Monday, July 16, 2012

Cammy 'Abbey Chase' mod! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

90's Comic Book Super-Spy Abbey Chase infiltrates the Streetfighter World!

The latest (and in my opinion, hottest so far) Cammy mod from prolific modder Ohhho came some time ago, but only recently did I discover it’s uber-hotness. The mod is the Cammy ‘Abbey Chase’ mod, which lets the Killer Bee cosplay as the main character of the late 90’s comic book hit Danger Girl (by Andy Hartnell and J. Scott Campbell). Needless to say, I was a BIG fan of DG, thanks to its James Bond-esque style of action and fan service, and lots of nicely drawn hotties who often showed off their nice, detailed bare feet.
To be honest, I almost missed this mod, since there was no preview of all its variants. It actually took a viewer on the Youtube Channel telling me about it (which turned out to be a mistake since he was referring to another mod entirely) for me to check out all the contents and discover that among the Abbey Chase mod’s variants were two barefooted swimsuits!

Abbey sporting her sexy swimsuit in the comic, and looking quite enchanting...

The suits are a sexy two-piece number that actually appeared in the actual comics. This plus the pretty cute shorter hairstyle really makes this mod a big change from the usual way we usually see Cammy!

Abbey Chase (in the swimsuit) returns from a swim to find an evil imposter waiting for her!

Abbey gets ambushed by the Evil Double (in red) as she investigates S.I.N., and it's now a fight to the finish for these Danger Girls!

Anyway, big kudos to modder Ohhho to making this sexy mod, as well as taking the effort to fill in the 10 variant slots with the full complement (default spy outfit, ‘ripped’ versions, swimsuits). This is a first-class mod and perhaps one of the best produced for SSFIVAE I’ve seen. It certainly has to be special given that I’ve replaced Sloth86’s ‘Escape from Shadaloo’ mod with it (for now). Heheh… Anyway, I’ve posted a 4-part series of vids showing Abbey/Cammy in action, battling who else but the insidious S.I.N. organization (all in just her swimsuit and bare feet, of course!). Enjoy!

Abbey penetrates S.I.N. headquarters and faces off with one nasty (and sexy) Minion...

Finally, it's the Big Boss Himself! Will Abbey accomplish her mission and finish off S.I.N?

So dream of this bikini-clad and barefoot spy babe's stealthy bare soles padding into your bedroom and pressing into your face… Mmm. Ah, Spy Girl Soles are awesome!

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