Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top 10 Scariest Barefoot Babes in Games

Halloween was last week, but I'm still in a bit of a horror mood. So here's a countdown of gaming's frightful femme fatales- gaming's barefoot babes of the undead or monstrous flavor, for those who love their soles and toes with a dash of the macabre. Gyaaa...

Corrupt Rogues (Diablo 2) In the monumental hack-and-slash, grinding fantasy classic, players will face hordes of hot, but sadly demon-possessed undead warrior women in their quest to stop the Lord of Terror. These babes appear in a variety of skimpy armor and some go barefoot, perhaps so as to better sneak up on their victims. As much as I would love to give these evil hotties a foot massage, a blade through their now-darkened hearts to free them from their torment would be much preferred and advised.

Female Zombies (Deadly Premonition) Silent Hill may have hot (but creepy) female nurse creatures, but sadly they're not to foot fans' tastes since they still wear pumps even in their nightmarish state. In Deadly Premonition, the female zombies are nicely barefoot... even if their faces look like they've been serviced by the same guy who did the Joker's makeup in the Dark Knight. Oh, and walking towards you while bent-over backwards is an extra creepy touch. These undead gals attack by jamming their hands into your mouth... if they tried that with their feet instead, maybe we'd be a bit more vulnerable.

Female Witch Doctor (Diablo 3) One of the playable character classes in the upcoming Diablo III, the female witch doctor is a voodoo-powered cleric with sorcerous spells that allow her to summon various deadly plagues and pests upon her enemies, inflict terror and do all sorts of deadly mischief. Judging on concept art and in-game models so far seen, the witch doctor dresses tribal-style and goes barefoot whether she's in her unarmored default state or in her equivalent of heavy armor. I have to say though, while some people may find her hot, I'm a bit on the fence. Maybe it's the stink of the dead things and ghoulish fetishes she insists on carrying on her person. Or maybe the chance that if you try to give her a foot massage you may get your head shrunken and worn as a anklet. Yikes!

Alma (F.E.A.R) Gaming's clone to the classic, long-haired ghost girl Sadako from The Ring, Alma was an abused child with psychic powers turned mother-of-all-demons. Half the time she's a creepy little barefoot girl who leaves bloody bare footprints, the other half she's a nude harpy ready to tear your face off. Either blood or stinky rot, that's not the kind of foot you'd fancy giving massages to, I hope.

Female Splicer (Bioshock) Among the many crazed and mutated, plasmid-flinging and pipe-swinging enemies you'll face in the sunken metropolis of Rapture are strangely fetching female splicers. The 'Baby Doll' type Splicer was apparently some kind of society gal, still wearing a now-ruined party dress, with one leg bare, the other stockinged. Though maddened and having a sickly grayish skin-tone, these are actually not undead, but might as well be.

Sasha (Infamous) In the action-packed anti-hero romp Infamous, one of the villains you encounter was the creepy Sasha, whose penchant for going half-naked and barefoot is sadly offset by her icky ability to exude black, mind-controlling tar from her body. Never mind that Sasha's admittedly kinda hot in a Borg Queen-sort of way... kissing her feet will probably cover your mouth in tar, and she'd probably vomit on you to turn you into a mindless slave. GAK!

Sasha's one dirty chick.

Alma (Ninja Gaiden) In the original awesome ninja action game by Tecmo's Team Ninja, one of the bosses that hero Ryu Hayabusa had to face was the formidable arch-demon Alma. Never mind the flourescent purple skin, giant bat wings where her ears should be and her general tendency to blast you with sorcery... she had a hot, hot butt and sexy (albeit clawed) bare feet. Well, once you defeated her she did turn back to a normal hot blonde babe, so perhaps she's not all bad.

Cloud of Darkness (Dissidia Final Fantasy) a force of chaos personified as a hot barefoot babe in skimpy, demonic attire with monster-thingies. With her gothic costume and wild hair, she's incredibly hot. Plus she tends to hover around, which makes it easier to kiss her sexy bare feet. Yeah, she's not human but at least, unlike some other Cloud in FF, she's also not a cross-dresser.

Cloud of Darkness is one hot goddess.

Unknown (Tekken) The mysterious but sexy end boss in the popular Tekken Tag Tournament, the simply named Unknown was a beautiful young lady whose exceptional features include glowing yellow eyes, a terrifying wolf-spirit hovering behind her and, well, skimpy attire. Unknown appeared either wearing one of two costumes- a burned, ruined white dress or just black body paint, and was barefoot in both. Despite the creep factor, she's surely a babe, and hopefully the slimy black goo comes off as easily as the wolf demon did. Will we ever see this hot barefoot babe again? Perhaps in TTT2?

Kerrigan (Starcraft 2) Before she became a monstrous genocidal mutant, Sarah Louise Kerrigan was a hot human babe whose fierce character captured the heart of galactic hero James Raynor. It is testament to her charm that several years and many exterminated planets later, Raynor still held a torch for the woman buried beneath the chitinous armored shell that was the Queen of Blades.
Well, his persistence is eventually rewarded at the end of Starcraft 2's single-player campaign with a climactic cutscene showing the now-human Kerrigan, naked (and of course, barefoot), in the loving arms of loverboy Jim. Where's he taking her? To someplace cozy so he can give those hot feet a long-overdue kissing and licking, of course. Sure, the Queen of Blades was hot in a Species kind of way, and she was barefoot albeit with weird built-in high heels. But of course, I prefer Kerrigan's soft, sexy and warm human soles and toes to kiss and worship.

And that's it! Ten creepy, monstrous and fearsome barefoot babes in gaming. Belated Happy Halloween!


  1. O_O Cool Halloween list Sole Keeper. Some really scary (and hot) women on the list. It was a lot of fun to read through. Also really awesome to see a barefoot Kerrigan moment. O_O Quite the Halloween treat!!

  2. Yep, this was a lot of fun to write. Glad you enjoyed it, KSC! ^_^