Monday, July 30, 2012

Tekken Tag 2 'Fight Lab' Trailer

Tekken Tag 2's 'Fight Lab' trailer holds lots of promise.

As the days count down to September and the release of the next big fighting game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I'm still hoping that the barefoot babe content of this hot brawler will get even better with the final version. We do know that most fighters will be getting sexy swimwear, but so far we've only seen these bikinis worn with sandals- sigh. That hasn't changed as of yet, even if there still may be a chance that these outfits may be customizable for bare feet or that there will other swimsuits for the girls that will come without footwear. Hey, it's slim but not impossible.

Anyway, the latest TTT2 trailer, which shows off the game's 'Fight Lab' (a fancy, mini-game and wackiness-heavy training mode) gives a couple of bits that I find kinda hopeful. One, we get a look at Lili Rochefort once again getting 'armor-broken' in the mode and undressed to her bikini. On the one hand, she's wearing sandals (as seen before). On the other, the way the shoes are attached to her feet make it seem that they can be easily removed, and bam, she's barefoot and perfect. It's just a wee bit of leather (even virtual leather)- please, Tekken Devs, give us the option to remove it! Heheh...

Another cool bit in the trailer we can note is that at one point Combot (the Player Character) is confronted by a giant version of Feng. Perhaps we can choose what enemy to face giant-size? This would be a treat for GTS fans, I'm sure- ten times so for me if we can face a barefoot giantess. We'll just have to wait and see... the Fight Lab looks crazy and just chock-full of weirdness... if only for that, I'm going to enjoy it.

Still hoping Harada does the right thing for us footfans and gives us that little bit of customization to make this already-awesome game absolutely PERFECT. Cross your fingers and toes, footie fans... it's still quite a bit to release!


  1. Well, my friend, i think you should check out this link: to see that our hope is even closer than we expected ;)
    See ya in game ( with my barefoot Lili customized character XD )

  2. Unfortunately dude, that article was posted more than a year ago, and any info in it is pretty much outdated. Still, I have to say that Tekken Tag 2 already has nice barefoot content- Angel, Christie (P1), Asuka and Jun (Hakamas and Instep Guards) and Unknown at least. If Harada and team grants the requests of those asking for barefoot customization, that should put TTT2 over the top as a Foot Fan Fave, right up there with VF5FS, Soul Calibur (IV and V) and Tekken 6. We might not find out if this happens for sure till the game is out, but we can sure as heck hope. Hey, I feel that hopes and wishes brought us VF5FS on console- perhaps it will still give us Barefoot Customs in TTT2. ^____^

  3. I'm sick of Bikini's Hope that TTT2 will alow barefoot Customisations. Y'know You can do that too withn VF5FS as well.