Monday, July 16, 2012

Tekken Tag 2's Bikini Trailer

Lotsa skin being flashed in this trailer for TTT2!

WHOA! Fanservice to the max! Up on top is the just-released trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which highlights their 'Bikini Bundle' DLC. As announced by Harada on Twitter earlier, the reported 150 Swimsuits gamers will get when they preorder their game include suits for the males and non-human characters as well as the Tekken Ladies. Have to say, the character models are FINE (trying to ignore all the man flesh though) and so far I am loving Kunimitsu's Watermelon Bikini (raised from the official Tekken artworks into actual game reality) and of course, Lili's eye-catching Swimsuit first seen in the Girls of Gaming magazine cover.

Of course, it has to be said that sadly barefoot fans are a bit on the short end given that the suits so far shown all include some sort of footwear (including the male suits). There's of course always the possibility that there will be barefoot swimsuits among the other bikinis/outfits not shown in the trailer, so hope springs eternal that TTT2 will be another barefoot babe game classic like Tekken 6 and the Soul Calibur games. It would also be nice if there was an actual option to remove the footwear from the bikini outfit ensembles, but that also remains to be seen.

Anyway, regardless it's plain to see that Tekken Tag 2 looks to be the most amazing Tekken home release ever, if only for sheer amount of extras and content. That plus the apparently exceptional quality of the graphics (supposedly its arcade-perfect or close to it) and gameplay makes this an No Brainer Buy. Hoping though that there's foot-friendly icing on this wonderful beat 'em up cake come release day. Stay tuned! I'll be keeping my eye on this game like a hawk.

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  1. you know the world is coming to an end when christie is wearing footwear... =_____=