Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ibuki 'Lady Deadpool' Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Unusual? Definitely. Sexy? Yes. Awesome? Hell yes!

Here's a pretty unexpected mod from modder Siegfried921, since it turns the bubbly-cute kunoichi Ibuki into a female version of the fast-talking, masked mercenary Deadpool from Marvel Comics. Well, aside from being female, this 'Lady Deadpool' is also barefoot, which should please us footfans. Of course, she probably isn't really barefoot but wearing some kind of form-fitting, soft-soled toed-stockings/boots. On the other hand, she might also be actually really barefoot and   just have body paint that has her feet match the rest of her outfit. Well, whatever it is I just like how this mod looks, and it's darn hot and quite awesome to see. It certainly fits the agile ninja girl to a tee, and a great fit in Streetfighter X Tekken (although this mod was first made for Super Streetfighter IVAE).

Anyway, check out Lady Deadpool in action in the vids above. I'll be keeping Ibuki in this getup for now until a sexier barefoot mod comes along I think. Later then!

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