Thursday, December 9, 2010

Top 10 Barefoot Videogame Babe Default Costumes

Yeah, the title's a bit of a mouthful, but this is indeed what it is- a list of my favorite barefoot videogame babe outfits. Now, as awesome as Character Customization in games like Soulcalibur IV, Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5 allow us to strip away digital hotties' footwear to reveal perfect virtual bare feet, it's just truly a wonderful thing when a hot videogame babe is dressed in a costume that has her barefoot by default. I can just speculate that the character designers are surely foot fans themselves for dreaming up these sexy shoeless ensembles. The best barefoot outfits don't necessarily have to be scandalously skimpy, but aside from showing off the babe's hot looks and figure, it should give exceptional focus to our favorite body part. So check out this list, which by the way only includes default outfits- so no unlockable, alternate, add-on or customized outfits. Enjoy!

10. Juri Han Taekwondominatrix Costume (Super Streetfighter IV) Juri could easily have been a pretty boring design (well, at least kinda bland like KOF's Chae Lim), but fortunately Capcom's devs made her into a borderline psychotic superbitch who loves dominating her enemies with her feet- awesome. To match her supervillain persona, they gave her a provocative outfit consisting of her odd but fetching 'cow-horn' hairstyle, spider-themed top, spiked bracelets, sexy form-fitting bodysuit, teasingly-cut pantaloons and instep guards. The barely-there footwear nicely keeps the best parts of her feet exposed and bare- the front of the feet and toes, the heels and most of her soles. The whole ensemble is sexy, combat-ready and gives this vixen a unique silhouette, and nice focus to her flexible, kissable feet. Of course the best touch of the outfit? Purple-painted toenails.

9. Mai Shiranui Barefoot Instep Guard Outfit (Fatal Fury Series) The bouncy ninja girl has been around for countless installments of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, and while her outfit generally follows the same style- skimpy red costume that shows off quite a lot of flawless skin- foot fans in particular should love the costumes she wore in Fatal Fury 3 and in the Real Bout Fatal Fury series. For footwear, instead of the usual conventional ninja tabi (toed-socks), Mai wore a new pair of less-restrictive and decidedly a lot sexier instep guards that basically had her barefoot, with the fronts and heels of her feet exposed and most of her soles touching the ground beneath. Mai would go bare for the whole of the Real Bout series (Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout FF Special and Real Bout FF Special 2) and for the 3D Fatal Fury fighter on PSX, Wild Ambition. Since then, we haven't seen her toes since, even in the latest SNK fighter, KOFXIII, her latest appearance. We love ninja toes though, so we're hoping and praying that someday Mai bares her sexiest assets to us again.

8. Ibuki Ninja Dogi (Streetfighter III, Super Streetfighter IV) As flashy as Juri and Mai are, the super-cute Ibuki is understated and elusive in her baggy, monotone ninja costume. Ibuki's outfit nevertheless is quite sexy- teasing as much as it conceals and covers. What flesh she shows off gives hints of her undeniable beauty- long bangs of silky hair, bright, lively eyes, her toned shoulders and arms, a teasing, huggable bit of hip, and of course, those perfect, deadly bare toes, heels and soles, peeking from between tightly-wrapped ninja bandages. Not much adornment like Juri's nail polish or makeup, but Ibuki's refreshing good looks and bare feet au naturelle just shine through regardless. Any foot fan will surely chase this agile pixie and her mischievous, teasing feet wherever she goes.

7. Nina Williams Original P1 Outfit Back in the young days of the 3D fighting genre, one of the first barefoot babes in gaming was the lethal Nina Williams, a sexy assassin who could break bones as well as hearts. Admittedly the first generation PSX graphics couldn't render Nina as hot as she is seen nowadays as in Tekken 6, but foot fans surely fell in love with this femme fatale since she was the game's first ever barefoot babe. Nina's original P1 outfit was a sleeveless, skin-tight purple-and-blue costume with capri-length pants and an ankle brace- Nina's feet were bare and despite the low poly count sported the nice detail of red-painted toenails... sexy! Too bad that since then, while Nina has retained having a purple costume by tradition, going barefoot was lost along the way. Good thing Tekken 6 allows us to have a shoeless Nina once again, but hopefully someday we'll see Nina barefoot by default in a future Tekken game.

6. Elika's Ahura Outfit (Prince of Persia) From the very first teaser trailer of 2008's Prince of Persia reboot game, we knew it would be a foot fan favorite, thanks to the sole-first intro of new sidekick and hot barefoot babe Elika. This dusky-skinned beauty was a princess but she was as far from a parlor-sitting pansy as could be. She ran, climbed, leaped and fought alongside the new Hero step-by-step, all throughout barefoot dressed in her fetching white-and-blue capri-style pants outfit. The Prince was damn lucky to have Elika along the whole quest, too bad they didn't work out. Perhaps it would have ended differently if he gave her more foot massages and less snarky quips.

5. Tati Raku Outfit (Rise of the kasai) One very much under-appreciated gem of the PS2 age was the Mark of Kri, a barbarian-age stealth action game with almost Disney-style character designs and animations. It was the sequel, Rise of the Kasai, that gave us the luscious and lethal Tati, easily one of the hottest assassin babes in gaming. A snot-nosed kid in the previous game, ROTK saw her blossom into a darkly beautiful young woman, possessed of creepy powers thanks to her being marked by the fiendish tattoos of evil. Dark sorcery aside though, Tati was an athletic, agile beauty, acrobatic and stealthy, dressed in skimpy wear consisting of a sexy tribal top, loin-cloth and some fetchingly furry shin guards. Of course, her strong and graceful feet were bare, all the better to pad silently towards unsuspecting targets. Tati had several unlockable costumes, including an even skimpier 'Evil' outfit, but her default costume is still the hottest by far.
It's really a shame that this game didn't hit big in terms of sales, which sadly left the hot Tati in obscurity. In another world, the Mark of Kri series would have had a PS3 or Xbox360 chapter, which surely would give us a far sexier incarnation of this lethal hottie. In any case, Tati is worth the effort to get a PS2 (or a PS3 with backwards-compatibility) and a copy of ROTK. She's that freakin' hot.

4. Lara Croft Black Dress (Tomb Raider Legend) The lovely Lara Croft has tons of outfits (being a wealthy heiress helps a lot in that regard), and more than one of them are barefoot ensembles. These include her various wetsuits, a couple of casual numbers she wears around Croft Manor... and this saucy one- The Black Dress in the TRL Tokyo chapter. Though it started off as a party gown complete with high heels for a night of wining and dining, Lara immediately switched to combat mode once the heavily-armed hitmen stormed in. The guns and holsters went on, the shoes came off. From there on, Lara was a barefoot angel of death, scampering all over the place, padding silently and softly but hitting hard against the Yakuza enemy. It's awesome to note that Lara was expecting an attack- so she brought everything she needed for a deadly mission: mini-backpack, guns, holsters... and that's it! Apparently, shoes weren't a necessity at all for assaulting a crimelord's hideout. If this isn't a total sign that Lara is a foot fan's dream heroine, nothing is. It's this awesome and sexy touch that makes the Tokyo stage of Tomb Raider Legend one of the most memorable and beloved for foot fans.

3. Kaede Smith's White Dress (Killer 7) What does a professional assassin wear into battle with maniacal, demonic suicide bombers? Well, just a blood-spattered white sundress, of course! Well, that's all that's needed by Kaede Smith AKA 'Barefoot', the hot female member of the bad-ass Killer 7. Kaede was truly a foot fan's wet dream come alive on the TV screen- a slim shoeless beauty, in looks more damsel than anything else, but in actuality a lethal sniper armed with a hand cannon with a humongous scope. Her naked footsteps echoed through the strangely abandoned halls and streets of the Killer 7 world, melding with the evil laughter of the enemy Heaven Smiles. If any of the enemy was lucky enough to crawl close enough to Kaede, she'd stomp their faces in with her sexy bare soles to put them out of their misery... what a way to go! What I would give for a PS3 version of Killer 7, with a high quality CG Kaede running about, perfect feet enchanting us with every step. Suda 51, make this so!

2. Poison Ivy Jail Uniform (Batman: Arkham Asylum) The veggie vixen Poison Ivy AKA Pamela Isely isn't known for lavish wardrobes- her best outfits in the comics are simply leaves covering her private parts and little else- the best artists render her barefoot so her soles touch the earth like the roots of her plants. Fortunately this is the way she is portrayed in Arkham Asylum, the only addition to her leafy lingerie being a skimpy shirt top- the one article of clothing marking her as an inmate of Arkham Asylum. Oh, and of course red toenail polish. It's minimalist, it's damn hot, and well, actually, only Ivy can really pull this off but hey, just look at her and tell me that's not awesome.

1. Lara Croft Wetsuit (Tomb Raider Underworld) Throughout her long career and many missions, Lara has had multiple wetsuits. Of all of these sexy, invariably barefoot outfits, the black-and-yellow wetsuit from Tomb Raider Underworld, with it's bikini cut bottom wonderfully showing off Lara's perfect butt, legs and bare feet more than any of the previous rubber suits, is surely the best in the whole series. Man, isn't it awesome that Lara just doesn't feel the need for bulky air tanks? Or flippers? Even better, you also get to see Lara traipsing around in this hot suit almost immediately after first booting up TRU.
Throughout a leisurely Mediterranean dive, to a romp through a Kraken's lair (where Lara's soles nicely gets a bit dirty as she runs around) and beyond, Lara's running around barefoot and we're loving every hot angle of it thanks to TRU's nicely compliant camera. Lastly, it's in this wetsuit that Lara spends another barefooted assault on a heavily-armed enemy stronghold. Obviously, most of those mercenary thugs were too dazzled by the sight of Lara's hot feet and legs to effectively counterattack.
While many even skimpier bikinis are also available in TRU (Xbox360 only) via DLC, the default wetsuit is truly the one barefoot outfit that once again solidifies the incomparable Lara Croft as the foot fan's true game goddess.

So that's it! Here's to more barefoot babes to come in the next waves of games to come in the near and far future. Just how hot will our CG sirens be with graphics, animations and gaming advancing every month, every year? Anatomically-correct feet, super-realistic cloth... the future of barefoot babes in games looks bright indeed!


  1. Many a hottie on this list. Major props for including Kaede Smith. Such an underrated game Killer 7 was.

  2. Wow...Awesome list. Every one of those girls rocks. Great pictures and clips for them as well. Total barefoot hotness overload. ^_^;

  3. And Hitomi in DOA III ? And Aoi in VF5 ? They are true barefoot babes too ! ^^

  4. Anonymous: Since this is a Top 10 list, I couldn't really post every babe. I had to choose between Makoto and Hitomi, since they both wore karate gis. As for Aoi, remember, this is about default outfits, and Aoi isn't actually barefoot by default- you have to customize her.