Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ibuki as Kunimitsu! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Ibuki impersonates yet another ninja girl from another franchise!

Wow, Streetfighter's nimble ninja girl Ibuki has been pretty active lately in terms of mods. After the cool 'Lady Deadpool' mod that let her cosplay as a barefoot, babe version of the Marvel Comics Merc with a Mouth comes another sexy alternate outfit. The mod comes from the prolific Ohhho, who has brought us so many cool and sexy mods before (including the recent 'Abbey Chase' mod for Cammy). This latest mod lets Ibuki impersonate another kunoichi- this time Tekken's Kunimitsu! In particular, the mod shows off Kun-Ibuki in the very sexy and very popular 'Melon Bikini' which will be shown off later this year in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Well, the TTT2 version so far has Kunimitsu wearing sandals (BOOO), but the SSFIVAE version has her properly, and perfectly, barefoot for our pleasure. So enjoy the vids, and once again dream of this cutie's sneaky, lovely feet sneaking into your room and padding onto your faces... heheh!

Cammy's confusion on who her foe really is probably contributed to KuniBuki's victory...

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