (supposedly its arcade-perfect or close to it) and gameplay makes this an No Brainer Buy. Hoping though that there's foot-friendly icing on this wonderful beat 'em up cake come release day. Stay tuned! I'll be keeping my eye on this game like a hawk.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bikini Bundle

The first hint of bikinis in TTT2... sadly, with footwear.

Whoa, stuff has been happening lately with the upcoming fighters. First it was Dead or Alive 5, with their sexy outfit DLCs. Now it's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 drawing the fanservice card for their release. Gamers who preorder the game at various game dealers will receive (along with all the other bonuses) a so-called Bikini Bundle, that will give the characters 'over 100 swimsuits'! Yep, you read that right- OVER 100 SWIMSUITS. However, to rein in expectations, these will include swimwear for the male characters and even non-human fighters (like Kuma or Mokujin) as well as for the females.

Now the bad news- like DOA5, so far the screenshots showing the swimsuits have them worn with sandals or shoes. Man, this really sucks. What IS it with whoever designs these things? Swimsuits should be worn barefoot, dammit!!! This is like a waiter spitting in your soup as he serves it. The irritating part is that the males who are in their swimwear will probably be barefoot- AARGH... What the hell, Tekken Team? Not a foot fan among you? Where are the guys behind Tekken 6's awesome barefoot customization? MEH!

All I can do is hope that there are variants or swimsuits included in the bundle which have the girls barefoot, or that there will be a way to customize the girls shoeless. It's a slim chance, but what else can we do? With only about a month and a half left to release, there probably won't be any room for any changes (but hey, it can't hurt to try).

This would be ten times sexier if Julia and Xiaoyu kicked off those darn sandals and shoes... 

It may be a bit bleak, but heck- bikini beauties in Tekken is a good sign of things to come. If not in Tekken Tag 2, perhaps in the next generation of fighters we'll have more sex appeal and fan service. Certainly in this generation things look bright with games like VF5 Final Showdown (WOOHOO). Here's to us seeing Asuka and Lili's bare soles once again in battle...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ibuki Cosplays as DOA's Ayane! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

This awesome Ibuki mod comes with a full complement of outfits- including two hot barefoot variants!

Here's the second recently-released awesome barefoot mod for Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC. This cool mod from dsFOREST lets SF's cute ninja girl Ibuki impersonate another kunoichi from another popular beat 'em up- Tecmo's Dead or Alive, to be specific. So now, Ayane, the purple-haired mistress of Mugen Tenshin Ryu Hajinmon sect has now invaded the Streetfighter world!

Two ninja girls for the price of one! Or is that three..?

In the tradition of the best mods for SSFIVAE, this fills up all 10 variant slots with different outfits- several are Ayane's trademark short-skirted kunoichi costumes. Several are schoolgirl outfits. Best of all, of course, are variants 9 and 10. Costume 9 is an all-white ensemble, consisting of a bra top and scrumptiously short miniskirt (which is wonderfully and teasingly semi-transparent, as if it didn't reveal enough as is). Costume 10 is a more familiar purple bikini. Both of these sexy outfits, of course, have our ninja cutie barefoot, baring her beautiful and strong-looking soles and toes for our pleasure.

Now if only the modders can come up with a Hitomi mod for Makoto...

This mod certainly gives us an unusually peppy look at the usually cold and ruthless Ayane, thanks to Ibuki's cheerful facial expressions. It also lets us see the kunoichi at her most buff, but I think it just makes her all the cuter and appealing (and certainly more ninja-like). Both of the barefoot outfits are darn hot and surely will please foot-loving gamers. I like the white costume a bit better thanks to the upskirt appeal, but the purple swimsuit is also pretty nice to see in action.
Anyway, check out the vids to see Ayane in action- aside from the ones posted here, there are quite a few more on the channel.

Ayane takes on Juri- which bad girl is badder?

Can Sakura stand up agains Hajinmon Ninjitsu?

I wonder what sexy mod dsFOREST will come up in the future? Mmm... for now though, imagine Ayane/Ibuki dangling her luscious feet before your eyes... and then she presses her sole into your face! There's one more awesome SSFIVAE mod to be featured, so stay tuned!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sakura 'Guards' Outfit (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

Pretty refreshing to see Sakura in a non-skirt costume…

It’s been a while since I last posted here- been having a bit too much fun lately. Well, I’ll make up for that with a triple-threat series of posts for Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC. Several awesome mods were recently made available and they’re pretty awesome for us footie fans.
The first is a cool martial artsy costume for Sakura. Called the ‘Guards’ Outfit, it’s a pretty flashy fighting costume characterized by the accompanying wrist and shin protectors. Thankfully despite the added guards, the outfit doesn’t include any footwear, so we can enjoy Sakura’s lovely (really, they look quite nice) bare feet with this mod. This should be a favorite of those who don’t like their babes too scantily-clad, with the focus mainly being on the hottie’s feet themselves (kinda like the appeal of Karate Gis and Hakama Uniforms).

Sakura takes on Chun-Li in a friendly match…

A not-quite-so-friendly fight with Juri…

While I confess on being the one liking the bikini-and-barefoot look myself, this is pretty appealing in a way… kinda like how I very much like Chun-Li’s Omega mod (coincidentally also from Ohhho, the same maker of the Sakura mod). Anyway, check out the vids I’ve posted here showcasing Sakura in action wearing her flashy (and kinda 80’s-looking hehehe) costume. Enjoy! More SSFIVAE action to come!