Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nina Williams: Femme Feetale (Tekken 6)

Nina stomps and grinds Asuka with her Twisted Mind (and sexy foot).

Lately I've been in a mood for sexy, deadly blonde femme fatales. With due respect (and worship) to my current Tekken 6 main and also stunning golden-haired hottie, Lili Rochefort, when you say 'Femme Fatale' in Tekken, you really mean just one babe in particular... and that's Nina Williams. Nina's always been a favorite of mine. These days, I really don't use Nina as much- her moves and style are just a bit out of my speed, but I still love her to pieces, and with just a bit of practice I can still kick ass with her. Still, she's the original barefoot babe in the Tekken series (in the first game), and really, is the First Lady of the Iron Fist Tournament as a whole- sort of a nasty, anti-heroine equivalent to SF's Chun-Li. Strangely enough, both she and Chun have similar traits- they both have been deemed worthy enough to star in spin-off media (Chun-li in that awful live-action movie, while Nina in her own solo action game) that eventually proved to be of dubious quality. Nina just isn't hero material, I think... the last thing that fans and true admirers of Nina would want her to be is a goody-two shoes girl scout. We love her simply because she can kick ass incredibly well, and looks even more incredible while she's at it.

Another view of the hot, foot-to-face action.

In any case, Nina's easily one of the hottest videogame babes around. There's a truly intoxicating mix and appeal of her teasing, dominatrix femme fatale personality and angelic beauty- a combination as deadly as her own use of Aikido and bone martial arts. Oh, and of course, there are her utterly gorgeous soles and toes that foot fans will surely welcome getting stomped by. I've always wished that the Tekken designers would have kept her having a barefoot outfit since the first game, but sadly all they kept consistent was her having a purple outfit. I'm still hoping that someday she gets another default barefoot costume, perhaps a remake of her original P1 costume. We just need a foot fan to get into Katsuhiro Harada's team. Somehow, someway! In any case, I can't complain that we can customize Nina shoeless in Tekken 6, along with several other of the hottest babes in the game.

And so, here's aTekken 6 KO vid showing off Nina doing what she does best- dominating the competition and crushing them under her divine soles with her Twisted Mind move. This footstomp and grind is something Nina shares with another hot fighting game blonde, Sarah Bryant, but nicely while the VF babe only does this in an intro cutscene, Miss Williams can do it in-game.

Nina's Twisted Mind and sexy feet crushes the competition.

The great thing as well for Nina being a bit of a bad girl particularly in Tekken 6... barefoot villainesses ROCK. It's all the hotter when they are knocked out, rendered helpless and unconscious. Luckily, while many barefoot femme fatales tend to explode, vanish, dissolve or otherwise self-destruct when they're defeated, Nina's usually left lying unconscious on the ground, her sleepy bare soles inviting the victor to ogle and appreciate their prize. Yep, indeed, Nina's as hot taking KOs as well as dishing them out.

An assassin's soles... exposed!

Nina looks so angelic and peaceful... when she's asleep.

So here's a vid of just that- Nina going out like a light and lying unconscious at her opponent's feet. These instances of Nina so vulnerable are a bit rare though, so enjoy this while it lasts... she'll surely grab your head in a leglock if you tarry too long.

Nina's as hot going out as she is dealing out the pain.

I really can't get enough of this barefoot assassin, so it's great that Tekken 6 lets us all enjoy her hotness and sexy feet as much as we want. Hopefully the upcoming Tekken games will give us even more opportunities to ogle her perfect soles and deadly legs even more. For now, keep dreaming of this femme fatale and her deadly-sexy feet!

Keep dreaming of this bad girl's feet on your face, all over the place.


  1. Yes yes hot!! Nina's feet rule!!

  2. nice :-) there are also good foot moves in dead or alive and bare feet facestanding in kensei sacred fist for ps one.

  3. Ah, Dead or Alive PSX- even today it's one of my favorite barefoot babe titles. As I recall though, Kensei: Sacred Fist did not have any of it's female fighters barefoot.