Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tyara Teaser Trailer (Punch Planet)

A Beautiful, Butt-kicking Barefoot Space Amazon? SOLD!

Punch Planet is an indie fighting game that I've had my eye on for quite a while. Development has been a bit on the slow side, but the animation and fighting action look really good. There are only a few fighters (4 so far), which does not bode well for any possible release anytime soon. But this is looking to be something to look forward to- and now, it seems to have borne fruit. They have finally posted a teaser for Tyara, a barefooted space amazon who caught my attention to this game in the first place. She looks pretty cool, and I am intrigued to know what her story is. Anyways, good to see the game has finally reached the point where they are now spotlighting her. This is no Tekken 7, nor does it need to be- the art style is unique and this is looking to be a quality brawler. One for the future then.

You can find out more about the game at its official website.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tekken 7 KO Endings are here!

We stage once again the classic fight between these two rivals...

While I have used XPS models to create Knockout Endings for games such as Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Streetfighter V, a different method has surfaced for the newly-released Tekken 7. As of right now, XPS models for this game aren't many or easy to use. But thankfully, a Camera mod lets me take sexy footage of unconscious babes during win poses/victory screens.

The beautiful Alisa takes a long nap after this fight...

The KO poses are in-game, and nicely show off the beautiful character models perfectly. I gotta say it again- Tekken 7 has the best-looking in-game digital bare feet I've ever seen. I gotta applaud the Tekken devs for producing such lovely and life-like digital soles and toes, though I have always known Tekken had great feet since Tekken 6. Other videogame devs, take note!

Ever wanted to see Lucky Chloe laid out and out cold?

Anyway, I will keep on posting KO vids for Tekken 7 as well as my other main brawlers on my Youtube channel. This is but the beginning! Virtual Soles have never looked as gorgeous as they do today, so stay tuned!