Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top 10 Barefoot Disney Heroines

Even if they're mostly known for goofy cartoons and anthropomorphic animals, Disney has also been pleasing foot fans for decades, giving us some of the most memorable animated heroines who often go barefoot on their adventures. While the generally wholesome flavor of Disney flicks guarantees that their characters can never be as overtly hot as in anime and more mature cartoons, there's still awesome appeal in the shoeless sirens from the House of Mouse. Here's a list of the best of the bunch- it's not a total exhaustive list, as I've decided to exclude characters like Lilo and Jungle Book's Shanti due to their being too young... and also not Nala or Miss Bianca since, while they don't wear shoes, they're also... not human. Aaaanyway... If I missed any aside from them, well, apologies... Anyway, here's the Solekeeper's list of barefoot Disney heroines!

10. Jasmine (Aladdin) Okay, this is a bit of a stretch since this Arabian princess doesn't ever go barefoot in the first Aladdin film. I'm sure she has some barefoot moments or scenes in the Aladdin TV cartoon. Anyway, I needed ten heroines and Jasmine completes the set. Heheh...

9. Pocahontas (Pocahontas) You'd think American Indian Barbie would rate higher, but really- I never liked the Disney fantasy cartoon that the Pocahontas movie turned out to be... perhaps it never should have been made, IMO. Despite the obvious tease in her design, she's just so bland and boring both in looks and personality (of course, they couldn't really do anything to make her too quirky since she's, well, a historical figure). There's never any point that gives good focus to her feet and perhaps due to the limitations of the animations her feet often lack detail. Disney's alternate-timeline Pocahontas lives to continue her adventures in a sequel, but is never seen barefoot again after the first movie.

8. Fa Mulan (Mulan) Ah, a lovely lady from ancient China who gladly hasn't had her feet bound. Unfortunately apart from a scant two short scenes, Mulan spends the most of her time wearing shoes... and dressed as a man, at that. The quality of the second barefoot scene though- Mulan's resolute transition into her disguise and quest- has a brief but awesome sole shot that foot fans will surely always remember.

7. Ariel (The Little Mermaid) You'd think a mermaid would be the farthest character from a foot fan's mind, but thankfully in the course of the story, this lovable sea-princess does get a fetching pair of legs, as well as an amazing sole shot moment as she marvels at her new appendages. Unfortunately afterwards the film is pretty inconsistent, with Ariel becoming barefoot or wearing shoes apparently at random. As cute and lovable as Ariel is, her animation quality leaves a bit to be desired for me. Still, she's surely a sentimental fave for many.

6. Kida (Atlantis: The Lost Empire) The Princess of the lost Empire of Atlantis was hot- in a jungle girl/tribal warrior way. She's certainly an exotic beauty with her white hair and dark skin, and an athletic, acrobatic fighter in her own right. She's also articulate, intelligent and quite a courageous princess. Too bad she suddenly turns into a helpless damsel towards the end. Of course, she's barefoot for the most part in the film (not so in the crappy sequel though), but sadly there are little, if ever any, good closeups or moments that focus on Kida's toes and soles- they're very understated, just like the character and the movie in general. Still, she and her film are hidden gems in the Disney repertoire, not to be missed.

5. Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre Dame) This kick-ass gypsy rebel surely captured a lot of hearts when she appeared in this dark horse of a Disney flick. With flashing green eyes, dusky skin, acrobatic athleticism and the voice of Demi Moore, Esmeralda is indeed one bewitching beauty. As a gypsy, she stays barefoot for the whole film, and figures in quite a few cool action scenes as well as a sexy dance number. She's also spirited, courageous and kind, making her a standout character... too bad she becomes a pretty passive damsel towards the end of the movie. Esmeralda returns in the sequel to the Hunchback of Notre Dame, but for some reason she's wearing shoes then. What is it with these barefoot furies turning domestic and shod in sequels? Lazy animators, I guess... sigh.

4. Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) Though her real name is Aurora, the lovely royal heroine of Sleeping Beauty spends the earlier time of the film as the barefoot forest maiden Briar Rose, truly an enthralling and gorgeous beauty with an amazing singing voice, the talent to talk to animals and, well, some of the daintiest, tiniest bare feet you'll ever see. Rose is barefoot for some nice, lengthy scenes in the forest, which are surely foot fan favorites. Sadly, after she goes and returns to the castle we never see her lovely feet again. Though she became the stuffy Aurora forever after, we'll always love her as the simple, elegant and unshod Briar Rose.

3. Jane Porter (Tarzan) Ah, Jane... as lovely as she surely should be, she was saddled with frumpy dresses and Minnie Driver's voice (which, while ultimately pretty awesome, isn't your usual heroine vocal flavor). Thankfully it doesn't take long for Miss Porter to get into the ways of the jungle and start barefooting it. There are quite a few nice foot-tastic moments in Tarzan, plus Jane is always barefoot in the subsequent Tarzan animated TV series (which is so darn hard to find). In contrast to many heroines, Jane starts off wearing shoes and loses them in the end... which makes her an exceptional foot fan fave.

2. Giselle (Enchanted) With respect to Amy Adams hotness, the live-action Giselle really pales in comparison to her animated version, which opens up the movie Enchanted in a wonderfully long hand-animated intro sequence which both is a parody and wonderful modernized look at Disney Princesses. Nicely enough, animated Giselle is, like Briar Rose upon whom she surely got inspiration from, a barefoot beauty who can talk to animals. The whole cartoon sequence is animated with great detail and there are lots of nice views of Giselle's sexy bare feet, even a nice closeup or two as well. If only for animated Giselle, it's worth it for foot fans to get themselves a copy of Enchanted for their collection.

1. Rapunzel (Tangled) AND of course, last but certainly the BEST, is the princess with 70 feet of golden, healing hair. The story is all about Rapunzel's locks, but it's her feet that should please us all- undoubtably the most well-animated, most expressive, most adorable animated bare feet yet seen. Even better, she's barefoot for pretty much the whole movie! But beyond all that, Rapunzel's as lively, expressive, full of personality and mesmerizingly gorgeous as any live-action performer, and truly goes beyond what has been seen before in a Disney animated heroine. She's not just the best barefoot babe from the House of Mouse... in my book, she's the Best. Disney Princess. EVER!

And that's it! Go catch Tangled right now. I've still got some time to wait before I get my Rapunzel fix though, and I'll probably post more on Rapunzel when I do. For now, enjoy the holiday and meet Disney's best barefoot heroine.


  1. Rapunzel is my favorite Disney princess as of today. Wait, Pocahontas, Jane, and Mulan were princesses too?!

  2. No, not all these characters were princesses, that's why I entitled the post '10 Barefoot Disney Heroines'. ^_^

  3. Here in the Philippines, Tangled's going to come out in February right when the Blu-ray movie comes out in the States. Now I don't know if watching it on cinema is worth it if I can pause on those sexy feet at home;P

  4. Hey Olo! February? Ack! That's a long wait. I think it's good to watch the film in theaters to support it, and for the fun of laughing and enjoying it along with a big audience. I hope the Blu-ray has nice BTS features which show off more of Rapunzel's feet. ^_^

  5. Wow great list Sole Keeper. Disney has a lot of really hot barefoot girls. I still need to see Tangled...hopefully I'll get the chance this weekend. Have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy it a lot. ^_^

  6. I Think my fetish developed even more by watching Disney Movies. I Don't know if it was their intention, but the detail on feet is awesome in movies. I think that Disney animators have a Foot Fetish too :P

  7. Well, at least someone in the Tangled development team doesn't hate feet.. and the film is all the better and more awesome for it. My being a foot fan aside, Rapunzel wouldn't be as adorable if she spent the whole film wearing shoes.

  8. So, Have you watched the movie Tangled? are there a lot of barefoot screenshots? Specially the soles, i'm interested in the soles aspect. I haven't watched it, that's why i am asking you.

  9. I haven't seen it yet. But as has been said by those who have, Rapunzel is barefoot for the whole movie so there's bound to be gobs of nice views. Anyone who has actually seen the movie feel free to chime in.

  10. There are TONES of shots of Rapunzel's feet shown in this film. i would honestly say that about 90% of the entire film has clips that show Rapunzel's feet. and they are shown at virtually every angle they can possibly be seen from at one point or another. her toes look so playfull all the time... just perfect! =>

  11. Here's a task. get together every single video clip from the movie and post them on virtual soles. there's a challenge sole keeper, although i bet your already preparing for this one =>