Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dissidia 012 Foot Tease (Final Fantasy)

The first Dissidia Final Fantasy was an awesome, fan-service RPG on the PSP, giving Final Fantasy fans the opportunity to pit their favorite heroes and villains from the various FF titles against each other in epic combat. For us foot fans, we could certainly appreciate the hotness of barefoot villainess Cloud of Darkness. The upcoming Duodecim: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy ups the ante by adding several new characters, one of which is teased in the game's latest trailer during the Jump Festa 2010 event. Check out the edited portion below to see some familiar, beautiful bare feet.

Hakamas? Delicate toes and soles on water? It's pretty obvious though who the mystery water walker is...

Yep, Yuna the Summoner and heroine of Final Fantasy X and X-2 will be part of the roster of the upcoming one-on-one fighter/RPG. It just shows how striking that original FFX cutscene with it's lovely, longing gaze at Yuna's beautiful feet on the water was that they have become synonymous with the character herself. Man, her feet must be amazingly beautiful and flawless to stand up to being in such scrutinized closeups. No doubt though, foot fans would worship and service these perfect peds to no end. What I'd give to be the water under those soles... heh. Here's to the hope that we'll be seeing a lot more of her lovely, worshipful feet- perhaps in the complete CG cutscene or intro from which this segment was taken, or perhaps Yuna will actually go without her unsightly boots this time around? We can only hope. Anyway, no release date yet for a US release of the game, but this is surely one to look forward to in 2011.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Soles and Swords to Come!

More sexy knockouts and barefoot bikini babes, hopefully!

Just this past holiday weekend, Namco-Bandai confirmed the development of a new Soul Calibur game. Driven by fan petitions online, the possibility of the classic fighting game series continuing was unsure until now. Via Twitter, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada introduced newly-appointed Soul Calibur development head Daishi Odashima, who will have the final say on how the next SC game will turn out. This is great news- the last Soul Calibur, SoulCalibur IV, is easily one of the hottest barefoot babe games you can get on consoles, with sexy character models, a roster of hot fighting babes and barefoot customization available in the Character Creation feature.

I'm hoping that at the very least, the next SC will improve the graphics even more, at the very least giving the characters' feet more attention to detail- that was one of the weak points of SCIV- while not bad by any measure, the babes' feet were clearly lacking in polygon counts and life-like textures. If SCIV's feet were as awesome as Tekken 6's, SCIV would have appealed to foot fans so much more. Here's to hot babes with hotter feet in Soul Calibur V! No release date yet- I'd say to expect this out in late 2011 or early to mid 2012.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Barefoot Bikini Babes Battle in Warriors of Elysia

Live-action Amazons duke it out in Warriors of Elysia.

Wow, this is a bit of a surprise. Some of you out there may know about a fighting game from several years back called Bikini Karate Babes, a tongue-in-cheek brawler which used digitized images of actual human performers ala Mortal Kombat. But while MK used martial artists and ninjas, BKB used... well, bikini babes. It was a funny little indie beat 'em up which didn't take itself too seriously and had quite a few lovely bikini-clad and barefoot ladies in the roster, performing silly kung-fu kicks and strikes and generally looking hot. But as comedic as the first game was, the sequel, Warriors of Elysia, ramped up the seriousness with a less humor-filled storyline of martial arts-fighting amazons waging war on their island realm. There's a fallen goddess, an army of rebels-turned-conquerors and once-mortal-opponents coming together to save their land from the upstart invaders. But really... all we need to care about is that this game is chock to the rafters with barefoot babes kicking the asses of other similarly shoeless hotties, so sign us up!

Well, trouble is, Warriors of Elysia has been in development for the past several years- I mean, this game was being developed in the same years as Metal Gear Solid 4, and it's STILL not out. You'd think a fighting game wouldn't dare come out with graphical powerhouses like Soulcalibur IV, Tekken 6 or Streetfighter IV in the market, but well, this IS an indie game and is just for PC, so they don't really care- all they need, I guess, is the support of some of the most long-standing fans (or most rabid bikini babe-hungry dudes) on the planet.

Well, anyways, any doubt that this game was just vaporware have melted away with a playable demo being available on Direct2Drive. But while a new preorder offer has been opened up, there's STILL no release date yet again... but at least you can play a teeny bit of it if you really want to. Anyways, I say just enjoy the HD demo gameplay video above, and just give this game another look once it's actually out- but I'd wager that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be out and available before that happens. Heheh...

Ibuki Tickled Artwork (Streetfighter)

Hey... is that really Don, or a midget ninja in disguise?

Here's a wonderful treat for fans of both barefoot babes and tickle enthusiasts! The above artwork of our favorite Capcom ninja girl, Ibuki, getting a soleful laugh care of her pet tanuki (raccoon) Don was posted online recently by none other than official Ibuki Udon artist Omar Dogan (Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki) himself. Done as part of a request, Mr. Dogan took care to give the artwork a light-hearted, fun feel. That certainly doesn't take anything away from the enjoyment foot fans will get from it, I'm sure.

I have to say though... darn, Ibuki's feet must be incredibly sensitive. Never mind that her soles are surely toughened and callused (but still lovely, of course) after years of ninja training... it's that she's still feeling the feather THROUGH THE CLOTH BANDAGES. Or maybe they're actually one-ply tissue? Heheh... Anyway, that's one lucky raccoon to get so close to such cute and lovely ninja toes and soles. You can check out the artwork in full-size over at Omar Dogan's Deviantart Gallery. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top 10 Barefoot Videogame Babe Default Costumes

Yeah, the title's a bit of a mouthful, but this is indeed what it is- a list of my favorite barefoot videogame babe outfits. Now, as awesome as Character Customization in games like Soulcalibur IV, Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5 allow us to strip away digital hotties' footwear to reveal perfect virtual bare feet, it's just truly a wonderful thing when a hot videogame babe is dressed in a costume that has her barefoot by default. I can just speculate that the character designers are surely foot fans themselves for dreaming up these sexy shoeless ensembles. The best barefoot outfits don't necessarily have to be scandalously skimpy, but aside from showing off the babe's hot looks and figure, it should give exceptional focus to our favorite body part. So check out this list, which by the way only includes default outfits- so no unlockable, alternate, add-on or customized outfits. Enjoy!

10. Juri Han Taekwondominatrix Costume (Super Streetfighter IV) Juri could easily have been a pretty boring design (well, at least kinda bland like KOF's Chae Lim), but fortunately Capcom's devs made her into a borderline psychotic superbitch who loves dominating her enemies with her feet- awesome. To match her supervillain persona, they gave her a provocative outfit consisting of her odd but fetching 'cow-horn' hairstyle, spider-themed top, spiked bracelets, sexy form-fitting bodysuit, teasingly-cut pantaloons and instep guards. The barely-there footwear nicely keeps the best parts of her feet exposed and bare- the front of the feet and toes, the heels and most of her soles. The whole ensemble is sexy, combat-ready and gives this vixen a unique silhouette, and nice focus to her flexible, kissable feet. Of course the best touch of the outfit? Purple-painted toenails.

9. Mai Shiranui Barefoot Instep Guard Outfit (Fatal Fury Series) The bouncy ninja girl has been around for countless installments of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, and while her outfit generally follows the same style- skimpy red costume that shows off quite a lot of flawless skin- foot fans in particular should love the costumes she wore in Fatal Fury 3 and in the Real Bout Fatal Fury series. For footwear, instead of the usual conventional ninja tabi (toed-socks), Mai wore a new pair of less-restrictive and decidedly a lot sexier instep guards that basically had her barefoot, with the fronts and heels of her feet exposed and most of her soles touching the ground beneath. Mai would go bare for the whole of the Real Bout series (Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout FF Special and Real Bout FF Special 2) and for the 3D Fatal Fury fighter on PSX, Wild Ambition. Since then, we haven't seen her toes since, even in the latest SNK fighter, KOFXIII, her latest appearance. We love ninja toes though, so we're hoping and praying that someday Mai bares her sexiest assets to us again.

8. Ibuki Ninja Dogi (Streetfighter III, Super Streetfighter IV) As flashy as Juri and Mai are, the super-cute Ibuki is understated and elusive in her baggy, monotone ninja costume. Ibuki's outfit nevertheless is quite sexy- teasing as much as it conceals and covers. What flesh she shows off gives hints of her undeniable beauty- long bangs of silky hair, bright, lively eyes, her toned shoulders and arms, a teasing, huggable bit of hip, and of course, those perfect, deadly bare toes, heels and soles, peeking from between tightly-wrapped ninja bandages. Not much adornment like Juri's nail polish or makeup, but Ibuki's refreshing good looks and bare feet au naturelle just shine through regardless. Any foot fan will surely chase this agile pixie and her mischievous, teasing feet wherever she goes.

7. Nina Williams Original P1 Outfit Back in the young days of the 3D fighting genre, one of the first barefoot babes in gaming was the lethal Nina Williams, a sexy assassin who could break bones as well as hearts. Admittedly the first generation PSX graphics couldn't render Nina as hot as she is seen nowadays as in Tekken 6, but foot fans surely fell in love with this femme fatale since she was the game's first ever barefoot babe. Nina's original P1 outfit was a sleeveless, skin-tight purple-and-blue costume with capri-length pants and an ankle brace- Nina's feet were bare and despite the low poly count sported the nice detail of red-painted toenails... sexy! Too bad that since then, while Nina has retained having a purple costume by tradition, going barefoot was lost along the way. Good thing Tekken 6 allows us to have a shoeless Nina once again, but hopefully someday we'll see Nina barefoot by default in a future Tekken game.

6. Elika's Ahura Outfit (Prince of Persia) From the very first teaser trailer of 2008's Prince of Persia reboot game, we knew it would be a foot fan favorite, thanks to the sole-first intro of new sidekick and hot barefoot babe Elika. This dusky-skinned beauty was a princess but she was as far from a parlor-sitting pansy as could be. She ran, climbed, leaped and fought alongside the new Hero step-by-step, all throughout barefoot dressed in her fetching white-and-blue capri-style pants outfit. The Prince was damn lucky to have Elika along the whole quest, too bad they didn't work out. Perhaps it would have ended differently if he gave her more foot massages and less snarky quips.

5. Tati Raku Outfit (Rise of the kasai) One very much under-appreciated gem of the PS2 age was the Mark of Kri, a barbarian-age stealth action game with almost Disney-style character designs and animations. It was the sequel, Rise of the Kasai, that gave us the luscious and lethal Tati, easily one of the hottest assassin babes in gaming. A snot-nosed kid in the previous game, ROTK saw her blossom into a darkly beautiful young woman, possessed of creepy powers thanks to her being marked by the fiendish tattoos of evil. Dark sorcery aside though, Tati was an athletic, agile beauty, acrobatic and stealthy, dressed in skimpy wear consisting of a sexy tribal top, loin-cloth and some fetchingly furry shin guards. Of course, her strong and graceful feet were bare, all the better to pad silently towards unsuspecting targets. Tati had several unlockable costumes, including an even skimpier 'Evil' outfit, but her default costume is still the hottest by far.
It's really a shame that this game didn't hit big in terms of sales, which sadly left the hot Tati in obscurity. In another world, the Mark of Kri series would have had a PS3 or Xbox360 chapter, which surely would give us a far sexier incarnation of this lethal hottie. In any case, Tati is worth the effort to get a PS2 (or a PS3 with backwards-compatibility) and a copy of ROTK. She's that freakin' hot.

4. Lara Croft Black Dress (Tomb Raider Legend) The lovely Lara Croft has tons of outfits (being a wealthy heiress helps a lot in that regard), and more than one of them are barefoot ensembles. These include her various wetsuits, a couple of casual numbers she wears around Croft Manor... and this saucy one- The Black Dress in the TRL Tokyo chapter. Though it started off as a party gown complete with high heels for a night of wining and dining, Lara immediately switched to combat mode once the heavily-armed hitmen stormed in. The guns and holsters went on, the shoes came off. From there on, Lara was a barefoot angel of death, scampering all over the place, padding silently and softly but hitting hard against the Yakuza enemy. It's awesome to note that Lara was expecting an attack- so she brought everything she needed for a deadly mission: mini-backpack, guns, holsters... and that's it! Apparently, shoes weren't a necessity at all for assaulting a crimelord's hideout. If this isn't a total sign that Lara is a foot fan's dream heroine, nothing is. It's this awesome and sexy touch that makes the Tokyo stage of Tomb Raider Legend one of the most memorable and beloved for foot fans.

3. Kaede Smith's White Dress (Killer 7) What does a professional assassin wear into battle with maniacal, demonic suicide bombers? Well, just a blood-spattered white sundress, of course! Well, that's all that's needed by Kaede Smith AKA 'Barefoot', the hot female member of the bad-ass Killer 7. Kaede was truly a foot fan's wet dream come alive on the TV screen- a slim shoeless beauty, in looks more damsel than anything else, but in actuality a lethal sniper armed with a hand cannon with a humongous scope. Her naked footsteps echoed through the strangely abandoned halls and streets of the Killer 7 world, melding with the evil laughter of the enemy Heaven Smiles. If any of the enemy was lucky enough to crawl close enough to Kaede, she'd stomp their faces in with her sexy bare soles to put them out of their misery... what a way to go! What I would give for a PS3 version of Killer 7, with a high quality CG Kaede running about, perfect feet enchanting us with every step. Suda 51, make this so!

2. Poison Ivy Jail Uniform (Batman: Arkham Asylum) The veggie vixen Poison Ivy AKA Pamela Isely isn't known for lavish wardrobes- her best outfits in the comics are simply leaves covering her private parts and little else- the best artists render her barefoot so her soles touch the earth like the roots of her plants. Fortunately this is the way she is portrayed in Arkham Asylum, the only addition to her leafy lingerie being a skimpy shirt top- the one article of clothing marking her as an inmate of Arkham Asylum. Oh, and of course red toenail polish. It's minimalist, it's damn hot, and well, actually, only Ivy can really pull this off but hey, just look at her and tell me that's not awesome.

1. Lara Croft Wetsuit (Tomb Raider Underworld) Throughout her long career and many missions, Lara has had multiple wetsuits. Of all of these sexy, invariably barefoot outfits, the black-and-yellow wetsuit from Tomb Raider Underworld, with it's bikini cut bottom wonderfully showing off Lara's perfect butt, legs and bare feet more than any of the previous rubber suits, is surely the best in the whole series. Man, isn't it awesome that Lara just doesn't feel the need for bulky air tanks? Or flippers? Even better, you also get to see Lara traipsing around in this hot suit almost immediately after first booting up TRU.
Throughout a leisurely Mediterranean dive, to a romp through a Kraken's lair (where Lara's soles nicely gets a bit dirty as she runs around) and beyond, Lara's running around barefoot and we're loving every hot angle of it thanks to TRU's nicely compliant camera. Lastly, it's in this wetsuit that Lara spends another barefooted assault on a heavily-armed enemy stronghold. Obviously, most of those mercenary thugs were too dazzled by the sight of Lara's hot feet and legs to effectively counterattack.
While many even skimpier bikinis are also available in TRU (Xbox360 only) via DLC, the default wetsuit is truly the one barefoot outfit that once again solidifies the incomparable Lara Croft as the foot fan's true game goddess.

So that's it! Here's to more barefoot babes to come in the next waves of games to come in the near and far future. Just how hot will our CG sirens be with graphics, animations and gaming advancing every month, every year? Anatomically-correct feet, super-realistic cloth... the future of barefoot babes in games looks bright indeed!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nina Williams: Femme Feetale (Tekken 6)

Nina stomps and grinds Asuka with her Twisted Mind (and sexy foot).

Lately I've been in a mood for sexy, deadly blonde femme fatales. With due respect (and worship) to my current Tekken 6 main and also stunning golden-haired hottie, Lili Rochefort, when you say 'Femme Fatale' in Tekken, you really mean just one babe in particular... and that's Nina Williams. Nina's always been a favorite of mine. These days, I really don't use Nina as much- her moves and style are just a bit out of my speed, but I still love her to pieces, and with just a bit of practice I can still kick ass with her. Still, she's the original barefoot babe in the Tekken series (in the first game), and really, is the First Lady of the Iron Fist Tournament as a whole- sort of a nasty, anti-heroine equivalent to SF's Chun-Li. Strangely enough, both she and Chun have similar traits- they both have been deemed worthy enough to star in spin-off media (Chun-li in that awful live-action movie, while Nina in her own solo action game) that eventually proved to be of dubious quality. Nina just isn't hero material, I think... the last thing that fans and true admirers of Nina would want her to be is a goody-two shoes girl scout. We love her simply because she can kick ass incredibly well, and looks even more incredible while she's at it.

Another view of the hot, foot-to-face action.

In any case, Nina's easily one of the hottest videogame babes around. There's a truly intoxicating mix and appeal of her teasing, dominatrix femme fatale personality and angelic beauty- a combination as deadly as her own use of Aikido and bone martial arts. Oh, and of course, there are her utterly gorgeous soles and toes that foot fans will surely welcome getting stomped by. I've always wished that the Tekken designers would have kept her having a barefoot outfit since the first game, but sadly all they kept consistent was her having a purple outfit. I'm still hoping that someday she gets another default barefoot costume, perhaps a remake of her original P1 costume. We just need a foot fan to get into Katsuhiro Harada's team. Somehow, someway! In any case, I can't complain that we can customize Nina shoeless in Tekken 6, along with several other of the hottest babes in the game.

And so, here's aTekken 6 KO vid showing off Nina doing what she does best- dominating the competition and crushing them under her divine soles with her Twisted Mind move. This footstomp and grind is something Nina shares with another hot fighting game blonde, Sarah Bryant, but nicely while the VF babe only does this in an intro cutscene, Miss Williams can do it in-game.

Nina's Twisted Mind and sexy feet crushes the competition.

The great thing as well for Nina being a bit of a bad girl particularly in Tekken 6... barefoot villainesses ROCK. It's all the hotter when they are knocked out, rendered helpless and unconscious. Luckily, while many barefoot femme fatales tend to explode, vanish, dissolve or otherwise self-destruct when they're defeated, Nina's usually left lying unconscious on the ground, her sleepy bare soles inviting the victor to ogle and appreciate their prize. Yep, indeed, Nina's as hot taking KOs as well as dishing them out.

An assassin's soles... exposed!

Nina looks so angelic and peaceful... when she's asleep.

So here's a vid of just that- Nina going out like a light and lying unconscious at her opponent's feet. These instances of Nina so vulnerable are a bit rare though, so enjoy this while it lasts... she'll surely grab your head in a leglock if you tarry too long.

Nina's as hot going out as she is dealing out the pain.

I really can't get enough of this barefoot assassin, so it's great that Tekken 6 lets us all enjoy her hotness and sexy feet as much as we want. Hopefully the upcoming Tekken games will give us even more opportunities to ogle her perfect soles and deadly legs even more. For now, keep dreaming of this femme fatale and her deadly-sexy feet!

Keep dreaming of this bad girl's feet on your face, all over the place.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top 10 Barefoot Disney Heroines

Even if they're mostly known for goofy cartoons and anthropomorphic animals, Disney has also been pleasing foot fans for decades, giving us some of the most memorable animated heroines who often go barefoot on their adventures. While the generally wholesome flavor of Disney flicks guarantees that their characters can never be as overtly hot as in anime and more mature cartoons, there's still awesome appeal in the shoeless sirens from the House of Mouse. Here's a list of the best of the bunch- it's not a total exhaustive list, as I've decided to exclude characters like Lilo and Jungle Book's Shanti due to their being too young... and also not Nala or Miss Bianca since, while they don't wear shoes, they're also... not human. Aaaanyway... If I missed any aside from them, well, apologies... Anyway, here's the Solekeeper's list of barefoot Disney heroines!

10. Jasmine (Aladdin) Okay, this is a bit of a stretch since this Arabian princess doesn't ever go barefoot in the first Aladdin film. I'm sure she has some barefoot moments or scenes in the Aladdin TV cartoon. Anyway, I needed ten heroines and Jasmine completes the set. Heheh...

9. Pocahontas (Pocahontas) You'd think American Indian Barbie would rate higher, but really- I never liked the Disney fantasy cartoon that the Pocahontas movie turned out to be... perhaps it never should have been made, IMO. Despite the obvious tease in her design, she's just so bland and boring both in looks and personality (of course, they couldn't really do anything to make her too quirky since she's, well, a historical figure). There's never any point that gives good focus to her feet and perhaps due to the limitations of the animations her feet often lack detail. Disney's alternate-timeline Pocahontas lives to continue her adventures in a sequel, but is never seen barefoot again after the first movie.

8. Fa Mulan (Mulan) Ah, a lovely lady from ancient China who gladly hasn't had her feet bound. Unfortunately apart from a scant two short scenes, Mulan spends the most of her time wearing shoes... and dressed as a man, at that. The quality of the second barefoot scene though- Mulan's resolute transition into her disguise and quest- has a brief but awesome sole shot that foot fans will surely always remember.

7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid) You'd think a mermaid would be the farthest character from a foot fan's mind, but thankfully in the course of the story, this lovable sea-princess does get a fetching pair of legs, as well as an amazing sole shot moment as she marvels at her new appendages. Unfortunately afterwards the film is pretty inconsistent, with Ariel becoming barefoot or wearing shoes apparently at random. As cute and lovable as Ariel is, her animation quality leaves a bit to be desired for me. Still, she's surely a sentimental fave for many.

6. Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) The Princess of the lost Empire of Atlantis was hot- in a jungle girl/tribal warrior way. She's certainly an exotic beauty with her white hair and dark skin, and an athletic, acrobatic fighter in her own right. She's also articulate, intelligent and quite a courageous princess. Too bad she suddenly turns into a helpless damsel towards the end. Of course, she's barefoot for the most part in the film (not so in the crappy sequel though), but sadly there are little, if ever any, good closeups or moments that focus on Kida's toes and soles- they're very understated, just like the character and the movie in general. Still, she and her film are hidden gems in the Disney repertoire, not to be missed.

5. Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre Dame) This kick-ass gypsy rebel surely captured a lot of hearts when she appeared in this dark horse of a Disney flick. With flashing green eyes, dusky skin, acrobatic athleticism and the voice of Demi Moore, Esmeralda is indeed one bewitching beauty. As a gypsy, she stays barefoot for the whole film, and figures in quite a few cool action scenes as well as a sexy dance number. She's also spirited, courageous and kind, making her a standout character... too bad she becomes a pretty passive damsel towards the end of the movie. Esmeralda returns in the sequel to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but for some reason she's wearing shoes then. What is it with these barefoot furies turning domestic and shod in sequels? Lazy animators, I guess... sigh.

4. Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) Though her real name is Aurora, the lovely royal heroine of Sleeping Beauty spends the earlier time of the film as the barefoot forest maiden Briar Rose, truly an enthralling and gorgeous beauty with an amazing singing voice, the talent to talk to animals and, well, some of the daintiest, tiniest bare feet you'll ever see. Rose is barefoot for some nice, lengthy scenes in the forest, which are surely foot fan favorites. Sadly, after she goes and returns to the castle we never see her lovely feet again. Though she became the stuffy Aurora forever after, we'll always love her as the simple, elegant and unshod Briar Rose.

3. Jane Porter (Tarzan) Ah, Jane... as lovely as she surely should be, she was saddled with frumpy dresses and Minnie Driver's voice (which, while ultimately pretty awesome, isn't your usual heroine vocal flavor). Thankfully it doesn't take long for Miss Porter to get into the ways of the jungle and start barefooting it. There are quite a few nice foot-tastic moments in Tarzan, plus Jane is always barefoot in the subsequent Tarzan animated TV series (which is so darn hard to find). In contrast to many heroines, Jane starts off wearing shoes and loses them in the end... which makes her an exceptional foot fan fave.

2. Giselle (Enchanted) With respect to Amy Adams hotness, the live-action Giselle really pales in comparison to her animated version, which opens up the movie Enchanted in a wonderfully long hand-animated intro sequence which both is a parody and wonderful modernized look at Disney Princesses. Nicely enough, animated Giselle is, like Briar Rose upon whom she surely got inspiration from, a barefoot beauty who can talk to animals. The whole cartoon sequence is animated with great detail and there are lots of nice views of Giselle's sexy bare feet, even a nice closeup or two as well. If only for animated Giselle, it's worth it for foot fans to get themselves a copy of Enchanted for their collection.

1. Rapunzel (Tangled) AND of course, last but certainly the BEST, is the princess with 70 feet of golden, healing hair. The story is all about Rapunzel's locks, but it's her feet that should please us all- undoubtably the most well-animated, most expressive, most adorable animated bare feet yet seen. Even better, she's barefoot for pretty much the whole movie! But beyond all that, Rapunzel's as lively, expressive, full of personality and mesmerizingly gorgeous as any live-action performer, and truly goes beyond what has been seen before in a Disney animated heroine. She's not just the best barefoot babe from the House of Mouse... in my book, she's the Best. Disney Princess. EVER!

And that's it! Go catch Tangled right now. I've still got some time to wait before I get my Rapunzel fix though, and I'll probably post more on Rapunzel when I do. For now, enjoy the holiday and meet Disney's best barefoot heroine.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tangled Clips

Disney's Tangled, AKA the footfan's Disney Princess movie, is probably out in some theaters by now, so if you can, go watch it and enjoy the adventures of Rapunzel who, I think, has got to have the most gorgeous CG-rendered bare feet in cinematic history. Aside from that, the movie just looks absolutely beautiful and surprisingly hilarious, if only judging from these two cool clips I've found on Youtube. Check 'em out! Man, I've been loving this film ever since I first saw the trailers, and I just know this will be an all-time favorite of mine. For now, enjoy the clips!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kristin (Dead Rising 2)

In the crazy, zombie-infested world of Dead Rising 2, players control the taciturn Chuck Greene as he tries to save his daughter and any survivor he can find from the slavering hordes of undead and the odd psychopath. But nicely enough, even in the midst of all the weirdness there's still the occasional barefoot babe to find and enjoy. One of these is the decidedly alcoholic Kristin, a fetching showgirl from the casino who got herself a bit too drunk for her own good. But good for us footfans, she not only lost her good sense and sobriety but also her footwear. To save her, Chuck will have to carry her all the way to the safe house through the zombie hordes. It's actually not as hard as you'd think- Chuck's strong enough so that he doesn't tire at any point doing this, and carrying a survivor is actually good protection for Chuck against getting grabbed by the odd zombie. The best part of course are the nice sole shots you can get of this hot babe's nicely-detailed bare feet. Just ignore the fact that she probably stepped on her own vomit.

Here's a little non-canon aside as Chuck has a GTA moment and pummels poor Kristin lifeless. Maybe he snapped after all the killing. Anway, this is just a nasty dream sequence, I assure you, as in reality Kristin was brought to the safe house unharmed and in one piece. So then maybe she can get cleaned up so kissing and massaging her sexy bare soles and toes will be a more attractive proposition!

There's actually at least one more hot barefoot babe to rescue in DR2, so I'll try to post more when I can. Too bad there aren't enough of these unshod hotties in the game- I particularly wish that gorgeous reporter showed off her feet in particular. Oh well. For now, enjoy views and thoughts of tipsy Kristin!

Asuka and Lili Sleepy Feet (Tekken 6)

Been playing and posting a lot from Tekken 6 recently, and here are the latest KO ryona vids with my mains, Asuka and Lili. It's been a while since I've done these kinds of knockout videos, so I'm still getting back into the groove. I'll eventually do more with different moves and costumes, of course. For now though, enjoy these HD views of Miss Kazama and Lady Rochefort going to sleep and giving us tons of hot sole shots along the way to dreamland.

First off, here are a couple of KO vids with creepy assassin babe Zafina rendering Asuka unconscious and leaving her lying out cold in the middle of a war zone. Good thing Asuka's tough enough to just dust herself off, stand herself up, and try all over again!

Meanwhile, I guess Lili got a bit of the short end of the stick by getting herself pummeled by psycho cyborg Bryan Fury. Good thing her beauty's also super-tough... try as he might, Bryan's punches can't keep Barefoot Lili from still looking hot, even in defeat!

Ling Xiaoyu: Barefoot Magical Maid (Tekken 6)

I've posted (and will post) a lot from Tekken 6, but sadly I haven't really done many videos for kung-fu cutie, Ling Xiaoyu. It just doesn't help that she's really not my type of character in terms of gameplay style- she's very evasive and tricky, and her moves are really hard to master (for me). Well, she's still adorably cute, with lovely petite feet that look so soft and kissable even though she can pummel pretty much anyone into submission with them. Anyway, not enough barefoot Ling is criminal, so here's a little dose of her, care of this KO vid. Ling is wearing a combination of her maid and magical girl customization pieces, resulting in a fetching 'Magical Maid' look. Sadly, not all her magical sparkles can keep Ling from being knocked out and left unconscious in the middle of the High Rollers' Club. Certainly, she requires a nice foot massage to soothe her aches and nurse her back to health, eh? Check it out! I'll try to have more Ling in the future!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet AKA Titania AKA Fairy Tail's most kick-ass wizard AND hot barefoot babe.

Recently I've been hooked onto the hilarious action anime Fairy Tail. In blunt terms, it's kinda like a cross between Dragonball Z (over-the-top action and powers), Slayers (magic use) and One Piece (wild character designs), chronicling the adventures and misadventures of a fun-loving guild of wizards in the land of Fiore. But for an anime about wizards, you won't often find a conventional-looking mage (long robes, staff, pointy hat and beard) in this series- mangaka Hiro Mashima's designs of his various magic-using characters are all over the place, with magic being treated more like superpowers than spells cast from a book or wand. One of the most unwizardly-looking wizards in the series is also one of the main protagonists and definitely the hottest heroine in the series. She's Erza Scarlet AKA Titania, S-class Mage and the most powerful female in the Fairy Tail guild.

How unwizard-like is Erza? Well, she uses swords, for one thing. A LOT of them. She can use them with her hands AND feet (more on that later). She can even use them without touching them. Erza's known as 'The Armored Wizard', and her magic specialty is 'Requip', which is basically the ability to materialize something in your hands (or in Erza's case, on her body) from out of thin air, from some other-dimensional storage place. Erza uses her magic to quick-change into various suits of armor and enchanted swords, often with powerful magical abilities. All that plus she has telekinetic abilities that let her dispatch these swords, up to two hundred at a time. In a word, freakin' awesome.

But Erza's requip isn't just used for quick-changing into armor; nicely enough, Erza can use it to switch into other, less obtrusive outfits, such as swimsuits and pajamas. Or other, even crazier things. One such ensemble is shown in one of FT's early episodes, with TItania showing off what can only be described as her 'Battle Chef' outfit. If you look closely, you'll see it's actually just a chef hat and apron worn over a Japanese-style school bathing suit. This is the first time we see Erza requip into a barefoot outfit, and it's just the first.

Erza Battle-Cook

When Erza requps, she goes through a short but flashy transition where she is actually naked; of course we never actually see anything... EXCEPT her bare feet, which suits us footfans just fine.

Erza Transforms

Erza starts off the series seemingly as a very strict, domineering and cold character. But as the series progresses, we begin to see that she does have her moments of quirkiness and even goofy comedy. But most of all, beneath the armor beats what is probably the most selfless, courageous heart in Fairy Tail. Erza's loyalty to her guild and her friends is such that she's willing to give her life in their defense at the drop of a hat. During the 'Tower of Heaven' arc in the anime, we finally learn more about her, particularly about her tragic past. This past comes to haunt her as she is finally forced to confront her greatest enemy, who is also inversely someone she used to love and care for very deeply. Oh, the drama!

During the Tower of Heaven arc we literally see Erza bare her soul ANd soles. Duriing a pivotal battle with a lethal enemy samurai girl named Ikaruga (who has nice feet herself), Erza's many suits of magical armor prove useless. She finally realizes that all this time she's been hiding behind her arsenal to make up for her weaknesses. Erza then requips into what is surely her coolest battle outfit for foot fans- a barefoot swordswoman costume complete with sexy sarashi (bandage cloth) top, red hakamas and, of course, her bare feet! She stays barefoot for the remainder of the adventure, which is awesome.

Erza takes on her nemesis, Jellal, in her sexy barefoot Japanese-style swordswoman costume.

Here's a look at an unconscious Erza showing off an awesome sole shot. Too bad Erza doesn't actually finish off Jellal in the final battle, but she does save everyone at the end with an act of supreme self-sacrifice. Don't worry- somehow it all works out happily.

Erza KO'ed

Plus here's one more awesome clip of Erza in barefoot action. During the more recent Fighting Festival arc, she finds herself battling another wizardess called Evergreen. I'll let the the clip speak for itself, but suffice to say this should solidify Erza's position as THE barefoot warrior babe of Fairy Tail!

Erza truly is an awesome anime babe, and after you watch episodes of Fairy Tail you'll surely fall in love with this awesomely kick-ass, courageous but quirky and hilarious beauty. Any foot fans will surely be like the many admirers of Erza in the show (who fall in love with her after she stomps their butts with her sexy feet), to be among the throngs wishing to give her kisses and massages on her perfect soles and toes. If you haven't watched Fairy Tail yet, try it out. If only for Erza Scarlet, it's worth checking out!

Truly, Erza is one barefoot goddess you'll want to protect and pamper.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top 10 Scariest Barefoot Babes in Games

Halloween was last week, but I'm still in a bit of a horror mood. So here's a countdown of gaming's frightful femme fatales- gaming's barefoot babes of the undead or monstrous flavor, for those who love their soles and toes with a dash of the macabre. Gyaaa...

Corrupt Rogues (Diablo 2) In the monumental hack-and-slash, grinding fantasy classic, players will face hordes of hot, but sadly demon-possessed undead warrior women in their quest to stop the Lord of Terror. These babes appear in a variety of skimpy armor and some go barefoot, perhaps so as to better sneak up on their victims. As much as I would love to give these evil hotties a foot massage, a blade through their now-darkened hearts to free them from their torment would be much preferred and advised.

Female Zombies (Deadly Premonition) Silent Hill may have hot (but creepy) female nurse creatures, but sadly they're not to foot fans' tastes since they still wear pumps even in their nightmarish state. In Deadly Premonition, the female zombies are nicely barefoot... even if their faces look like they've been serviced by the same guy who did the Joker's makeup in the Dark Knight. Oh, and walking towards you while bent-over backwards is an extra creepy touch. These undead gals attack by jamming their hands into your mouth... if they tried that with their feet instead, maybe we'd be a bit more vulnerable.

Female Witch Doctor (Diablo 3) One of the playable character classes in the upcoming Diablo III, the female witch doctor is a voodoo-powered cleric with sorcerous spells that allow her to summon various deadly plagues and pests upon her enemies, inflict terror and do all sorts of deadly mischief. Judging on concept art and in-game models so far seen, the witch doctor dresses tribal-style and goes barefoot whether she's in her unarmored default state or in her equivalent of heavy armor. I have to say though, while some people may find her hot, I'm a bit on the fence. Maybe it's the stink of the dead things and ghoulish fetishes she insists on carrying on her person. Or maybe the chance that if you try to give her a foot massage you may get your head shrunken and worn as a anklet. Yikes!

Alma (F.E.A.R) Gaming's clone to the classic, long-haired ghost girl Sadako from The Ring, Alma was an abused child with psychic powers turned mother-of-all-demons. Half the time she's a creepy little barefoot girl who leaves bloody bare footprints, the other half she's a nude harpy ready to tear your face off. Either blood or stinky rot, that's not the kind of foot you'd fancy giving massages to, I hope.

Female Splicer (Bioshock) Among the many crazed and mutated, plasmid-flinging and pipe-swinging enemies you'll face in the sunken metropolis of Rapture are strangely fetching female splicers. The 'Baby Doll' type Splicer was apparently some kind of society gal, still wearing a now-ruined party dress, with one leg bare, the other stockinged. Though maddened and having a sickly grayish skin-tone, these are actually not undead, but might as well be.

Sasha (Infamous) In the action-packed anti-hero romp Infamous, one of the villains you encounter was the creepy Sasha, whose penchant for going half-naked and barefoot is sadly offset by her icky ability to exude black, mind-controlling tar from her body. Never mind that Sasha's admittedly kinda hot in a Borg Queen-sort of way... kissing her feet will probably cover your mouth in tar, and she'd probably vomit on you to turn you into a mindless slave. GAK!

Sasha's one dirty chick.

Alma (Ninja Gaiden) In the original awesome ninja action game by Tecmo's Team Ninja, one of the bosses that hero Ryu Hayabusa had to face was the formidable arch-demon Alma. Never mind the flourescent purple skin, giant bat wings where her ears should be and her general tendency to blast you with sorcery... she had a hot, hot butt and sexy (albeit clawed) bare feet. Well, once you defeated her she did turn back to a normal hot blonde babe, so perhaps she's not all bad.

Cloud of Darkness (Dissidia Final Fantasy) a force of chaos personified as a hot barefoot babe in skimpy, demonic attire with monster-thingies. With her gothic costume and wild hair, she's incredibly hot. Plus she tends to hover around, which makes it easier to kiss her sexy bare feet. Yeah, she's not human but at least, unlike some other Cloud in FF, she's also not a cross-dresser.

Cloud of Darkness is one hot goddess.

Unknown (Tekken) The mysterious but sexy end boss in the popular Tekken Tag Tournament, the simply named Unknown was a beautiful young lady whose exceptional features include glowing yellow eyes, a terrifying wolf-spirit hovering behind her and, well, skimpy attire. Unknown appeared either wearing one of two costumes- a burned, ruined white dress or just black body paint, and was barefoot in both. Despite the creep factor, she's surely a babe, and hopefully the slimy black goo comes off as easily as the wolf demon did. Will we ever see this hot barefoot babe again? Perhaps in TTT2?

Kerrigan (Starcraft 2) Before she became a monstrous genocidal mutant, Sarah Louise Kerrigan was a hot human babe whose fierce character captured the heart of galactic hero James Raynor. It is testament to her charm that several years and many exterminated planets later, Raynor still held a torch for the woman buried beneath the chitinous armored shell that was the Queen of Blades.
Well, his persistence is eventually rewarded at the end of Starcraft 2's single-player campaign with a climactic cutscene showing the now-human Kerrigan, naked (and of course, barefoot), in the loving arms of loverboy Jim. Where's he taking her? To someplace cozy so he can give those hot feet a long-overdue kissing and licking, of course. Sure, the Queen of Blades was hot in a Species kind of way, and she was barefoot albeit with weird built-in high heels. But of course, I prefer Kerrigan's soft, sexy and warm human soles and toes to kiss and worship.

And that's it! Ten creepy, monstrous and fearsome barefoot babes in gaming. Belated Happy Halloween!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar Spice (Tarzan and the Super 7/Super Stretch and Micro-Woman)

Ah, the good ol' days of cartoons. Often you'd find a lot of gems in these classics, hot barefoot babes that without a doubt planted the seeds of foot-love in many a youth. One of my favorite unshod toon vixens back then was the ravishing Sugar Spice. Appearing in the Super Stretch and Micro Woman chapter of the Filmation series, Tarzan and the Super 7, she was a criminal who used the powers of her Delusion Ring to get away with whatever she wanted (one for Hypno fans as well!). Unfortunately for her, the charm ring attack was a one-trick pony, and she got a dose of her own hypnotic powers after a simple mirror trick from Super Stretch... resulting in a pretty sweet KO.

Of course, Sugar Spice is a natural for foot fans- she's a gorgeous redhead, perhaps in her late twenties, with an incredibly sexy and sultry voice. She's also sexily drawn, dressed in just a short dress and, of course, apparently always barefoot. I'm sure all of us foot fans would jump at the chance to give Sugar Spice a comforting foot massage (no need for any freaky hypno-ring) or perhaps even sneak in a lick or a suck on her toes as she snoozes in her cell. Too bad she's going to the big house, but surely a girl this hot isn't all bad- perhaps she'll be released on good behavior eventually. Anyway, too bad that the series was too short-lived to allow for any rematch between the heroes and this barefoot villainess, but I guess thanks to Youtube we can always enjoy her short time in the limelight. Enjoy!

Sugar Spice: Proof that bad girls make the best barefoot babes.

Surely no Delusion Ring is needed for foot fans to worship this hot femme fatale.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mai Shiranui KOFXIII, Real-Bout Style!

Mai shows off her toes, thanks to fellow footfan, Kross!

It took me a while to see this, but heck, better late than never. As I've posted before, hot kunoichi Mai Shiranui is part of the roster in the latest King of Fighters game, but sadly as is the case with the KOF games, she wears full, foot-covering tabi. Well, as I requested in the original post I did for Mai in KOFXIII, someone took the time and effort to photoshop away those unsightly coverings and give Mai her sexy, open-toed look from the awesome Real Bout games. Thanks to our reader and fellow foot fan Kross for taking the time to do an awesome Photoshop job! Mai's toes look amazing! Awesome work! Now, all we need to do is to somehow get Kross a job in SNK...

Even More Malicious! (PS3)

Malicious' female heroine showing some costume malfunctions.

I've posted earlier this month about Malicious, the downloadable fantasy action game on PS3, which features a spirit hero whom you can also get in female form, who features nicely exposed toes. Well, apparently as you incur damage along the way, you lose clothing as well, as seen in the pic above. This of course should lead to nicer views of the spirit heroine's lovely legs and feet, something that is always a pleasure. There's a bit of a wrinkle though- as you take damage, you also lose body parts... as in, your body starts fading away, sadly starting from the feet (it's game over once you lose half your bod). Luckily as far as I can tell you can heal yourself (restoring your lost leggies) but your clothing remains torn (yeah).

Interesting. Anyway, here are a couple more pics of the lovely heroine, taking a little break from the action via turning her mystical cape-thingie into a chair (How convenient!).


Looks like someone can use cheering up... how about a nice, soothing foot massage?

Best of all, I found a 9-minute gameplay vid which shows off the lovely Spirit Heroine in action, including the clothing damage mechanic which exposes her feet and legs as the battle wears on. As an added bonus, the fight is with a hot female femme fatale boss- who sadly isn't barefoot but shows a bit of flesh on her feet. The vid shows off the whole level battle to it's conclusion, so check it out for some magical barefoot babe butt-kicking action!

Currently, Malicious is only available as a DLC game on the Japanese store. It's a bit too much trouble for me to get this 800 Yen title- I'll wait for an english/US release. Looks quite cool. For now, enjoy the vid!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lili and Alisa, Barefoot Adventurers! (Tekken 6)

Even if I'm really pining for a console version of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, the most awesome barefoot babe game you can get right now is still Tekken 6. You've got a fleet of the hottest videogame babes ready to bare their soles for you and engage in sexy combat. Aside from the regular one-on-one arena fighting mode, Tekken 6 adds in Scenario Campaign, which lets you take your favorite fighters on a Final Fight-style romp through the Tekken world... even if it's a hostile world apparently totally full of enemies.

Anyway, here are a couple of vids with my favorite Tekken 6 barefoot babe, Lili Rochefort, rushing soft-soled into various enemy zones, laying waste with her killer feet. It's great to see Lili (and bonus barefoot babe partner Alisa Bosconovitch) outside the usual closed arena setting and taking on multiple foes. I have to say though that the one detail I really enjoy as well is the sexy sound of the babes' soft soles pattering on the floor as they cutely run through the stage... man, I have to applaud the devs for taking the effort. Anyway, enjoy the butt-kicking as only Lili and Alisa can dish it out!

Don't miss the awesome close-up sole shots of Alisa near the start of this vid! Close enough to lick 'em!

Barefoot babes Lili and Alisa break into a G-Corporation Research Facility. Commandos, Jack Robots and Cold Floors can't stop these hotties!

Barefoot babes Lili and Alisa take on Devil Jin and his demon hordes!

The barefoot babes invade the Heart of Darkness... Mishima Headquarters!

Time for Jin Kazama to feel the agony of The Feet! Lili's, to be exact! (Lucky bastard)

Betrayal! Alisa turns to the darkside, and worse, puts on boots! Lili will make her pay!

I'm readying a cool article with an awesome barefoot babe on offer- hopefully I can still make it in before Halloween or so. Stay tuned! For now, enjoy these vids.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Female Heroine in Malicious (PS3)

Control this kick-ass, magical cape-wearing spirit warrior babe with the cute toes.

Coming later this year is Malicious, a downloadable action game for the Playstation 3. This game basically is all about the battles of a spirit warrior sent to defeat evil forces in some magical/technological setting. Nicely enough, you'll be able to choose the gender of your kick-ass protagonist, characterized by their magical shapechanging battle-cape, transparent pantaloons and nicely-exposed toes. Of course, us foot fans will be choosing to go with the fetching female version- I mean, if you're gonna stare at someone's butt and heels all day, I think we'll prefer it from a babe, right?

The heroine's toe-exposing leggings remind me of V-13 from Blazblue, which is neat... and she floats and kicks ass with magic as well. Perhaps they're related? Probably not, but surely they have cute toes us foot fans will obviously want to worship, kiss and lick to distraction (or destruction? Heh...).

Anyway, little is known as yet of this title in development, or if we'll be given lots of opportunity to ogle our in-game babe's feet. I'll be keeping an eye on this then.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Clover's Toes (Totally Spies)

Gotta love such talented toes.

Here's a cool clip from the Totally Spies movie, with the lovely blonde Clover showing off just how flexible and limber her toes are. Thanks to KingSideCastle and Match25 at Anime Feet for letting me know about this short but sweet scene! You just can't beat such a great sole shot with awesome toe action! It's kinda funny though that this movie is pretty inconsistent- Clover's wearing boots at the start of the scene, but she loses them for some reason at the end. Not that I'm complaining though! Anyway, such a lovely scene and an amazing view of some cute, cute and kissable cartoon toes. Enjoy!

Clover Wiggles Toes

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Even More Tangled!

A couple more featurettes for the upcoming Tangled animated feature film from Disney have hit Youtube recently, and in lovely, crisp 720p at that. So switch to HD when viewing these to have awesome views of the beautiful, barefoot princess Rapunzel's delectable and amazingly lifelike toes and soles. Man, I can probably spend this whole movie just staring at this stunning heroine's feet and thinking up all the ways I can worship them. Tangled hits theaters this November.

Great feature about the story, with lots of FOOTage of the stunningly gorgeous Rapunzel.

A cool featurette about the movie's hair animation. But really, how about a featurette about Rapunzel's feet?

Even though this is a Flynn Rider spot, there's still great views of Rapunzel in this fun trailer!

Finally, a viral ad with Rapunzel herself. She's SSSOOOOO CUTE!!!

Gosh I can't wait for this film! I really think Rapunzel's going to spend a lion's share of the movie barefoot, so this is surely going to be a foot fan's dream movie. This is going to be a very special Thanksgiving for us, indeed!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wetsuit Elena Sole Shots! (Uncharted 2) UPDATED!

Uncharted 2's barefoot blonde knockout shows off her soles.

UPDATE: Added one more vid. I finally got myself a copy of Uncharted 2 as well as the 'Sidekicks' DLC that gives me, among other new multiplayer skins, the sexy Wetsuit Elena, who's the only barefoot babe in the game (too bad there's no Wetsuit Chloe). Easily she's worth the pittance it took (about $3) to purchase the added content from PSN, as you can see in the video below! Miss Fisher certainly looks hot, scrambling around in her skin-tight wetsuit and bare feet, but really, the only way to get the best view of her lovely bare feet is when Elena's lying prone on the ground, unconscious and out of it. Thus this vid (made with UC2's cool cinema mode), showing off the combative babe getting knocked out (well, killed, actually) in action, was done. While the main appeal of this ryona-ish vid is more for KO fans like me, any foot fan should appreciate the lush and close up views of Elena's soles and toes that result.

For a DLC skin, Wetsuit Elena is quite nicely rendered and worth every cent. Now, if ever I really get to have a better connection and raise my skills, maybe then Elena can start kicking butt instead of just getting her cute behind kicked all the time... oh well. At least she has, I'm sure, tons of foot fans willing to worship and give kisses and licks on her smooth soles anytime, which is more than any of the other characters can say! Anyway, enjoy the vid!

Elena's cold feet require some warm kisses from adoring footfans...

More Elena taking shots to show off her soles...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alicia Melchiott (Valkyria Chronicles)

Alicia of Squad 7 is adorably cute in uniform. To see her out of it, check the vid below!

Lately I've really been getting into the strategy-RPG series Valkyria Chronicles (PS3, PSP). It's a pretty cool franchise, a kinda steampunk/alternate history European war where armies often have hot anime babes in their ranks. The poster girl and main heroine for VC is without a doubt the lovely and winsome Alicia Melchiott, the twin-ponytailed, rifle-bearing scout of Squad 7 in the Gallian Militia. Alicia's dedicated to several things- defending her tiny homeland from the oppressive Empire, her love for her (eventual) husband, Welkin Gunther, and baking really, really nice bread. Alicia fights a long and hard battle in the first game (and the matching anime) before she unlocks her mysterious past and earns her happy ending. Though she eventually marries that lucky lunk Welk, Alicia is surely a hot babe that anime and game otaku would surely want to hug and worship to no end for her fresh beauty, unyielding courage and wonderfully earnest personality. And, thanks to the cinematic below (from the PS3 game), we can add a hot bathing body to that too, along with some lovely, perfect feet!

Alicia in her bikini is sure to raise a lot of rifles out there.

Another wonderful piece of Valkyria art is this pic I found online, showing Welkin applying some field first aid to a blushing Alicia. How damn lucky is Welk to be able to strip off that boot and hold that perfect, soft leg and foot in his hands? He should surely give those smooth toes and soles a good kissing and licking along with the medicine, but then he might get a stomp on the face for that given Alicia's shyness... we wish. Anyway, enjoy the pic and the vid!

Welkin Gunther is indeed one lucky bastard...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tengai Makyo Jipang 7 Babe

Barefoot babe design from the upcoming MMORPG.

Here's a nice bit of artwork from the upcoming RPG, Tengai Makyo Jipang 7, an internet browser MMORPG from Red Entertainment (Sakura Taisen). Who is this cutie? Apparently she's some sort of farmer, not really an adventurer or warrior since the game is apparently going to focus on the everyday citizens of the land. Sadly I probably won't be playing this since by nature I'm not really into MMOs, especially something you play from a browser. Still, it's a nice bit of artwork that is worth looking at. Whoever she is, this cutie surely warrants a nice, comforting foot rub and massage on those cute feet after a day in the fields. Enjoy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wetsuit Elena in Action (Uncharted 2)

Here's a gameplay video of a multiplayer match with the fetching barefoot Wetsuit-clad Elena Fisher. Too bad it doesn't have nice KOs of her, but what it does have is lots of the shoeless babe running about on silent, sexy soles, climbing, leaping and kicking enemy ass. My only complaint is the 'Booyah' win animation... ladies should have a sexier, more sultry win animation. Anyway, the model's quite nice and better than I expected, so this kinda makes me wanna get the game just so I can play with the skin. Enjoy the vid!

Wetsuit Elena will kill you dead!

Video with all the newer MP skins...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rapunzel (Disney's Tangled)

Rapunzel is one Disney babe made just for footfans... just look at those toes!

Okay, if yesterday’s babe was a bit on the leathery side, here’s a barefoot heroine of royal beauty. She’s of course the latest Disney princess to hit the silver screen, the long-haired Rapunzel. Brought to life in dazzlingly gorgeous CG, this beautiful princess has gotten me enchanted. I have to say she’s definitely the hottest and most gorgeous heroine yet from the Mouse Factory, and that’s not just because she’s a barefooter. I mean, just look at her! Anime-cuteness and lifelike softness from head to toe… and I do mean toe!

Anyway, this is a wonderful treat for us since I found these awesome images of Rapunzel online, being shared by the film’s animator to promote the film. You can easily see how wonderfully animated and expressive Rapunzel’s toes are. So much detail has gone into them it’s unprecedented as far as I know. Rapunzel has to be the first CG female character ever with so much detail given to her bare feet, to how her toes curl and move. It’s obvious that being barefoot is as much an integral part of this imprisoned princess’s character and design as her super-powered hair, and I am so darn excited to see this flick. Just seeing how much lovely animation and detail her feet will show is worth the price of admission.

The feisty Rapunzel and Flynn Rider AKA the luckiest bastard in the kingdom.

It remains to be seen though how long Rapunzel goes before she inevitably wears shoes, but I’m willing to bet she’ll be shoeless for a good part of the movie. I’m hoping that when she does wear them (in the ending), she pops them right off. Really- to shut in those freedom-loving feet would be tantamount to locking Rapunzel off into another tower again, and that would be pretty uncool. Well, at least for us foot fans.

I really can't blame villainess Mother Gothel for coveting Rapunzel so much...

This is one Disney princess that I’m sure all of us foot guys will RUSH to bow and kneel before, of course to give due and proper worship to those utterly lovely, soft-looking, perfectly-groomed, so-cute-I-want-them-in-my-mouth toes and soles. Foot massages, rubs, licks and kisses are due to this babe in royal amounts. I’m sure that Tangled will become THE animated flick for foot fans this November. Heck, I can’t wait for the Blu-ray release… heh.
For now, enjoy the images. Oh, and I’m sure they’re far too small for you, so grab the high resolution versions over here. You’re welcome!

Rapunzel, her mates, and her feet are headed for us in November! Get ready!

Also just posted, here are two awesome and foot-tastic new Tangled trailers. ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chell (Portal)

Barefoot heroine Chell and her Companion Cube.

I'm not usually into PC games, which explains why I wasn't able to post an update with this babe before. Chell here is the heroine of the critically-acclaimed puzzle-shooter, Portal. A prisoner and test subject, Chell must navigate her way through a labyrinthine complex, her plight and progress continually aided/impeded by an A.I. named GLADOS. Chell's main weapon is of course the Portal Gun, which allows her to... well... create portals. But of course the more important thing for us foot fans is that Chell goes through the game shoeless, wearing only a pair of braces on her shins that allow her to leap great distances. I have to say though that while I love her design, Chell's execution leaves a bit to be desired... let's just say that even if you're not a foot guy, I think you'd prefer looking at her feet than her face.

Heh... well, anyway, this babe has been better portrayed by other artists, which you can find elsewhere online.

Chell's all about her bare feet and... those leg-thingies.

In any case, I think that Chell is a great design, even if you can't really appreciate her in the game since it's mainly played from a first-person perspective and Chell herself pretty much has no animation or expression to speak of (she doesn't even speak, as far as I know). Perhaps it's due to the ordeal she has gone through- perhaps a soothing foot massage and kisses on her feet would get her to open up and perhaps soften her features a bit. I dunno. Anyway, Chell's coming back in the sequel game, Portal 2, but I don't know if she's still barefoot in it. We'll see once more stuff is revealed.

Ico is off to give his new babe a foot massage... horny kid.