Friday, September 17, 2010

Wetsuit Elena in Action (Uncharted 2)

Here's a gameplay video of a multiplayer match with the fetching barefoot Wetsuit-clad Elena Fisher. Too bad it doesn't have nice KOs of her, but what it does have is lots of the shoeless babe running about on silent, sexy soles, climbing, leaping and kicking enemy ass. My only complaint is the 'Booyah' win animation... ladies should have a sexier, more sultry win animation. Anyway, the model's quite nice and better than I expected, so this kinda makes me wanna get the game just so I can play with the skin. Enjoy the vid!

Wetsuit Elena will kill you dead!

Video with all the newer MP skins...


  1. Wow...Elena's soles are beautifully designed. Love watching them in motion. That costume rocks :-D Whoever was playing as her seems to be quite skillful too executing shots while hanging off of a ledge. :-D Awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. I've posted my own video with Wetsuit Elena, though it's more foot-centric with KOs (well, kills, actually) being taken by the lovely Miss Fisher, in order to show off some sole shots. Check it out!