Monday, November 1, 2010

Sugar Spice (Tarzan and the Super 7/Super Stretch and Micro-Woman)

Ah, the good ol' days of cartoons. Often you'd find a lot of gems in these classics, hot barefoot babes that without a doubt planted the seeds of foot-love in many a youth. One of my favorite unshod toon vixens back then was the ravishing Sugar Spice. Appearing in the Super Stretch and Micro Woman chapter of the Filmation series, Tarzan and the Super 7, she was a criminal who used the powers of her Delusion Ring to get away with whatever she wanted (one for Hypno fans as well!). Unfortunately for her, the charm ring attack was a one-trick pony, and she got a dose of her own hypnotic powers after a simple mirror trick from Super Stretch... resulting in a pretty sweet KO.

Of course, Sugar Spice is a natural for foot fans- she's a gorgeous redhead, perhaps in her late twenties, with an incredibly sexy and sultry voice. She's also sexily drawn, dressed in just a short dress and, of course, apparently always barefoot. I'm sure all of us foot fans would jump at the chance to give Sugar Spice a comforting foot massage (no need for any freaky hypno-ring) or perhaps even sneak in a lick or a suck on her toes as she snoozes in her cell. Too bad she's going to the big house, but surely a girl this hot isn't all bad- perhaps she'll be released on good behavior eventually. Anyway, too bad that the series was too short-lived to allow for any rematch between the heroes and this barefoot villainess, but I guess thanks to Youtube we can always enjoy her short time in the limelight. Enjoy!

Sugar Spice: Proof that bad girls make the best barefoot babes.

Surely no Delusion Ring is needed for foot fans to worship this hot femme fatale.

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