Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kristin (Dead Rising 2)

In the crazy, zombie-infested world of Dead Rising 2, players control the taciturn Chuck Greene as he tries to save his daughter and any survivor he can find from the slavering hordes of undead and the odd psychopath. But nicely enough, even in the midst of all the weirdness there's still the occasional barefoot babe to find and enjoy. One of these is the decidedly alcoholic Kristin, a fetching showgirl from the casino who got herself a bit too drunk for her own good. But good for us footfans, she not only lost her good sense and sobriety but also her footwear. To save her, Chuck will have to carry her all the way to the safe house through the zombie hordes. It's actually not as hard as you'd think- Chuck's strong enough so that he doesn't tire at any point doing this, and carrying a survivor is actually good protection for Chuck against getting grabbed by the odd zombie. The best part of course are the nice sole shots you can get of this hot babe's nicely-detailed bare feet. Just ignore the fact that she probably stepped on her own vomit.

Here's a little non-canon aside as Chuck has a GTA moment and pummels poor Kristin lifeless. Maybe he snapped after all the killing. Anway, this is just a nasty dream sequence, I assure you, as in reality Kristin was brought to the safe house unharmed and in one piece. So then maybe she can get cleaned up so kissing and massaging her sexy bare soles and toes will be a more attractive proposition!

There's actually at least one more hot barefoot babe to rescue in DR2, so I'll try to post more when I can. Too bad there aren't enough of these unshod hotties in the game- I particularly wish that gorgeous reporter showed off her feet in particular. Oh well. For now, enjoy views and thoughts of tipsy Kristin!


  1. Yep, the other girl is actually in her underwear, refusing to go anywhere until Chuck is in his underwear, too. Then, she complains that the floor is too cold for her to walk on, barefoot, and has you carry her. Chuck doesn't seem pleased.

  2. I actually found her already, but stopped playing right after. Once I get back to playing I'll post a vid with her. ^_^

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  4. Also towards the enod of the game, you unlock strip poker. There's also girls you can play strip poker with! And the first thing they take off is their shoes!

  5. Wow a lot of spectacular posts that I need to catch up on viewing Sole Keeper. This showgirl is very hot. ^_^ Looks like a really fun game.

  6. Yep. Killing zombies and rescuing babes is indeed lots of fun. ^_^