Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bikini Bundle

The first hint of bikinis in TTT2... sadly, with footwear.

Whoa, stuff has been happening lately with the upcoming fighters. First it was Dead or Alive 5, with their sexy outfit DLCs. Now it's Tekken Tag Tournament 2 drawing the fanservice card for their release. Gamers who preorder the game at various game dealers will receive (along with all the other bonuses) a so-called Bikini Bundle, that will give the characters 'over 100 swimsuits'! Yep, you read that right- OVER 100 SWIMSUITS. However, to rein in expectations, these will include swimwear for the male characters and even non-human fighters (like Kuma or Mokujin) as well as for the females.

Now the bad news- like DOA5, so far the screenshots showing the swimsuits have them worn with sandals or shoes. Man, this really sucks. What IS it with whoever designs these things? Swimsuits should be worn barefoot, dammit!!! This is like a waiter spitting in your soup as he serves it. The irritating part is that the males who are in their swimwear will probably be barefoot- AARGH... What the hell, Tekken Team? Not a foot fan among you? Where are the guys behind Tekken 6's awesome barefoot customization? MEH!

All I can do is hope that there are variants or swimsuits included in the bundle which have the girls barefoot, or that there will be a way to customize the girls shoeless. It's a slim chance, but what else can we do? With only about a month and a half left to release, there probably won't be any room for any changes (but hey, it can't hurt to try).

This would be ten times sexier if Julia and Xiaoyu kicked off those darn sandals and shoes... 

It may be a bit bleak, but heck- bikini beauties in Tekken is a good sign of things to come. If not in Tekken Tag 2, perhaps in the next generation of fighters we'll have more sex appeal and fan service. Certainly in this generation things look bright with games like VF5 Final Showdown (WOOHOO). Here's to us seeing Asuka and Lili's bare soles once again in battle...


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  3. My gosh, you are so overreacting. Read through my entire post and I do not believe there is anything there even resembling me crapping on the 'entire game' because it doesn't meet 'my standards'. My view is totally on the aspect of barefoot/foot content, which is the theme and business of this blog. I am also quite informed of TTT2, which you'd see if you ever read through my blog's articles on Tekken. I know all about the game, it's current development, it's current features and what is 'in'. I do not 'assume'... I know. I also have been in contact with Harada, and I make it my business to be up to date with the game. Is that 'crapping' on it? Are you nuts? I love these games probably more than you do. For you to accuse me of whatever you are spouting is ridiculous.

    In any case, let this be the nail on this coffin. I bid you adieu. I will not speak of this unpleasantness again. Have a nice day.